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A Great Year in Motocross: The Blue Buffalo Team's Amazing 2015 Run

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A Great Year in Motocross: The Blue Buffalo Team's Amazing 2015 Run

As if motocross and supercross events weren't exciting enough, the adrenaline has been kicked up a notch. The debut of the Blue Racing Team in 2015 has captured nationwide attention. The Blue Buffalo/Slater Skins/Yamaha team is a force to be reckoned with in national supercross and motocross events. Both athletes and fans share a strong passion and devotion to the sport of supercross and motocross, so it's no surprise that team performance and fan devotion are both riding strong.

Slater Racing Products International, based in Shelton, Connecticut, is known for thinking outside the box. As the motocross industry has grown exponentially, demand for connected products and services has also shot up. John Slater is the CEO of the company, bringing his love of the motocross industry to the team. The Blue Buffalo Company, based in Wilton, Connecticut, is a family-owned business producing natural dog and cat food. With these companies working together, the BLUE Racing Team enjoyed a winning debut at the 2014 Unadilla National. After this success, the team moved on to the 2015 250 East Championship.

Bringing Broc Schmelyun to the team in 2015 has done nothing but stoke the energy for the BLUE team. Schmelyun is a hard-hitting rider, able to put forth impressive speeds and strong determination to carry him through races. Schmelyun's 2013 stats were impressive, completing a whopping nine out of 10 races in the top 20 finishers. He's even been known to take on a sizzling charge from the back of the pack to move forward decisively. Broc's performance in mid to late spring 2015 was frankly impressive. He finished with two wins at Lincoln Trail in Illinois in early April. Then, barely a week later, he finished with a solid first place in Breezewood, Pennsylvania.

Late 2015 involved some important moves for the BLUE team. With the naming of Larry Brooks as the new team manager, it's clear that the team will head in some new and decisive directions. Adding Benny Bloss and then a week later Michael Leib to the team is also rousing national attention. The team also succeeded in re-signing Broc Schmelyun for another year, which promises some energetic racing.

  • Blue Buffalo
  • The Buffalo Bills/Slater Skins/Yamaha team brings a unique look to the track with their aerodynamic bikes. Ryan Zimmer had a lot to say about his experience as a BLUE team member. Although Zimmer struggled with his performance at times, he's optimistic about the future. Zimmer is positive about the Blue Buffalo team and the sponsors behind the organization. "The Lone Wolf," as Ryan Zimmer is known, has worn a Tagger-designed Bell helmet as well as Fly Racing gear during races.

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