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Jackie Stewart

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Jackie Stewart

Full Name:  Sir John Young Stewart, OBE

A former Formula 1 driver and three-time champion in the series.

His accomplishments include:
1969 Formula 1 Drivers Champion
1971 Formula 1 Drivers Champion
1973 Formula 1 Drivers Champion

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The Flying Lap, Episode 41: Sir Jackie Stewart
October 19, 2011
Duration: 1:07:05
In this special episode we talk to Sir Jackie Stewart, three-times World Champion and the winner of 27 Grands Prix for BRM and Tyrrell. A tireless campaigner for safety and charitable causes throughout his racing career, and in the years that followed his retirement in 1973, Sir Jackie is today acclaimed globally as one of the most significant figures in the history of our sport. In the aftermath of the shocking accident in Las Vegas that cost the life of Dan Wheldon, he talks about lessons that can be learned in all disciplines of the sport - and about the F1 politics over the years that, astonishingly, have led to Sir Jackie never being asked to take a formal role (in the area of safety) within the sport. Despite that omission, there is no doubt that no single individual has done more for the safety of drivers, pit crew and spectators. We talk about his favourite cars, his most "harmonious" races, his own mental approach to racing, about the current F1 stars, about Red Bull Racing - a team he originated in Milton Keynes - and about the searching question he asked of Ayrton Senna early in 1990, now made famous by the "Senna" movie . Candid and open, Sir Jackie also talks about his battle with dyslexia and his spiritual beliefs.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 41 at The Internet Archive

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
January 1, 1965South AfricanBRM1161
May 30, 1965MonacoBRM334
June 13, 1965BelgianBRM326
June 27, 1965FrenchBRM226
July 10, 1965BritishBRM452
July 18, 1965DutchBRM626
August 1, 1965GermanBRM2Retired0
September 12, 1965ItalianBRM319
October 3, 1965United StatesBRM6Retired0
October 24, 1965MexicanBRM8Retired0
May 22, 1966MonacoBRM319
June 12, 1966BelgianBRM3Retired0
July 16, 1966BritishBRM8Retired0
July 24, 1966DutchBRM843
August 7, 1966GermanBRM352
September 4, 1966ItalianBRM9Retired0
October 2, 1966United StatesBRM6Retired0
October 23, 1966MexicanBRM10Retired0
January 2, 1967South AfricanBRM9Retired0
May 7, 1967MonacoBRM6Retired0
June 4, 1967DutchBRM11Retired0
June 18, 1967BelgianBRM626
July 2, 1967FrenchBRM1034
July 15, 1967BritishBRM12Retired0
August 6, 1967GermanBRM3Retired0
August 27, 1967CanadianBRM9Retired0
September 10, 1967ItalianBRM7Retired0
October 1, 1967United StatesBRM10Retired0
October 22, 1967MexicanBRM12Retired0
January 1, 1968South AfricanMatra-Ford3Retired0
June 9, 1968BelgianMatra-Ford243
June 23, 1968DutchMatra-Ford519
July 7, 1968FrenchMatra-Ford234
July 20, 1968BritishMatra-Ford761
August 4, 1968GermanMatra-Ford619
September 8, 1968ItalianMatra-Ford6Retired0
September 22, 1968CanadianMatra-Ford1161
October 6, 1968United StatesMatra-Ford219
November 3, 1968MexicanMatra-Ford770
March 1, 1969South AfricanMatra-Ford419
May 4, 1969SpanishMatra-Ford419
May 18, 1969MonacoMatra-Ford1Retired0
June 21, 1969DutchMatra-Ford219
July 6, 1969FrenchMatra-Ford119
July 19, 1969BritishMatra-Ford219
August 3, 1969GermanMatra-Ford226
September 7, 1969ItalianMatra-Ford319
September 20, 1969CanadianMatra-Ford4Retired0
October 5, 1969United StatesMatra-Ford3Retired0
October 19, 1969MexicanMatra-Ford343
March 7, 1970South AfricanMarch-Ford134
April 19, 1970SpanishMarch-Ford319
May 10, 1970MonacoMarch-Ford1Retired0
June 7, 1970BelgianMarch-Ford1Retired0
June 21, 1970DutchMarch-Ford226
July 5, 1970FrenchMarch-Ford490
July 18, 1970BritishMarch-Ford8Retired0
August 2, 1970GermanMarch-Ford7Retired0
August 16, 1970AustrianMarch-Ford4Retired0
September 6, 1970ItalianMarch-Ford426
September 20, 1970CanadianTyrrell-Ford1Retired0
October 4, 1970United StatesTyrrell-Ford2Retired0
October 25, 1970MexicanTyrrell-Ford2Retired0
March 6, 1971South AfricanTyrrell-Ford126
April 18, 1971SpanishTyrrell-Ford419
May 23, 1971MonacoTyrrell-Ford119
June 20, 1971DutchTyrrell-Ford3110
July 4, 1971FrenchTyrrell-Ford119
July 17, 1971BritishTyrrell-Ford219
August 1, 1971GermanTyrrell-Ford119
August 15, 1971AustrianTyrrell-Ford2Retired0
September 5, 1971ItalianTyrrell-Ford7Retired0
September 19, 1971CanadianTyrrell-Ford119
October 3, 1971United StatesTyrrell-Ford152
January 23, 1972ArgentineTyrrell-Ford219
March 4, 1972South AfricanTyrrell-Ford1Retired0
May 1, 1972SpanishTyrrell-Ford4Retired0
May 14, 1972MonacoTyrrell-Ford843
July 2, 1972FrenchTyrrell-Ford319
July 15, 1972BritishTyrrell-Ford426
July 30, 1972GermanTyrrell-Ford2110
August 13, 1972AustrianTyrrell-Ford370
September 10, 1972ItalianTyrrell-Ford3Retired0
September 24, 1972CanadianTyrrell-Ford519
October 8, 1972United StatesTyrrell-Ford119
January 28, 1973ArgentineTyrrell-Ford434
February 11, 1973BrazilianTyrrell-Ford826
March 3, 1973South AfricanTyrrell-Ford1619
April 29, 1973SpanishTyrrell-Ford4Retired0
May 20, 1973BelgianTyrrell-Ford619
June 3, 1973MonacoTyrrell-Ford119
June 17, 1973SwedishTyrrell-Ford352
July 1, 1973FrenchTyrrell-Ford143
July 14, 1973BritishTyrrell-Ford4100
July 29, 1973DutchTyrrell-Ford219
August 5, 1973GermanTyrrell-Ford119
August 19, 1973AustrianTyrrell-Ford726
September 9, 1973ItalianTyrrell-Ford643
September 23, 1973CanadianTyrrell-Ford952
October 7, 1973United StatesTyrrell-Ford5Withdraw0

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