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NHTSA Holds Public Hearing on Rear-View Visibility

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NHTSA Holds Public Hearing on Rear-View Visibility

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In December 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a landmark rear-view visibility rule to eliminate blind zones and protect pedestrians, particularly small children and the elderly. On March 11th NHTSA held a technical workshop to discuss technical issues relevant to the test procedure described in the proposed rule. Additionally, a public hearing on March 23 was held to bring together government policymakers, victims, industry representatives, and public interest groups to discuss the agency's rear-view visibility proposal. The public comment period is open until April 18 and those interested can submit comments at Docket No. NHTSA-2010-0162 accessed at wwww.regulations.gov.

Hearing Panel

•David L. Strickland, Administrator
•Daniel Smith, Senior Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety
•Nathaniel Beuse, Director of Office of Crash Avoidance


Technical Workshop
March 11, 2012
Duration: 1:26:25
Download NHTSA Rear-View Visibility Technical Workshop in Windows Media format - 233MB
Public Hearing, Part 1
March 23, 2012
Duration: 2:06:39
Download NHTSA Rear-View Visibility Public Hearing Part 1 in Windows Media format - 341MB
Public Hearing, Part 2
March 23, 2012
Duration: 22:02
Download NHTSA Rear-View Visibility Public Hearing Part 2 in Windows Media format - 59.3MB


Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 1.7MB PDF - 221 pages


Hearing Agenda

9:00-9:10Dan SmithNHTSAHousekeeping
9:10-9:15David L. StricklandNHTSA AdministratorOpening Remarks
9:15-9:30Janette E. FennellKids and CarsVideo
9:30-9:45Sally GreenbergNational Consumers LeagueTestimony
9:45-10:00David ChampionConsumer ReportsVideo
10:00-10:15Jackie Gillan and Shaun KildareAdvocates for Highway and Auto SafetyTestimony
10:15-10:30Sue AuriemmaKids and CarsTestimony
10:45-11:00Rachel WeintraubConsumer Federation of AmericaTestimony
11:00-11:15Patrick IvisonPatrick Ivison FamilyTestimony
11:15-11:30Brandy DahlenDahlen FamilyTestimony
11:30-11:45 Angela GridleyGridely FamilyTestimony
11:45-12:00Dr. Greg GulbransenGulbransen FamilyTestimony
12:00-1:00Lunch Break
1:00-1:15Bill NelsonNelson FamilyTestimony
1:15-1:30Meredyth BryantAnnabelle's AngelsTestimony
1:30-1:45Juan MartinezSense TechnologiesTestimony
1:45-2:30Open Comments
2:30-2:45David L. StricklandNHTSA AdministratorClosing Remarks

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