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Nelson Oswald

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Nelson Oswald

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 26, 1978Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayChevrolet9Perfect Alignment3030Out (Technical)73/0$300
May 21, 1978Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet9Perfect Alignment3838Out (Accident)49/0$470
August 26, 1978Winston CupSouthEastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet09Oswald2924Out (Running Too Slow)91/0$435
September 10, 1978Winston CupCapital City 400Richmond International RacewayChevrolet09G&S Truck Service2925Out (Overheating)88/0$425
September 17, 1978Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet09J&S Truck Service3624Out (Burned Piston)91/0$700
October 1, 1978Winston CupWilkes 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayChevrolet09Kountry Kitchen2518Out (Accident)109/0$625
March 4, 1979Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayChevrolet09Oswald3428Out (Running Too Slow)79/0$600
March 25, 1979Winston CupNorthwestern Bank 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayChevrolet09Bolton Auto Parts2626Out (Accident)85/0$415
May 12, 1979Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville International RacewayChevrolet9Oswald2725Out (Ignition)PE$375
May 20, 1979Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet09J&S Truck Service2822Out (Cracked Cylinder Head)97/0$775
July 14, 1979Winston CupBusch Nashville 420Nashville International RacewayChevrolet09J&S Truck Service1527Out (Engine Failure)82/0$365
July 30, 1979Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayChevrolet09J&S Truck Service3325Out (Engine Failure)88/0$1,080
June 1, 1980Winston CupNASCAR 400Texas World SpeedwayBuick09Hagelin Ent.3120Running103/0$1,600
July 27, 1980Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayBuick09Oswald Racing3438Out (Accident)49/0$920

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