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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks

Stock Car Racing Topics:  FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks

Marcos Ambrose
May 15, 2011


THE MODERATOR: We also welcome into the media center, Marcos Ambrose, who finished third. We'll open it up for questions.

Q. Marcos, you had a third at Bristol, another concrete racetrack. Is there something about your driving style or is it just that the car is that good today?
MARCOS AMBROSE: That's a really good question. I don't know the answer to it. But I get good feel on these concrete tracks. Some of the issues for me when I'm having a bad day, I have trouble feeling each tire. I feel like the whole car is slipping around, can't feel which one it is.
On concrete, steeper banking, vertical load, I think it helps me feel the tires better.
Today was a tough day. The track was changing every run throughout the run. The rubber was picking up. My car was getting really slick on that rubber.
There wasn't much you could do. You couldn't ask for many changes on the car because you knew it was going to be that way all day. You have to keep changing and keep searching.

Q. Marcos, this has been an evolution for you for the last couple years on ovals. When you talk about what you wanted to learn, where do you feel like you are now, especially after a race like this where you started, where you finished, how steady you were today in terms of moving up the field?
MARCOS AMBROSE: This today I'm really excited about because we had a really good day at Darlington. Didn't work our way at the end, finished 13th. Terrible luck. I'm really excited that our team is learning, they're learning me, I'm learning them. I'm learning how these cars work.
This result today I'm really excited about because I think it's going to lead to a great Charlotte, Pocono, Indy, all these great big tracks coming. I feel like our team is suited to those tracks.
We've just had some rough luck so far this year. We've had accidents and incidents outside our control that has hurt our points.
THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, congratulations. Thanks very much for coming in this afternoon.

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