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'07 and the Tidy Bowl Man Set Sail (Part III)

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'07 and the Tidy Bowl Man Set Sail (Part III)

Jeremy T. Sellers
October 25, 2007

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Without a doubt I could have turned this series into a saga and critqued every week alluding to the Tidy Bowl Man. However, even HE deserves more respect than what NASCAR has given its fans this season. Sure, everything needs "tweaked" every now and then to make things new and fresh. Though sometimes it doesn't hurt to exercise a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach when a well-oiled machine is running well. I was on board with the chase format when it was born from NASCAR's loins because I thought it would make competition better. Yet now I throw in on board Mr. Bowl's barge (who has such a load now he has HAD to give up his dingy) before he sets sail down to the depths of the River Poo and the turd rapids he now has to endure.

When will enough be just that? It's hard to say. The fans are exaspirated, drivers are taking notice, but still, the governing body keeps jacking around something that has had way too much mishandling as of late. If a balance isn't found soon, people will begin to walk away in droves, including sponsors. What company wants to continue to dump multiple thousands of dollars on a car that "isn't allowed" to finish well because bigger checks are being cut elsewhere? None. It is no longer profitable. Indeed what will become of the old carnival like atmosphere that us fans allude to going to a race? I reckon like any other circus, it eventually picks up and moves on to the next town. However what happens when they run out of towns? How can NASCAR possibly put itself to bed? I'll tell you how, but continuing to do what they have the last couple seasons. I think of how my wife jokes and calls NASCAR "NAPCAR" because she falls asleep when she watches a race with me. As of recent, she may not be too far off. Fans are bored, drivers are bored, and I bet if you promised it to be off the record, sponsors are bored, too!

So Mr. Tidy Bowl Man, I bid you adieu and a safe voyage to the local poop processing plant. Surly your decks carry enough of NASCAR's useless shit to keep our civil workers employed for months to come. I just picked up the latest issue of Stock Car Racing, and though I have yet to dig into it, there's an article regarding Frank Kimmel trying to bring street stocks back to the superspeedways. Should be an interesting read. I bet it deals with going back to the basics! I'll let you know!

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