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Mark Webber

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Mark Webber

Birthdate:  August 27, 1976
Nationality:  Australian

A Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History
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Formula 1 Race History

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DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
March 3, 2002AustralianMinardi-Asiatech1852
March 17, 2002MalaysianMinardi-Asiatech21Retired0
March 31, 2002BrazilianMinardi-Asiatech20110
April 14, 2002San MarinoMinardi-Asiatech19110
May 12, 2002AustrianMinardi-Asiatech21120
May 26, 2002MonacoMinardi-Asiatech23110
June 9, 2002CanadianMinardi-Asiatech21110
June 23, 2002EuropeanMinardi-Asiatech20150
July 7, 2002BritishMinardi-Asiatech20Retired0
July 21, 2002FrenchMinardi-Asiatech1880
July 28, 2002GermanMinardi-Asiatech21Retired0
August 18, 2002HungarianMinardi-Asiatech19160
September 1, 2002BelgianMinardi-Asiatech19Retired0
September 15, 2002ItalianMinardi-Asiatech19Retired0
September 29, 2002United StatesMinardi-Asiatech18Retired0
October 13, 2002JapaneseMinardi-Asiatech19100
March 9, 2003AustralianJaguar-Cosworth14Retired0
March 23, 2003MalaysianJaguar-Cosworth16Retired0
April 6, 2003BrazilianJaguar-Cosworth3Retired0
April 20, 2003San MarinoJaguar-Cosworth5Retired0
May 4, 2003SpanishJaguar-Cosworth1272
May 18, 2003AustrianJaguar-Cosworth1772
June 1, 2003MonacoJaguar-Cosworth9Retired0
June 15, 2003CanadianJaguar-Cosworth672
June 29, 2003EuropeanJaguar-Cosworth1163
July 6, 2003FrenchJaguar-Cosworth963
July 20, 2003BritishJaguar-Cosworth11140
August 3, 2003GermanJaguar-Cosworth11110
August 24, 2003HungarianJaguar-Cosworth363
September 14, 2003ItalianJaguar-Cosworth1172
September 28, 2003United StatesJaguar-Cosworth14Retired0
October 12, 2003JapaneseJaguar-Cosworth6110
March 7, 2004AustralianJaguar-Cosworth6Retired0
March 21, 2004MalaysianJaguar-Cosworth2Retired0
April 4, 2004BahrainJaguar-Cosworth1481
April 25, 2004San MarinoJaguar-Cosworth8130
May 9, 2004SpanishJaguar-Cosworth9120
May 23, 2004MonacoJaguar-Cosworth11Retired0
May 30, 2004EuropeanJaguar-Cosworth1472
June 13, 2004CanadianJaguar-Cosworth14Retired0
June 20, 2004United StatesJaguar-Cosworth10Retired0
July 4, 2004FrenchJaguar-Cosworth1290
July 11, 2004BritishJaguar-Cosworth981
July 25, 2004GermanJaguar-Cosworth1163
August 15, 2004HungarianJaguar-Cosworth11100
August 29, 2004BelgianJaguar-Cosworth7Retired0
September 12, 2004ItalianJaguar-Cosworth1290
September 26, 2004ChineseJaguar-Cosworth11100
October 10, 2004JapaneseJaguar-Cosworth3Retired0
October 24, 2004BrazilianJaguar-Cosworth11Retired0
March 6, 2005AustralianWilliams-BMW354
March 20, 2005MalaysianWilliams-BMW4Retired0
April 3, 2005BahrainWilliams-BMW563
April 24, 2005San MarinoWilliams-BMW472
May 8, 2005SpanishWilliams-BMW263
May 22, 2005MonacoWilliams-BMW336
May 29, 2005EuropeanWilliams-BMW9Retired0
June 12, 2005CanadianWilliams-BMW1454
June 19, 2005United StatesWilliams-BMW9Retired0
July 3, 2005FrenchWilliams-BMW12120
July 10, 2005BritishWilliams-BMW11110
July 24, 2005GermanWilliams-BMW6Not classified0
July 31, 2005HungarianWilliams-BMW1672
August 21, 2005TurkishWilliams-BMW7Retired0
September 4, 2005ItalianWilliams-BMW14140
September 11, 2005BelgianWilliams-BMW945
September 25, 2005BrazilianWilliams-BMW12Not classified0
October 9, 2005JapaneseWilliams-BMW745
October 16, 2005ChineseWilliams-BMW1072
March 12, 2006BahrainWilliams-Cosworth763
March 19, 2006MalaysianWilliams-Cosworth4Retired0
April 2, 2006AustralianWilliams-Cosworth7Retired0
April 23, 2006San MarinoWilliams-Cosworth1063
May 7, 2006EuropeanWilliams-Cosworth19Retired0
May 14, 2006SpanishWilliams-Cosworth1190
May 28, 2006MonacoWilliams-Cosworth2Retired0
June 11, 2006BritishWilliams-Cosworth17Retired0
June 25, 2006CanadianWilliams-Cosworth16120
July 2, 2006United StatesWilliams-Cosworth12Retired0
July 16, 2006FrenchWilliams-Cosworth10Retired0
July 30, 2006GermanWilliams-Cosworth11Retired0
August 6, 2006HungarianWilliams-Cosworth5Retired0
August 27, 2006TurkishWilliams-Cosworth9100
September 10, 2006ItalianWilliams-Cosworth19100
October 1, 2006ChineseWilliams-Cosworth1481
October 8, 2006JapaneseWilliams-Cosworth14Retired0
October 22, 2006BrazilianWilliams-Cosworth11Retired0
March 18, 2007AustralianRed Bull-Renault7130
April 8, 2007MalaysianRed Bull-Renault10100
April 15, 2007BahrainRed Bull-Renault8Retired0
May 13, 2007SpanishRed Bull-Renault19Retired0
May 27, 2007MonacoRed Bull-Renault6Retired0
June 10, 2007CanadianRed Bull-Renault690
June 17, 2007United StatesRed Bull-Renault972
July 1, 2007FrenchRed Bull-Renault14120
July 8, 2007BritishRed Bull-Renault10Retired0
July 22, 2007EuropeanRed Bull-Renault636
August 5, 2007HungarianRed Bull-Renault990
August 26, 2007TurkishRed Bull-Renault12Retired0
September 9, 2007ItalianRed Bull-Renault1190
September 16, 2007BelgianRed Bull-Renault772
September 30, 2007JapaneseRed Bull-Renault7Retired0
October 7, 2007ChineseRed Bull-Renault7100
October 21, 2007BrazilianRed Bull-Renault5Retired0
March 16, 2008AustralianRed Bull-Renault14Retired0
March 23, 2008MalaysianRed Bull-Renault672
April 6, 2008BahrainRed Bull-Renault1172
April 27, 2008SpanishRed Bull-Renault754
May 11, 2008TurkishRed Bull-Renault672
May 25, 2008MonacoRed Bull-Renault945
June 8, 2008CanadianRed Bull-Renault10120
June 22, 2008FrenchRed Bull-Renault663
July 6, 2008BritishRed Bull-Renault2100
July 20, 2008GermanRed Bull-Renault8Retired0
August 3, 2008HungarianRed Bull-Renault890
August 24, 2008EuropeanRed Bull-Renault14120
September 7, 2008BelgianRed Bull-Renault781
September 14, 2008ItalianRed Bull-Renault381
September 28, 2008SingaporeRed Bull-Renault13Retired0
October 12, 2008JapaneseRed Bull-Renault1381
October 19, 2008ChineseRed Bull-Renault16140
November 2, 2008BrazilianRed Bull-Renault1290
March 29, 2009AustralianRBR-Renault8120
April 5, 2009MalaysianRBR-Renault561.5
April 19, 2009ChineseRBR-Renault328
April 26, 2009BahrainRBR-Renault18110
May 10, 2009SpanishRBR-Renault536
May 24, 2009MonacoRBR-Renault854
June 27, 2009TurkishRBR-Renault428
June 21, 2009BritishRBR-Renault328
July 12, 2009GermanRBR-Renault1110
July 26, 2009HungarianRBR-Renault336
August 23, 2009EuropeanRBR-Renault990
August 30, 2009BelgianRBR-Renault990
September 13, 2009ItalianRBR-Renault10Retired0
September 27, 2009SingaporeRBR-Renault4Retired0
October 4, 2009JapaneseRBR-Renault19170
October 18, 2009BrazilianRBR-Renault2110
November 1, 2009Abu DhabiRBR-Renault328

Article Index

July 13, 2009Mark Webber wins 2009 German Formula One Grand PrixWikinews
October 19, 2009Mark Webber wins 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix, Jenson Button and Brawn win championshipWikinews
May 9, 2010Марк Уэббер побеждает на Гран-при ИспанииВикиновости
May 16, 2010Марк Уэббер побеждает на Гран-при МонакоВикиновости
June 8, 2010Webber Staying On At Red Bull for 2011 SeasonLemmy Gibson
December 6, 2010Webber Finishes F1 Season With Broken ShoulderVOA Breaking News
June 1, 2012Mark Webber gewinnt den Großen Preis von MonacoWikinews
July 9, 2012Mark Webber wins 2012 British Grand PrixWikinews
July 10, 2012F1 - Mark Webber signs with Red Bull for 2013Matt Hubbard
July 10, 2012F1 - Mark Webber - "I did have talks with Ferrari"Matt Hubbard
March 24, 2013Webber and Vettel - a reminder that they have historyMatt Hubbard
March 25, 2013Vettel and Schumacher share a joke...Matt Hubbard
March 29, 2013This is one of many reasons why Mark Webber is cooler than Sebastian VettelMatt Hubbard
April 4, 2013Mark Webber to race for Porsche at Le Mans in 2014?Matt Hubbard
April 14, 2013Mark Webber to race at Le Mans with Porsche on 5 year contract? The latest newsMatt Hubbard
April 14, 2013Who should Mark Webber drive for in 2014?Matt Hubbard
April 18, 2013Red Bull celebrate Mark Webber's 200th race with a lovely videoMatt Hubbard
June 27, 2013Mark Webber interview about Red Bull, F1, Porsche and Le MansMatt Hubbard
June 27, 2013Mark Webber to drive for Porsche in LMP1 from 2014 and beyondMatt Hubbard
June 28, 2013Is Christian Horner stupid or just selectively deaf?Matt Hubbard
September 24, 2013Mark Webber points out the bleeding obvious (to anyone but the FIA)Matt Hubbard
October 27, 2013Mark Weber’s New CarGeoff Maxted

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