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Topics:  Automobile Club of America


The New York Times
June 8, 1899

Meeting at the Waldorf Appoints a Committee to Draft Resolutions and by Laws

The Automobile Club of America was formed last night in the Waldorf-Astoria by twenty-seven men who are interested in the self-propelling carriage as a pleasurable means of locomotion.

Those present were Whitney Lyon, who issued the call for the meeting; George F. Cavendish, W. D. Walker, representing Charles R. Flint; William Gibson, Capt. H. W. Hedge, J. I. Brandenberg, Dr. F. C. Hollister, R. Lloyd, Dr. H. Power, W. E. Buzby, Henry W. Strauss, T. L. Proctor, A. L. Riker, S. A. Valentine, A. H. Whiting, Dr. George Evans, Dr. E. C. Chamberlain, Gen. George Moore Smith, J. B. Hoecker, Jr., William H. Hall, J. R. Whiting, C. W. Wood, George Chamberlain, C. A. Leib, James E. Hays, R. H. Plass, and F. S. Stevens, who was President of the last Open Air Horse Show.

Whitney Lyon called the meeting to order and said:

"We need to organize, for we feel that as a class we are downtrodden and need protection badly.  We need protection from that being known as the 'bike cop,' who tries to stop our automobiles by grabbing them by the collar and telling us to travel so many miles an hour.  And, gentlemen, we need a stable or a station for our machines.  I have been to many stables in New York to find shelter for my machine, but the keepers would not take it at any price.  They considered it an enemy of the horse."

George Chamberlain was chosen to act as Chairman pro tem., Capt. Hedge of 120 Broadway as Secretary, and Mr. Buzby as Treasurer.

Mr. Chamberlain said that the requirements of the new club were a common centre where owners of self-propelled pleasure vehicles may exchange views, and a depot for the proper storage and care of vehicles.  He added that it is proposed to make the club a centre of such information, and to gradually accumulate a valuable library on the subject.

Charles R. Flint, Whitney Lyon, Gen. George Moore Smith, Dr. Frank C. Hollister, and William H. Hall were appointed a committee to draft resolutions and by-laws to be presented at the next meeting.

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