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Atlanta Afterthoughts

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Atlanta Afterthoughts

Mike Skaggs
March 10, 2009

Well, I guess its tough to think of back-to back victories by the Busch sisters - Kate & Karla, but Kate did have an awesome car on Sunday, in spite of any personal feelings (Hopefully, I didn't show any). I'm still trying to figure his victory lap - going backwards with no burn-out. But still, I guess its better than the snow-angels on the start/finish line, as he has used in the resent past.

Still, it was a good victory for the Dodge camp. Other than a 2006 win at Atlanta by Kasey Kane, the last Dodge victory at Atlanta was by Richard Petty in 1977.

Then, there's always the statistics that follow any accomplishment - the Busch Brothers are now 6th on the all-time brothers win list with 32 combined victories - 11 wins behind Terry & Bobby Labonte. Also, this is the 4th time Kate & Karla have finished with back-to-back wins.

I know this won't be a very popular statement, but its good to see Jeff Gordon on top in the points standings - bearing in mind my drivers are Carl Edwards & Matt Kenseth. He has a 43 point lead over Clint Boyer. I still think Jeff Gordon has another championship left in him before he retires.

Sunday, as we were driving to visit with my father-in-law, we were listening to the Z-MAX Racing Country program on the radio and heard an interesting viewpoint. The commentator was talking about the Dale Jr fan base and its potential of dwindling - if Dale Jr doesn't start picking up some wins. He also went on to say that Dale Jr may lose his reign as NASCAR's most popular driver and may be replaced by.........Tony Stewart! I don't see it. Tony is a good race car driver and still my pick to win the championship but I just don't see him as the most popular driver - his personality, to me, does not fit the requirements. Dale Jr on the other hand, even if you don't like Chevy or Hendrick Motorsports, just seems very personable and I can't think of anyone who won't at least admit that. Tony on the other hand, just not a real people-person.

I thought it was disappointing to see more of the Roush/Yates engine failures this week. Travis Kvapil needed a good finish, hopefully to have brought some interest from sponsors and to try for the top 35 in points. Bobby Labonte, as well. Even though Bobby has last years Yates points via points-sapping, he is going to be out looking in, as well. He still has the 5 champion's provisionals - and will probably need them. And though not a Ford, Ryan Newman with more engine troubles, as well.

And finally, you have to laugh at Jimmy Watts from the Marcos Ambrose 47 team. I can't help but borrow a phrase from Dr. Phil, "What were you thinking?" Would the caution flag have gone out anyway? The world may never know!

Take Care & God Bless
Mike S

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