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The New York Times
October 27, 1907

Eight Manufacturers Exhibiting in Palace Planning to Make 30,000 Cars.

Nothing indicates more clearly the trend of trade in the automobile line for next year than the figures received at the office of the American Motor Car Manufacturers' Association, which is associated with the Automobile Club in the Grand Central Palace Show.  Prior to the show plans were definitely decided for next year's output, and although complete figures from each of the fifty-one members have not been received, enough have announced their plans to warrant the statement that next year the concerns in that organization will manufacture about 37,000 automobiles, their total selling price being a little more than $55,000,000.  It is estimated that this will be more than 60 per cent. of all the automobile business done next year.

It is worth noting that the exhibitors in the eight centre spaces at the Grand Central Palace Show will in 1908 manufacture about 30,000 machines.  In this list are included the Ford Motor Company, which during the past twelve months manufactured and sold 10,000 runabouts, and which plans to turn out 15,000 next year.  The Maxwell firm will make 5,000 cars at their factories in Tarrytown, Pawtucket, Chicago and New Castle; R. E. Olds announces that the Reo Motor Car Company's output will be 4,000 cars; the Mitchell Motor Car Company will make 3,000, Stoddard-Dayton about 2,100, the Premier 600, Wayne 600, and National 400.  The fifty-one members in the association turn out cars ranging in price from the $400 Brush runabout up to the ponderous touring cars like the six-cylinder Chadwick, De Luxe, Welch, American Mors, and Austin, listing from $5,000 to $7,000.

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