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Dale Jr, your 2012 Sprint Cup Champion...??

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Jr, your 2012 Sprint Cup Champion...??

Michael Rush
Jerm's Joint
August 1, 2012

In 2002, I made a silly prediction. Tony Stewart would surprise everyone and win the Winston Cup. I was actually being half assed about it, and WHUMP.. like a hammer to the head, he won it. When people like Jeremey, Myself, and a group of others that I know make statements regarding the futuristic things in Nascar, it's because we've been around it so long. Please, do not take my words in arrogance whatsoever.. as I will explain.

Ebb, and flow. Nuances, and wild cards. These elemental things are necessary for anyone to understand what it is I am saying, and when you've been around long enough, it becomes almost a scientific process for those of us who have endured the stupidity, the deaths, the changes, the evolution of a sport that, in my opinion, is the gutsiest sport out there. Nah, it doesn't have the panache of F1. It doesn't have the high flying antics of WRC Rally cars, and thank God it doesn't have that bloated look that IndyRacing has. But it does have a piece of all of them, and enough yet, to still keep it as America's number one spectacle. No, not in TV ratings, but then again, there isn't over 100,000 plus spectators on site for any other sport. The only one that rivals it to me is Futbol/Soccer. Anyway, just like a race that is several laps in, it is easy to see an emerging pattern and one can develop a sense of how the race is going to go and whether or not it is safe to take a nap. Sadly, these last few years, it's been like that. I was one of the few that bitched, and continues to bitch about Bruton Smith. When he 'progressively' banked Bristol, my brother and I both looked at each other and said, "it's over. he just killed the one thing that was integral to Bristol, the 33 degree banking. Now, it'll be like watching the race in Cali or Kansas..(sorry guys, but those races have no drama what so ever). We were so right to the point that Bruton has that place tore the hell up as we speak, putting that banking back in that bitch. Why? Because Bruton Smith should NOT be in Nascar.. my opinion, and to own some of the 'core' tracks in Nascar sucks further to me.. Bristol, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Texas, New Hampshire, Atlanta, and Kentucky.. everyone including Jerm knows that the Kentucky race last year was a disaster. My two cousins who went this year, said it's not much better, and just like all the cookie cutter tracks.. it too had that 'nap' portion of the race. My point: ebb and flow. Anytime Smith has tried to "improve' a track, he's almost always screwed it up, (ebb) and made for slower, crappier racing (flow). Hell this guy threatend to hold Charlotte motor speedway hostage if he didn't get the allocation for his NHRA track in Charlotte NC. I woulda voted to build a track in a different part of the city and let that son of a bitch sit empty to make a point. Nuance and wild card.. the next two. Nuance... when the pack at Daytona is restless and you can see it by the way the cars are jerking and positioning, as opposed to just drafting and clicking off laps. Wild card... when someone decides that it's okay to make a chancey, ill advised, wild card of a move no matter where you are, and it changes the complexity of the entire race. These occur almost every time at a plate track, but with little consistency anywhere else... who turned off the race in Indy last week with 20 laps to go cuz you knew that Jr was going to have a good day and that Johnson was going to win it? See.. no drama. The removal of nuance and wild card makes it nothing more than parade laps, especially at tracks like Cali, Indy, Kansas, Chicago, to name a few, where it's just not possible to pass anything after a few laps on a restart, cuz it's almost aerodynamically impossible to do so. "Dirty" air as DW calls it. The absence of such has made it impossible for me to sit through the entirety of a race anymore.

Ebb and flow are what Dale Jr has right now. He's catching the breaks, he's completed EVERY lap so far this season. He's won in a ballsy powerful performance, at Michigan, not a fuel mileage thang at all.. He's also the biggest thing in Nationwide believe it or not. He's clicking right now.. and in times past when Johnson/Knauss .. Kenseth/Rieser. . KuBush/Fenning. . Stewart/Zippadeli or Grubb have clicked, awesome things have happened.

Go Junior..

there was more to this but shit I'm tired.. LOL

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