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Negative Reaction To The UK Driving Age

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Negative Reaction To The UK Driving Age

Chloe Richards
November 10, 2013

Everyman Racing Everyman Racing
Recent government proposals have been put forward to increase the legal UK driving age to 18 and enforce a stricter learning system for new drivers. Everyman Racing is a UK company that offers drivers of all ages, including juniors (accompanied by an instructor), racing day experiences in some of the world’s most expensive supercars.

Managing Director, Darren Edmonds, says “At Everyman Racing we encourage drivers of all ages to get involved and appreciate the full experience of driving and the responsibilities that come with it.

“We promote a respect for driving that comes from being sat behind a wheel, the earlier on people learn this, the more respect they will have for the road.”

A survey of Everyman Racing customers was taken over the past month and 68% disagree with the driving age increase. Everyman Racing customer, Joanna Hutton from Melton Mowbray said “It’s a bad idea, if young adults need to get to work and live in rural areas with little transport they will stand less chance of being able to find suitable employment.”

Chris Newell, from Wolverhampton, another Everyman Racing customer said “I don’t agree with it. I couldn’t wait to pass my test at 17 and did so not long after my birthday; however there should be a night driving and motorway test that also needs to be passed first.”

If it goes ahead new drivers will have to be 17 before starting a 12 month learner stage where they would have to clock up more than 100 hours of driving time before getting only a probationary license.

This probationary license would mean having to use a ‘P’ plate and would last for a further 12 months in which the driver is restricted under a curfew to only drive between 10am and 5pm unless accompanied by an adult over 30. It would also ban having passengers under the age of 30 at any time and set stricter boundaries on other aspects such as not being allowed to use mobile phones, even on hands free.

The new proposals come after government commissioned research reported on the amount of underage car accidents and fatalities. Currently drivers can start taking lesson at the age of 17 on a provisional driving lesson and can be passed in as soon as a week with some of the current intense weekly driving courses available.

The proposals will inform a green paper to be released later this year by the government for the new laws to be discussed. If the law is passed eager teens wanting to drive will have to head to Everyman Racing to get their first driving experience before they turn 18.

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