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A New Game for Broadway.

A New Game for Broadway.

The New York Times
June 29, 1914

But Auto Owners Hope Trundling Stolen Tires Won't Become Popular

Harry E. Sullivan with his brother and two women rode up the Shanley's Restaurant, in West Forty-third Street, last evening in a limousine auto with a new white tire strapped like a life preserver to the back.  Two men who had the appearance of chauffeurs came down the street after the owners of the auto entered the restaurant.  With businesslike briskness they unbuckled the new white tire and trundled it down the street.  The taxicab starter at Shanley's scratched his head.  Then he spoke to Patrolman Louis Fick.

"They did it so natural," he explained, "that I didn't think to bother them."

The patrolman jumped into an auto and started in pursuit of the tire.  By its tread-prints on the damp pavement he followed it down to Ninth Avenue, up to Forty-fourth Street, around the corner, and there the artful dodgers foiled him by rolling it into the street where its trail was lost in a maze of tire tracks.  The tire was worth &75.

"If it's as easy as that," said Mr. Sullivan when he heard of his loss, "rolling rubber hoops in Broadway is apt to become a popular pastime.  The first rule of the game is:  'A rolling tire must gather no moss.'"

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