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Firestone Indy Lights: SunRichGourmet.com 100

Richard Antinucci
September 7, 2008


THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with our Firestone Indy Lights post race press conferences. We are joined by Richard Antinucci, who finishes second in the championship points race. Two wins in 2008, nine top five finishes. As I noted, second overall in the standings, 32 points behind our champion.
Richard, a tough way to close out your season out there today.
RICHARD ANTINUCCI: Yeah, very tough. It's a bitter pill to swallow, losing it at the last round. But, you know, 'ifs' and 'buts' don't take you anywhere. So there's no point.
I believe we could have potentially been 120 points down the road, but that's not important today. We managed to finish second. I had a great year overall. I have to thank my Lucas Oil LifeLock Sam Schmidt Motorsports group tremendously because they helped me. We had a chance. We led most of the year, but not when it counted unfortunately.
Still, though, had a great experience and I hope I've created some awareness for my name and myself. Sam has always helped me out during the year and given maximum effort. So has all my 7 crew.
I also want to congratulate the 27 AGR AFS group. They made it really tough and exciting this year. Rafa, too. We raced very cleanly most of the year throughout. Just one little incident. But he's a great competitor and it was an honor for me to go head-to-head with him into this last round.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Richard.

Q. Do you have any thoughts or plans in the works for next year?
RICHARD ANTINUCCI: Well, we'll see. You know, I don't know yet. It's early. This is when the season starts, discussions, preparation for '09.
I hope to stay in the IndyCar world and hopefully graduate to the IndyCar Series. That's my dream, my goal. I want to be in a top team and be able to fight for wins and championships at the top level.
THE MODERATOR: Richard, we appreciate your time. Good season.

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