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Lamborghini Murciélago

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Vehicle Model

A sports car produced by Lamborghini.

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2007 Specifications
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2007 Specifications

LP640 Roadster
Vehicle Type2-door roadster
Engine TypeAluminum V12
Engine Displacement396 cu. in./6496cc
Engine Oil SystemDry sump
Valvetrain48-valve DOHC
Fuel SystemPort fuel injection
Horsepower (SAE Net)632 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Torque (SAE Net)487 lb.-ft. @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Speed205 mph (drag limited)
Transmission6-speed manual with automatic shifting and clutch
Fuel Economy10 city (EPA)
Acceleration (0-60mph) (C/D test)3.5 seconds
1/4 Mile (C/D test)11.8 seconds @ 126 mph
Skidpad (200' diameter) (C/D test)1.01g
Braking (70-0 mph) (C/D test)150'
Curb Weight4100 lb.
Base MSRP$351,700
C/D test at 91F, 17% humidity, 27.30" Hg, tire inflation 33psi

Article Index

September 11, 20092009 Lamborghini Murcielago Vehicle OverviewCarolina Design

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