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TJ McGovern Wins "Make It With Fuzzy's" Grand Prize with Tickets to Masters, Indy 500 in 2013

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TJ McGovern Wins "Make It With Fuzzy's" Grand Prize with Tickets to Masters, Indy 500 in 2013

Tom Blattler
Ed Carpenter Racing
January 29, 2013

Fuzzy’s Green Jacket
January 29th 2013 - INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Florida’s T. J. McGovern will attend two of the world’s most famous sporting events this year – The Masters and the Indianapolis 500 – after submitting the winning recipe for the Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka “Make it with Fuzzy’s” national contest in 2012.

The “Make it with Fuzzy’s” competition pitted contestants throughout the United States with the winner with the best recipe determined by legendary golfer and Fuzzy’s Vodka founder, Fuzzy Zoeller, receiving two tickets to the 2013 Masters golf classic set for April 11-14 in Augusta, Ga., and the 2013 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race set for May 26 in Speedway, Ind.

McGovern, a former collegiate golfer at Monmouth University in New Jersey, entered just one recipe in the national contest, the “Fuzzy’s Green Jacket,” a mixture developed by T.J. and his brother.

“Fuzzy’s Green Jacket” consists of three ounces of Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka, ¾ of a lime, ¾ of a Kiwi, 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar and ice. Details include cut and peel the lime and kiwi into quarters. Place three pieces of each fruit and the 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar into a shaker and muddle until crushed and juicy. Add ice and Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka and pour into a glass. Garnish with a lemon or lime twist.

“I’ve made some great shots over the course of my career. But we had some amazing cocktails made during the “Make It with Fuzzy’s” contest,” stated Zoeller, namesake of Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka. “The passion for Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka is remarkable and we had some outstanding submissions. In the end, the Fuzzy’s Green Jacket was the hole-in-one. Great name. Great drink. Our winner, TJ McGovern, is going to have a hell of time at Augusta and Indianapolis. We appreciate the support for Fuzzy’s and remember to trust your caddie and please drink responsibly.”

McGovern, a big Zoeller fan, isn’t sure who he will take to the events just yet. “My brother and dad are in a fight over the Masters ticket already,” said McGovern, who now resides in Orlando, Fla. “I know I am going to both events and we’ll have to see who else goes to Augusta and Indy. It will be a thrill to attend both sporting classics. As a golfer, I have always wanted to go to the Masters. But I also hear great things about attending the Indy 500. It is the big race in the world.”

McGovern said that Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka has been a staple in his house for some time. And he and his family have made a variety of concoctions with the popular vodka.

“We have tried a lot of different recipes with Fuzzy’s recently,” he said. “But we like this one and came up with the name of ‘Fuzzy’s Green Jacket.’ It fits the contest too.”

Zoeller actually enjoyed a second recipe as well during his taste testing.

Ali Khosravi of Dunn, N.C., won the second prize in the “Make it with Fuzzy’s” competition and will receive two tickets to the Indy 500 also. Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka sponsored IZOD IndyCar Series driver Ed Carpenter will compete in this year’s Indy 500 with the Fuzzy’s Vodka Chevrolet car. Carpenter won the 2012 IndyCar Series season finale last September in Fontana, Calif.

Khosravi’s recipe, named the “Fuzzsicle,” consists of 1.5 ounces of Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka, 1.5 ounces of half and half dairy cream and 4 ounces of cold carbonated orange soda. The directions are shaking Fuzzy’s, half and half and ice in a mixing cup vigorously. Pour the liquid and ice into a chilled pint glass. Then pour orange soda and stir lightly.

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