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There Once Was An Angry Elf

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Kyle Busch

There Once Was An Angry Elf

Jeremy T. Sellers
August 24, 2008

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...and his name was Kyle Busch. He was such a poor loser that he would bump into cars that passed him with a few laps to go and ended up winning the race. Like a breast-fed baby with no teet for his milk, or binky to pacify, he would cry, cry, cry, and hold his breath hoping to get his way, kicking and screaming the entire time. Kyle couldn't believe he had just been beaten by Sir Edwards at the collesium, and his antics were quashed when he was summonsed to King NASCAR's chambers after the match.

Seriously folks, after that display of poor sportsmanship by Kyle Busch after last night's boring race in a bowl, can ANYONE here honestly tell me they are a Kyle Busch fan? (let the hate mail begin now) It's never been a problem yet this season for HIM to ass-plow those on restarts, etc. to move other drivers out of the way, but when he his force-fed his own medicine via Fusion Enema, suddenly, it's not fair. Even Rusty Wallace, NASCAR's all time whiniest driver just ahead of Jeff Gordon (did you hear him whine on the radio last night? sheesh), even admitted that sure, it makes you mad, but "that's Bristol". Awww, so the poor, angry Keebler Elf had to settle for second place, forgetting that he was the ONLY driver assured a spot in the chase at the beginning of last evening's event.

Concrete Carl put up with it long enough, I thought. He raced Kyle hard, yet fair. The "Bump and Run" is as traditional to Bristol as the bump draft is to Daytona and 'Dega. Get over it. In this reader's non-humble opinion, the squirrly little bastard should have been wrecked, not just moved out of the way....but hey, that's just me. I would agree that the circumstances would have been different IF indeed, Carl had taken him out. Sure, fester some anger there, pay-back is a bitch. However, that was nothing more than pure, 100 percent racing, and Kyle is a poor loser, cut and dry...a big punk- ass baby.

Folks, is this the kind of champion we need at the cup level? What kind of example is he setting for other drivers of all realms of round track with a "dish it out but can't take it" mentality? Dale Sr. use to say that "second place is the first loser". That was before the development of The Chase format when drivers could ensure they were going to be locked in for the final fight. Kyle Busch gained nothing by doing what he did last night. Maybe they've made nice now, who knows, but for now, I think I'm going to go eat some M & M's.

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