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Viking Dodge

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Viking Dodge
Vehicle Dealership

A Dodge dealership in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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Viking Dodge Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
February 13, 2008
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June 9, 2007Viking Dodge-busterGus Philpott
August 31, 2007Wayne vs. Viking Dodge - He's BackGus Philpott
September 17, 2007More on Viking DodgeGus Philpott
September 24, 2007Tough as Nails …Gus Philpott
September 29, 2007More on Viking DodgeGus Philpott
October 28, 2007Signs Viking Dodge Loves to HateGus Philpott
January 10, 2008Wayne 1, Crystal Lake 0
June 27, 2008Viking Dodge v. Wayne BetoGus Philpott
July 17, 2008Viking Dodge - Today's LiesGus Philpott
August 31, 2008Viking Dodge vs. Wayne BetoGus Philpott
September 13, 2008Viking Dodge – at it againGus Philpott
September 17, 2008"Oh, but Officer, he's leaning ...Gus Philpott
October 26, 2008The Beat(ing) Goes OnGus Philpott
January 8, 2009Viking Dodge - Lights Out?Gus Philpott
January 14, 2009The Sign Guy - down but not outGus Philpott
January 23, 2009More Court WasteGus Philpott
March 20, 2009What's it worth? (Viking Dodge R/E)Gus Philpott
May 1, 2009Viking Dodge - Friend or FoeGus Philpott
May 14, 2009Viking Dodge UpdateGus Philpott
June 2, 2009Wayne Beto v. Viking Dodge - Not Over YetGus Philpott
June 4, 2009Viking Dodge, Inc. - NGSGus Philpott
June 5, 2009Wayne - back in actionGus Philpott
June 10, 2009Beto asks Court's help to collect $131Gus Philpott
June 12, 2009Viking Motors sics cops on WayneGus Philpott
June 15, 2009"Serviced" at Viking Dodge? No, thank you.Gus Philpott
June 15, 2009Viking Dodge misses court dateGus Philpott
July 12, 2009Could $131 kill C.L.Park District deal?Gus Philpott
February 5, 2010Wayne finally gets his $131Gus Philpott
January 19, 2013Wayne Beto (1937-2013)Gus Philpott

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