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Maurice Trintignant

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Maurice Trintignant

Former Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History


Monaco Magic - 1955 Monaco Grand Prix Art Monaco Magic
Artist: Alfredo de la Maria
Car: 1955 Ferrari 625

This dynamic scene depicts the classic 1955 Monaco Grand Prix, with the winning Ferrari in the lead (driven by Maurice Trintignant), second place Lancia D50 behind (Eugenio Castellotti) and the Mercedes W196 driven by Moss overtaking on the right, as they all race up Montée Beau-Rivage. Sir Stirling Moss was so taken with this work that he personally signed it.
Secondary Market: Original oil painting on canvas, created 1999. Considered by the artist to be one of his finest works of art. Call 949-443-0500 for availability.
Image courtesy CarArt.us
View "Monaco Magic" - 1955 Monaco Grand Prix Art - 82KB

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
May 21, 1950MonacoSimca-Gordini13Retired0
September 3, 1950ItalianSimca-Gordini12Retired0
July 1, 1951FrenchSimca-Gordini18Retired0
July 29, 1951GermanSimca-Gordini14Retired0
September 16, 1951ItalianSimca-Gordini12Retired0
October 28, 1951SpanishSimca-Gordini11Retired0
July 6, 1952FrenchSimca-Gordini-Gordini652
July 19, 1952BritishGordini21Retired0
August 3, 1952GermanGordini3Retired0
August 17, 1952DutchGordini560
September 7, 1952ItalianGordini4Retired0
June 7, 1953DutchGordini1260
June 21, 1953BelgianGordini852
July 5, 1953FrenchGordini23Retired0
July 18, 1953BritishGordini8Retired0
August 2, 1953GermanGordini5Retired0
August 23, 1953SwissGordini4Retired0
September 13, 1953ItalianGordini852
January 17, 1954ArgentineFerrari543
June 20, 1954BelgianFerrari626
July 4, 1954FrenchFerrari9Retired0
July 17, 1954BritishFerrari852
August 1, 1954GermanFerrari734
August 22, 1954SwissFerrari4Retired0
September 5, 1954ItalianFerrari1152
October 24, 1954SpanishFerrari8Retired0
January 16, 1955ArgentineFerrari19SHR3.3
May 22, 1955MonacoFerrari918
June 5, 1955BelgianFerrari1060
June 19, 1955DutchFerrari8Retired0
July 16, 1955BritishFerrari13Retired0
September 11, 1955ItalianFerrari1580
May 13, 1956MonacoVanwall6Retired0
June 3, 1956BelgianVanwall7Retired0
July 1, 1956FrenchBugatti18Retired0
July 14, 1956BritishVanwall16Retired0
September 2, 1956ItalianVanwall11Retired0
May 19, 1957MonacoFerrari652
July 7, 1957FrenchFerrari8Retired0
July 20, 1957BritishFerrari943
May 18, 1958MonacoCooper-Climax518
May 26, 1958DutchCooper-Climax890
June 15, 1958BelgianMaserati1670
July 6, 1958FrenchBRM7Retired0
July 19, 1958BritishCooper-Climax1280
August 3, 1958GermanCooper-Climax730
August 24, 1958PortugueseCooper-Climax980
September 7, 1958ItalianCooper-Climax13Retired0
October 19, 1958MoroccoCooper-Climax9Retired0
May 10, 1959MonacoCooper-Climax634
May 31, 1959DutchCooper-Climax1180
July 5, 1959FrenchCooper-Climax8110
July 18, 1959BritishCooper-Climax452
August 2, 1959GermanCooper-Climax1243
August 23, 1959PortugueseCooper-Climax443
September 13, 1959ItalianCooper-Climax1390
December 12, 1959United StatesCooper-Climax526
February 7, 1960ArgentineCooper-Climax834
May 29, 1960MonacoCooper-Maserati16Retired0
June 6, 1960DutchCooper-Maserati17Retired0
July 3, 1960FrenchCooper-Maserati18Retired0
July 16, 1960BritishAston Martin21110
November 20, 1960United StatesCooper-Maserati19150
May 14, 1961MonacoCooper-Maserati1670
June 18, 1961BelgianCooper-Maserati20Retired0
July 2, 1961FrenchCooper-Maserati23130
August 6, 1961GermanCooper-Maserati21Retired0
September 10, 1961ItalianCooper-Maserati2290
June 3, 1962MonacoLotus-Climax7Retired0
June 17, 1962BelgianLotus-Climax1680
July 8, 1962FrenchLotus-Climax1370
August 5, 1962GermanLotus-Climax11Retired0
September 16, 1962ItalianLotus-Climax19Retired0
October 7, 1962United StatesLotus-Climax19Retired0
May 26, 1963MonacoLola-Climax14Retired0
June 30, 1963FrenchLotus-Climax1580
September 8, 1963ItalianBRM2090
May 10, 1964MonacoBRM13Retired0
June 28, 1964FrenchBRM16110
July 11, 1964BritishBRMDNQ0
August 2, 1964GermanBRM1452
September 6, 1964ItalianBRM21Retired0

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