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Felipe Massa

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Felipe Massa

Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History
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Formula 1 Race History

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DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
March 3, 2002AustralianSauber-Petronas9Retired0
March 17, 2002MalaysianSauber-Petronas1461
March 31, 2002BrazilianSauber-Petronas12Retired0
April 14, 2002San MarinoSauber-Petronas1180
April 28, 2002SpanishSauber-Petronas1152
May 12, 2002AustrianSauber-Petronas7Retired0
May 26, 2002MonacoSauber-Petronas13Retired0
June 9, 2002CanadianSauber-Petronas1290
June 23, 2002EuropeanSauber-Petronas1161
July 7, 2002BritishSauber-Petronas1190
July 21, 2002FrenchSauber-Petronas12Retired0
July 28, 2002GermanSauber-Petronas1470
August 18, 2002HungarianSauber-Petronas770
September 1, 2002BelgianSauber-Petronas17Retired0
September 15, 2002ItalianSauber-Petronas14Retired0
October 13, 2002JapaneseSauber-Petronas15Retired0
March 7, 2004AustralianSauber-Petronas11Retired0
March 21, 2004MalaysianSauber-Petronas1181
April 4, 2004BahrainSauber-Petronas13120
April 25, 2004San MarinoSauber-Petronas12100
May 9, 2004SpanishSauber-Petronas1790
May 23, 2004MonacoSauber-Petronas1654
May 30, 2004EuropeanSauber-Petronas1690
June 13, 2004CanadianSauber-Petronas17Retired0
June 20, 2004United StatesSauber-Petronas15Retired0
July 4, 2004FrenchSauber-Petronas16130
July 11, 2004BritishSauber-Petronas1090
July 25, 2004GermanSauber-Petronas16130
August 15, 2004HungarianSauber-Petronas20Retired0
August 29, 2004BelgianSauber-Petronas845
September 12, 2004ItalianSauber-Petronas16120
September 26, 2004ChineseSauber-Petronas481
October 10, 2004JapaneseSauber-Petronas1990
October 24, 2004BrazilianSauber-Petronas481
March 6, 2005AustralianSauber-Petronas18100
March 20, 2005MalaysianSauber-Petronas14100
April 3, 2005BahrainSauber-Petronas1272
April 24, 2005San MarinoSauber-Petronas18100
May 8, 2005SpanishSauber-Petronas10110
May 22, 2005MonacoSauber-Petronas1190
May 29, 2005EuropeanSauber-Petronas11140
June 12, 2005CanadianSauber-Petronas1145
June 19, 2005United StatesSauber-Petronas10Retired0
July 3, 2005FrenchSauber-Petronas9Retired0
July 10, 2005BritishSauber-Petronas16100
July 24, 2005GermanSauber-Petronas1381
July 31, 2005HungarianSauber-Petronas14140
August 21, 2005TurkishSauber-Petronas8Retired0
September 4, 2005ItalianSauber-Petronas1590
September 11, 2005BelgianSauber-Petronas7100
September 25, 2005BrazilianSauber-Petronas8110
October 9, 2005JapaneseSauber-Petronas10100
October 16, 2005ChineseSauber-Petronas1163
March 12, 2006BahrainFerrari290
March 19, 2006MalaysianFerrari2154
April 2, 2006AustralianFerrari15Retired0
April 23, 2006San MarinoFerrari445
May 7, 2006EuropeanFerrari336
May 14, 2006SpanishFerrari445
May 28, 2006MonacoFerrari2190
June 11, 2006BritishFerrari454
June 25, 2006CanadianFerrari1054
July 2, 2006United StatesFerrari228
July 16, 2006FrenchFerrari236
July 30, 2006GermanFerrari328
August 6, 2006HungarianFerrari272
August 27, 2006TurkishFerrari1WIN10
September 10, 2006ItalianFerrari490
October 1, 2006ChineseFerrari20Retired0
October 8, 2006JapaneseFerrari128
October 22, 2006BrazilianFerrari1WIN10
March 18, 2007AustralianFerrari2263
April 8, 2007MalaysianFerrari154
April 15, 2007BahrainFerrari1WIN10
May 13, 2007SpanishFerrari1WIN10
May 27, 2007MonacoFerrari336
June 10, 2007CanadianFerrari5Disqualified0
June 17, 2007United StatesFerrari336
July 1, 2007FrenchFerrari128
July 8, 2007BritishFerrari2254
July 22, 2007EuropeanFerrari328
August 5, 2007HungarianFerrari14130
August 26, 2007TurkishFerrari1WIN10
September 9, 2007ItalianFerrari3Retired0
September 16, 2007BelgianFerrari228
September 30, 2007JapaneseFerrari463
October 7, 2007ChineseFerrari336
October 21, 2007BrazilianFerrari128
March 16, 2008AustralianFerrari4Retired0
March 23, 2008MalaysianFerrari1Retired0
April 6, 2008BahrainFerrari2WIN10
April 27, 2008SpanishFerrari328
May 11, 2008TurkishFerrari1WIN10
May 25, 2008MonacoFerrari136
June 8, 2008CanadianFerrari654
June 22, 2008FrenchFerrari2WIN10
July 6, 2008BritishFerrari9130
July 20, 2008GermanFerrari236
August 3, 2008HungarianFerrari3170
August 24, 2008EuropeanFerrari1WIN10
September 7, 2008BelgianFerrari2WIN10
September 14, 2008ItalianFerrari663
September 28, 2008SingaporeFerrari1130
October 12, 2008JapaneseFerrari572
October 19, 2008ChineseFerrari328
November 2, 2008BrazilianFerrari1WIN10
March 29, 2009AustralianFerrari6Retired0
April 5, 2009MalaysianFerrari1690
April 19, 2009ChineseFerrari13Retired0
April 26, 2009BahrainFerrari8140
May 10, 2009SpanishFerrari463
May 24, 2009MonacoFerrari545
June 27, 2009TurkishFerrari763
June 21, 2009BritishFerrari1145
July 12, 2009GermanFerrari836


  • "I am aware of the responsibility it places on me and I cannot wait to be part of a team like Ferrari, alongside the best driver in the world, Michael Schumacher."  Felipe Massa, on the announcement that he would drive for Ferrari in 2006
  • "Now, I am in my third season as a Sauber driver and I can also count on a year's experience as a Ferrari test driver, an experience which helped me to grow a great deal."  Felipe Massa, on the announcement that he would drive for Ferrari in 2006

    Article Index

    August 27, 2006Felipe Massa wins 2006 Turkish Grand PrixWikinews
    April 7, 2007Felipe Massa will start from pole of 2007 Malaysian Grand PrixWikinews
    April 15, 2007Felipe Massa wins 2007 Bahrain Grand PrixWikinews
    May 13, 2007Felipe Massa wins 2007 Spanish Grand PrixWikinews
    May 18, 2007Massa Takes Dominant Spanish Grand Prix VictoryAnthony Fontanelle
    August 26, 2007Felipe Massa wins 2007 Turkish Grand PrixWikinews
    January 9, 2008Ferrari Says Raikkonen, Massa Equals in 2008VOA Sports
    April 6, 2008Felipe Massa wins 2008 Bahrain Grand PrixWikinews
    May 11, 2008Felipe Massa wins 2008 Turkish Grand PrixWikinews
    June 22, 2008Felipe Massa wins 2008 French Grand PrixWikinews
    August 24, 2008Felipe Massa wins 2008 European Grand PrixWikinews
    September 10, 2008Felipe Massa wins 2008 Belgian Grand Prix, Hamilton first to cross the finish lineWikinews
    September 27, 2008Felipe Massa takes pole for the first night Formula One race at SingaporeWikinews
    November 3, 2008Formula 1: Massa primo, Hamilton meglioWikinotizie
    July 27, 2009Felipe Massa podrĂ­a recuperarse del todoWikinoticias
    July 29, 2009Formula 1: Michael Schumacher sostituirĂ  Felipe MassaWikinotizie
    July 30, 2009Michael Schumacher sustituirĂ¡ a Felipe MassaWikinoticias
    August 19, 2009F1 driver Massa speaks about accident: "I wasn't scared"Wikinews
    August 4, 2012Ferrari - The question of Massa's replacementMatt Hubbard
    September 25, 2012Massa to stay with Ferrari?Matt Hubbard
    May 13, 2013This is the moment Felipe Massa pretends to pull Eddie Jordan's wig offMatt Hubbard
    September 10, 2013Felipe Massa announces he won't drive for Ferrari in 2014Matt Hubbard

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