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Adding to the Collection of Legends: Rex White

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Rex White

Adding to the Collection of Legends: Rex White

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
May 31, 2007

I've made it my own personal goal to make sure that the last surviving legends of NASCAR don't simply "fade into the sunset". Since my interest in the sport's history, I've discovered there are some true gems still among us that find it flattering that they haven't been forgotten. As this article will not be as long as I usually submit to you folks, it is without a doubt another humble installment of my growing collection of autographs AND my growing admiration for these old motorheads.

Any of you can go to Jayski.com and print off the list of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. I would highly recommend that you all at least look at it, study it, and take into realization that every driver on that list made the sport what it has become today. Me? I printed this list off, had it laminated, and is on display in my bar for all to relish. It was after this I decided to web search many of the ones still surviving. I yearned to research their statistics, what they are doing now, and even see about obtaining merchandise they might have. You would all be surprised to know how many appearances they make, race teams they run for their family members on the local, or even ARCA circuit, and the fact that they love to know we still remember them.

I came across the simple site for Rex White. Now most of you probably don't remotely recognize the name of this 1960 NASCAR champion, and that's okay I reckon. However, reading his stats from his web page made me salivate with interest. Within one year, he entered 233 races, posted 28 career victories in five years (the most of any driver every in that time span), and 36 poles. That's just the tip of the iceberg. For the entire scoop, check out www.rexwhiteracing.com.

To the point, the only contact is through his biographer Anne B. Jones Ph.D. Firing off an email, I anxiously awaited her reply only to get a brief email stating she was out of town and would address my request for autograph when she returned. I always explain our profession, our little bar, and how much we would love to have a legend's signature to add. Weeks passed without a word before I again, submitted another email, and she sent me Mr. White's personal post office box address down in Georgia. Without hesitation, I typed up a nice letter, offering to pay for postage, etc, if he could just give me the information, and how flattering it would be to be able to add him to our "Wall of Fame".

Two weeks had come and gone when a large envelope arrived for me. There was no letter of explanation inside, no order form, no request for payment. However, there was an 8 1/2 x 11 of Rex back in the day standing next to his Gold Thunder #4 with "To the Guys at Jerm's Joint, Rex White" signed at the bottom. What a treat, I thought to myself, only to find out that wasn't all. Tucked under this photograph were two postcard sized snap shots of Rex which he had signed for us as well. This fact continues to prove that the legends of NASCAR take the time for the fans, when fans take the time to remember them. Only then did my buddy Michael hold the signed pictures along side the envelope and it was easy to ascertain that Mr. White even addressed THIS himself, too!

Rex White is almost 77 years old and still remains extremely active. I strongly encourage all of you to at least drop by his website, for me, I plan on purchasing a copy of "Gold Thunder", which is his biography written by Anne B. Jones. There's a wealth of NASCAR history out there folks, bathe in it while you still can!

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