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Stock Car Racing

Sanctioning Body

The Automobile Racing Club of America (more commonly known as ARCA) is a racing sanctioning body.  Originally founded by John Marcum as the Midwest Association for Race Cars (MARC) in 1953.  The name was changed to ARCA in 1964.  Based in Toledo, Ohio.

As the organization gained prestige, it obtained the nickname, "NASCAR of the North."

In 1964 ARCA was invited to be a part of February Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway, and have been a fixture of the event ever since.

In 1981 founder John Marcum died.  Bob Loga and Rollo Juckette took control of the organization, and only 8 races are run for the season.

1983 would see a comeback for the series, with its first nationally televised race.  The Pocono event was televised on ESPN.

Patty Moise became the first female pole sitter in series history in 1989.

In 1996 Ron Drager is appointed president of the organization upon the death of Bob Loga.  Ron Drager is John Marcum's grandson.

Re/MAX became the title sponsor of ARCA's top series in 2000.

With some slight variations, ARCA cars are essentially NASCAR pre-Car of Tomorrow cars.

ARCA Champions

1964Jack Bowsher
1965Jack Bowsher
1966Iggy Katona
1967Iggy Katona
1968Benny Parsons
1969Benny Parsons
1970Ramo Stott
1971Ramo Stott
1972Ron Hutcherson
1973Ron Hutcherson
1974Dave Dayton/Ron Hutcherson
1975Dave Dayton
1976Dave Dayton
1977Moose Myers
1978Marvin Smith
1979Marvin Smith
1980Bob Dotter
1981Larry Moyer
1982Scott Stovall
1983Bob Dotter
1984Bob Dotter
1985Lee Raymond
1986Lee Raymond
1987Bill Venturini
1988Tracy Leslie
1989Bob Keselowski
1990Bob Brevak
1991Bill Venturini
1992Bobby Bowsher
1993Tim Steele
1994Bobby Bowsher
1995Andy Hillenburg
1996Tim Steele
1997Tim Steele
1998Frank Kimmel
1999Bill Baird
2000Frank Kimmel
2001Frank Kimmel

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