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Jyrki Järvilehto

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Jyrki Järvilehto

A race car driver.

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Formula 1 Race History

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
September 24, 1989PortugueseOnyx-FordDNPQ0
October 1, 1989SpanishOnyx-Ford17Retired0
October 22, 1989JapaneseOnyx-FordDNPQ0
November 5, 1989AustralianOnyx-Ford17Retired0
March 11, 1990United StatesOnyx-FordDNQ0
March 25, 1990BrazilianOnyx-FordDNQ0
May 13, 1990San MarinoOnyx-Ford25120
May 27, 1990MonacoOnyx-Ford26Retired0
June 10, 1990CanadianOnyx-Ford22Retired0
June 24, 1990MexicanOnyx-Ford26Retired0
July 8, 1990FrenchOnyx-FordDNQ0
July 15, 1990BritishOnyx-FordDNQ0
July 29, 1990GermanOnyx-Ford25Not classified0
August 12, 1990HungarianOnyx-FordDNQ0
March 10, 1991United StatesDallara-Judd10Retired0
March 24, 1991BrazilianDallara-Judd19Retired0
April 28, 1991San MarinoDallara-Judd1634
May 12, 1991MonacoDallara-Judd13110
June 2, 1991CanadianDallara-Judd17Retired0
June 16, 1991MexicanDallara-Judd16Retired0
July 7, 1991FrenchDallara-Judd26Retired0
July 14, 1991BritishDallara-Judd11130
July 28, 1991GermanDallara-Judd20Retired0
August 11, 1991HungarianDallara-Judd11Retired0
August 25, 1991BelgianDallara-Judd14Retired0
September 8, 1991ItalianDallara-Judd20Retired0
September 22, 1991PortugueseDallara-Judd18Retired0
September 29, 1991SpanishDallara-Judd1580
October 20, 1991JapaneseDallara-Judd12Retired0
November 3, 1991AustralianDallara-Judd11120
March 1, 1992South AfricanDallara-Ferrari24Retired0
March 22, 1992MexicanDallara-Ferrari780
April 5, 1992BrazilianDallara-Ferrari1680
May 3, 1992SpanishDallara-Ferrari12Retired0
May 17, 1992San MarinoDallara-Ferrari16110
May 31, 1992MonacoDallara-Ferrari2090
June 14, 1992CanadianDallara-Ferrari2390
July 5, 1992FrenchDallara-Ferrari1790
July 12, 1992BritishDallara-Ferrari19130
July 26, 1992GermanDallara-Ferrari21100
August 16, 1992HungarianDallara-FerrariDNQ0
August 30, 1992BelgianDallara-Ferrari1670
September 13, 1992ItalianDallara-Ferrari14110
September 27, 1992PortugueseDallara-Ferrari19Retired0
October 25, 1992JapaneseDallara-Ferrari2290
November 8, 1992AustralianDallara-Ferrari24Retired0
March 14, 1993South AfricanSauber652
March 28, 1993BrazilianSauber7Retired0
April 11, 1993EuropeanSauber7Retired0
April 25, 1993San MarinoSauber1643
May 9, 1993SpanishSauber9Retired0
May 23, 1993MonacoSauber23Retired0
June 13, 1993CanadianSauber1170
July 4, 1993FrenchSauber18Retired0
July 11, 1993BritishSauber1680
July 25, 1993GermanSauber18Retired0
August 15, 1993HungarianSauber15Retired0
August 29, 1993BelgianSauber990
September 12, 1993ItalianSauber13Retired0
September 26, 1993PortugueseSauber1270
October 24, 1993JapaneseSauber1180
November 7, 1993AustralianSauber12Retired0
May 1, 1994San MarinoBenetton-Ford5Retired0
May 15, 1994MonacoBenetton-Ford1770
May 29, 1994SpanishBenetton-Ford4Retired0
June 12, 1994CanadianBenetton-Ford2061
September 11, 1994ItalianBenetton-Ford2090
September 25, 1994PortugueseBenetton-Ford14Retired0
November 6, 1994JapaneseBenetton-Ford15Retired0
November 13, 1994AustralianBenetton-Ford17100

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