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Super Series

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


Super Series
Card Set

A set of NASCAR SuperTruck Series by Craftsman cards from Finish Line.

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1995 Card List

1995 Card List

#NameTruck #Sponsor
1Mike Skinner3GM Goodwrench
2Butch Gilliland06Ultra Custom Wheels
3Rick Carelli6Total
4#20 Barbary Coast20Barbary Coast
5Joe BesseySimpson
6Ken Schrader52AC-Delco
7Scott Lagasse24DuPont
8#29 Winnebago29Winnebago
9#06 Ultra Custom06Ultra Custom Wheels
10Mike Hulbert
11Kerry Teague51
12Troy Beebe
13Walker Evans20Barbary Coast
14Joe Ruttman
15P.J. Jones1Sears/Die Hard
16#21 Performance21Chevy Trucks
17Jeff Gordon24DuPont
18Tobey Butler21Ortho
19#81 Glanville Motorsports81
20Roger Mears25Budweiser
21Bill SedgewickSpears
22Gary Collins74Mesa Marin Raceway
23Walker Evans20Barbary Coast
24Sammy SwindellChannellock
25#54 McEachern Racing54McEachern Racing
26Geoff Bodine7Exide
27Terry Labonte5DuPont
28Butch MillerFord Quality Care
29#7 Exide Batteries7Exide
30Skinner/Childress3GM Goodwrench
31Tommy Archer03
32Steve McEachern54McEachern Racing
33Tobey Butler21Ortho
34Bob StraitTarget Expediting
35Jerry Glanville81
36#3 GM Goodwrench3GM Goodwrench
37Joe BesseySimpson
38P.J. Jones1Sears/DieHard
39Jack Sprague
40#03 Archer Motorsports03
41Kerry Teague51
42Roger Mears25Budweiser
43Ron HornadayAction
44Tommy Archer03
45Scott Lagasse24DuPont
46Walker Evans20Barbary Coast
47#74 Mesa Marin74Mesa Marin Raceway
48Jack SpragueKeystone
49Bob Keselowski29Winnebago
50Geoff Bodine7Exide
51Ken Schrader52AC-Delco
52#21 Ortho Lawn21Ortho
53#51 Rosenblum Racing51
54Mike Skinner3GM Goodwrench
55Terry Labonte5DuPont
56Troy Beebe
57Richard Childress3GM Goodwrench
58Jerry Glanville81
59Butch Miller
60#5 DuPont Automotive5DuPont
61T.J. Clark
62Butch Gilliland06Ultra Custom Wheels
63Joe Ruttman
64#24 Dupont Automotive24DuPont
65Steve McEachern54McEachern Racing
66Gary Collins74Mesa Marin Raceway
67Bob StraitTarget Expediting
68#6 Total Petroleum6Total
69Sammy SwindellChannellock
70#52 AC Delco52AC-Delco
71Ron HornadayAction
72T.J. Clark
73Geoff BodineExide
74Mike Hulbert
75Ken Schrader52AC-Delco
76#1 Sears Die Hard1Sears/DieHard
77#25 Budwieser25Budweiser
78Bob Keselowski29Winnebago
79Rick Carelli6Total
801995 SuperTruck Card Checklist

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