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Am I Still "Complaining"?

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Am I Still "Complaining"?

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
December 5, 2007

This will be a short piece, as it is to simply make a point...or better yet, demonstrate how all of my articles are coming full circle.

Craftsman announced yesterday that it will cease to be the premier sponsor of the NASCAR's truck series at the end of the 2008 season. (source ESPN) Yet I'm still getting responses to my articles that I'm whining and complaining about NASCAR and that I should search for another sport to target my writing. To those I simply illustrate the following: Anheiser-Busch not only pulls Bud as the official beer of NASCAR, giving that opprotunity to Coor's, but it also yanks Busch as the premier sponsor for NASCAR's minor league series giving the ball to Nationwide Insurance. To me, the people in St. Louis see some sort of big picture that we can only conspire about at this time. Then, Craftsman Tools, who took the risk, and signed on to sponsor NASCAR's newest truck series in 1995, is pulling out after 13 years. Granted, I haven't dove into this to see exactly what their reasoning is, but to me, this seems like a strange line of coincidences.

Corporate powerhouses that have been part of this sport for eons are losing interest. Maybe it's THEY who are listening to the fans, seeing the consistent degredation of something that was once great, and no longer wish to be the mainstream affiliates. Sure, Bud will be on Kasey's ride, but let's face it, when they announced they would no longer be the official beer of NASCAR did it raise your eyebrow? Cynics will say "no" just to get my goat, but you are truly only fooling yourselves. ...and was it me, or did it take NASCAR a while to woo a title sponsor for it's second series after the announcement was made that Busch was dropping out after 26 years? No one is quick to take the risk any more, because there's no guarantee of profitability as in years past. It should be interesting to see how long it takes NASCAR to reel someone in for the '09 truck season...

Maybe Blue Collar Comedy guys weren't too far off, citing tampons as a title sponsor in NASCAR.

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