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Auto Notes and Gossip.

Auto Notes and Gossip.

The New York Times
April 10, 1910

The first speed car built during the season of 1910 to comply with the new racing rules of the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association has just been designed by Howard C. Marmon.  This car will compete in the new Division C, Class 5 of the racing rules for cars of from 451 to 600 cubic inches piston displacement regardless of weight or equipment.

Closely following the news that members of the Stock Exchange are contemplating holding closed automobile races on the Long Island Motor Parkway comes the announcement that about forty members of the Exchange owning Simplex cars have formed the Simplex Automobile Club, in which only those motorists possessing this particular make will be eligible for membership.

"That the horse is rapidly being supplanted by the more efficient and economical motor vehicle is becoming more apparent each day," says R.M. Owen.  A case in point is that of Wilbur F. Godfrey, who purchased a runabout about a year ago and who is highly pleased with the results obtained.  Mr. Godfrey says that he is able to cover more than twice as great a territory with his car than he formerly did with a horse.  This is accomplished, too, with greater ease, at less than half the cost.  Mr. Godfrey designed and built a detachable back for delivery purposes that is at once proving serviceable and popular.

Emerson Brooks, for twenty years Vice President of J. M. Quimby & Co., Newark, N. J., has severed his connection with that company.

COntestants driving runabouts in this year's Glidden Tour will compete for a cup, to be put up by the Chicago Motor Club, which will be known as the Chicago Trophy, and which has been accepted by the American Automobile Association.

"The recent elections going on all over the country have brought into the limelight the growing demands of all classes for the automobile," said E. P. Blake of Jackson, Mich.  "Everywhere I travel I hear repeated stories of how voters positively refuse to be conveyed to the polls in any kind of a conveyance but a motor car.  Numbers, I am told, when a hack or a carriage arrives, simply refuse to budge, saying that they would stay at home until a motor car came to fetch them to the polls, which in most cases the candidate had to do."

At a meeting of the Brighton Beach Committee of the Motor Racing Association it was decided to limit the competitors in the twenty-four-hour race May 13 and 14 to twelve cars.  This is done to obviate any possible chance of crowding on the track.

The General Motors Company will be represented in the speed and endurance contests of the ensuing season by a team consisting of Louis Chevrolet and Robert Burmam.  Annoucement to that effect was made officially recently.

Mrs. A. W. Seaman of Brooklyn is an automobilist who has driven over 50,000 miles, taking entire care of her car.  In her experience of six years, however, she has had no trip more strenuous than one which she finished a few days ago when she drove into Brooklyn after a 300-mile drive from Syracuse over roads which by reason of floods had been left deeply covered with mud, and which were marked in the Mohawk Valley by a massive ice gorge.

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