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Topics: People M-Z

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Topics: People M-Z

Cars are nothing without people.  Somebody has to design them, build them, drive them on the street and in competition.  We decide through our reviews, commentaries, and purchases which cars are successful, which are failures, and which are classics.  The following is an alphabetical list of all the Topic Pages in the Library on people, along with a very short description of their connection to automobiles.

A few notes about this list...

The category a person is listed with depends on how they were entered into The Crittenden Automotive Library, which is based on what information we have on them, and if multiple categories apply generally the one the person is most known for is used.  For example, Bernie Ecclestone is widely known as the head of Formula 1, but he did technically attempt to qualify for an F1 race in 1958.  His long career as head of Formula 1 far outweighs his very minor driving career, and he is classified as a Racing Sanctioning Body Executive.

"Author" can refer to a wide variety of writing, from articles and commentaries published here at the Library or books printed by major publishers (Journalist refers to professional news writers).  Because of the fundamental differences between types of racing, there are separate categories for "Race Car Driver," "Drift Driver," and "Drag Racer."

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Maassen - Mazzuca

Maassen, Sascha (Race Car Driver)
Mabley, Carlton R. (Journalist)
MacDonald, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Macdonald, Hector (Race Car Driver)
MacDonald, Marion (Race Car Driver)
MacDonald, Randy (Race Car Driver)
MacDonald, Teri (Race Car Driver)
MacDonald-Cadieux, Terry (Race Car Driver)
MacDowel, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
MacInnis, Dean (Race Car Driver)
Mack, Casey (Race Car Driver)
Mack, Mitch (Race Car Driver)
MacKay-Fraser, Herbert (Race Car Driver-F1)
MacKenzie, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Mackey, B.J. (Race Car Driver)
Macklin, Lance (Race Car Driver-F1)
Macri, Jonathan (Race Car Driver)
MacTaggart, Les (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
MacWilliam, Roderick (Engineer)
MacZink, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Maddox, John(NHTSA)
Mader, Dave III (Race Car Driver)
Madhavan, Sethu K. (Engineer)
Madill, James (Automotive Organization Executive)
Madore, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Madsen, Kerry (Race Car Driver)
Madson, Bryan (Actor)
Maegawa, Akihito (Engineer)
Maeno, Takashi (Engineer)
Magee, Damien (Race Car Driver-F1)
Maggard, Brack (Race Car Driver)
Maggard, Spencer (Race Car Driver)
Maggart, Adam D. (Engineer)
Maggiacomo, Jocko (Race Car Driver)
Maggio, Mike (Drag Racer)
Maggs, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Magill, Steven (Author)
Maglioli, Umberto (Race Car Driver-F1)
Magnaldi, Thierry (Race Car Driver)
Magnussen, Jan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Magsamen, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Maguire, Alexander R. (Engineer)
Mahlik, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Mahoney, Kevin (U.S. Government)
Maia, Leonardo (Race Car Driver)
Maier, Colleen Marie (Engineer)
Maillie, David (Author)
Main, Frank L. (Engineer)
Mainella, Logan (Race Car Driver)
Mairesse, Guy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mairesse, Willy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Major, Philip (Race Car Driver)
Majtenyi, Cathy (Journalist)
Makai, Gyorgy (Race Car Driver)
Makar, Jimmy (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1956-____)
Makar, Patti (Racing Team Crew Chief's Family)
Makino, Catherine (Journalist)
Maldonado, Joe (Author)
Maldonado, Pastor (Race Car Driver)
Maledevic, Eliza (Author)
Mallard, Cole (Journalist)
Mallegg, Dave (Author)
Mallory, Blake (Race Car Driver)
Mallory, Bradley L. (Pennsylvania Government)
Malsam, Tayler (Race Car Driver)
Mammano, Vincent (U.S. Government)
Mane, Santosh (Bus Driver)
Manfull, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Manion, Kevin (Race Team Crew Chief)
Manly, Harold P. (Author)
Mann, Harris (Automobile Designer)
Mann, Pippa (Race Car Driver)
Manning, Darren (Race Car Driver)
Manning, Skip (Race Car Driver)
Mansell, Greg (Race Car Driver's Family)
Mansell, Leo (Race Car Driver's Family)
Mansell, Nigel (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mantovani, Sergio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mantz, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Manzon, Robert (Race Car Driver-F1)
Maphosa, Tendai (Journalist)
Maquiling, Aubry Ann (Author)
Marban, Rodrigo (Race Car Driver)
Marchant, Garrett (Race Car Driver)
Marchionne, Sergio (Auto Industry Executive)
Marcis, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Marcum, John (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Marden, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Margolis, Jason (Journalist)
Marimon, Onofre (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mark, Howard (Race Car Driver)
Markham, Curtis (Race Car Driver)
Markham, Warren R. (Engineer)
Markle, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Marko, Helmut (Race Car Driver-F1)
Marks, Jared (Race Car Driver)
Marks, Justin (Race Car Driver)
Markus, John (Author)
Markwardt, Randy Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Marlborough, Ken (Author)
Marlin, Coo Coo (Race Car Driver)
Marlin, Steadman (Race Car Driver)
Marlin, Sterling (Race Car Driver)
Marlin, Tandy (Race Car Driver)
Marlowe, Gregory (Race Car Driver)
Maroney, Sean (Journalist)
Marquardt, Jens (Race Car Driver)
Marques, Tarso (Race Car Driver-F1)
Marquez, Marc (Motorcycle Racer)
Marquette, Mel (Race Car Driver)
Marquis, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Marquis, Richard (FHWA)
Marr, Leslie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Marrero, Ivan (U.S. Government)
Marsh, Christian (U.S. Government)
Marsh, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Marshall, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Marshall, Sandy (Charitable Organization Executive)
Marston, Nigel (Author)
Martel, Kyle (Race Car Driver)
Martien, Phillip (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Chad (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Cheryl B. (FHWA)
Martin, Chris (Author)
Martin, Dawn (Author)
Martin, Eugene (Race Car Driver-F1)
Martin, Gil (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Martin, Hal (Race Car Driver)
Martin, James B. (U.S. Government)
Martin, Jason (Author)
Martin, John (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Kenny (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Märtin, Markko (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Raia Anne (Author)
Martin, Thomas (Author)
Martin, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Martin, Tod (Author)
Martin, Troy (Racing Team Employee)
Martinez, Chuck (Event Promoter)
Martinez, J. Don (FHWA)
Martinez, Luis Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Martinez, Rafael (Race Car Driver)
Martinez, Ricardo M.D. (NHTSA)
Martinez, Susana (New Mexico Government)
Martini, Pierluigi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Martino, Germain (Engineer)
Martins, Tommy Joe (Race Car Driver)
Martorella, Brent (Author)
Martz, Justin (Race Car Driver)
Marvin, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Masica, Sue E. (U.S. Government)
Mason, Alexander (Author)
Mason, Jesse (Race Car Driver)
Masotti, Frank (Author)
Mass, Adam (Race Car Driver)
Mass, Jochen (Race Car Driver-F1)
Massa, Felipe (Race Car Driver-F1)
Massey, Spencer (Drag Racer)
Massey, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Massucci, David (Vehicle Dealer)
Massuch, Phil (Race Car Driver)
Mast, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Masters, Claude (Industry Organization Executive)
Masterson, Alexis (Author)
Masuoka, Hiroshi (Race Car Driver)
Matchett, Steve (Race Car Mechanic/Racing Media)
Mataga, Akira (Engineer)
Mathews, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Mathis, Daniel M. (FHWA)
Matos, Raphael (Race Car Driver)
Matsubara, Takeshi (Engineer)
Matsubara, Tooru (Engineer)
Matsuhiro, Keiji (Engineer)
Matsushita, Hiro (Race Car Driver)
Matsuura, Kosuke (Race Car Driver)
Matthews, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Matthews, Patrick (Engineer)
Mattioli, Chase (Race Car Driver)
Mauldin, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Maule, Rob (Race Car Driver)
Mauro, Greg (Author)
Maxim, Woody (Author)
Maxted, Geoff (Author/Internet Site Owner)
May, Dick (Race Car Driver)
May, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
May, James (Television Show Presenter)
May, Michael (Race Car Driver-F1)
May, Willie E. (U.S. Government)
Mayeda, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Mayer, Timmy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mayfield, Jeremy (Race Car Driver)
Mayhew, David (Race Car Driver)
Maynard, Micheline (Author)
Mays, J (Automobile Designer)
Mazet, Francois (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mazmanian, John (Drag Racer)
Mazur, Mark J. (U.S. Government)
Mazzacane, Gastón (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mazzuca, Bob (Charitable Organization Executive)
McAfee - Miltoun

McAfee, Jack (Race Car Driver)
McAlary, David (Journalist)
McAllister, Martin (Author)
McAlpine, Kenneth (Race Car Driver-F1)
McBreen, James (Engineer)
McBride, Sarah (Author)
McCabe, Dick (Race Car Driver)
McCabe, Janet G. (U.S. Government)
McCain, John (U.S. Government)
McCalin, Jim (Race Promoter)
McCall, Matt (Race Car Driver)
McCall, Robin (Race Car Driver)
McCandless, Herb (Drag Racer)
McCants, Parks (Author)
McCardell, William K. (Insurance Organization Executive)
McCart, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
McCarthy, Gina (U.S. Government)
McCarthy, Joey (Race Car Driver)
McCarthy, Perry (Race Car Driver-F1)
McCarthy, Terry (Race Car Driver)
McCary, Dan (Artist)
McCaskill, Deac (Race Car Driver)
McCauley, Roy (Racing Team Crew Chief)
McCaw, Bruce (Racing Team Owner)
McCellan, Mac (Race Car Driver)
McClain, Thomas (Vehicle Dealer)
McClenathan, Cory (Drag Racer)
McCluggage, Denise (Journalist)
McClure, Dave (Race Car Driver)
McClure, Ed (Racing Team Owner)
McClure, Eric (Race Car Driver)
McClure, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
McClure, Jerry (Racing Team Owner)
McClure, Larry (Racing Team Owner, 1944-____)
McClure, Teddy (Racing Team Owner)
McCluskey, Avery (Race Car Driver)
McCluskey, Roger
McConnell, Theodore A. (U.S. Government)
McConnell, Thomas (Engineer)
McConville, Cameron
McCord, Skip (Race Car Driver)
McCormick, Carl (Race Car Driver)
McCormick, Jody (Race Car Driver)
McCoy, Brett (Race Car Driver)
McCoy, Flynn (Author)
McCoy, Katie (Author)
McCray, Rick (Race Car Driver)
McCreadie, Timothy (Race Car Driver)
McCrory, Pat (Political Figure)
McCulloch, Craig (Journalist)
McCullough, Dana (Author)
McCumbee, Chad (Race Car Driver)
McCurley, Stephan (Race Car Driver)
McCutchen, John (Race Car Driver)
McDade, Jonathan D. (FHWA)
McDonald, James (U.S. Government)
McDonald, Ray (Journalist)
McDonald, Richie (Musician)
McDonough, Challiss (Journalist)
McDowell, Michael (Race Car Driver)
McDuffie, Glen (Race Car Driver)
McDuffie, J.D. (Race Car Driver)
McDuffie, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
McEachern, Steve (Race Car Driver)
McElwee, Bob (Race Car Driver)
McEwen, Tom (Drag Racer)
McFadden, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
McFarland, Mark (Race Car Driver)
McGee, Jim (Race Team Employee)
McGee, Michael (Racing Fan)
McGee, Ron (Race Car Driver)
McGhee, George (Engineer)
McGibbons, Coby (Author)
McGilton, Phillip (Race Car Driver)
McGilvray, Andrew (U.S. Government)
McGinnis, Billy (Race Car Driver)
McGlinn, Tony (Author)
McGlynn, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
McGrath, Mitch (Race Car Driver)
McGrath, Shaun L. (U.S. Government)
McGraw, Roy (Race Car Driver)
McGrew, Lance (Racing Team Crew Chief)
McGriff, Hershel (Race Car Driver)
McGuire, Brian (Race Car Driver-F1)
McGuire, Tim (Race Car Driver)
McIntosh, Nick (Race Car Driver)
McKean, Eddy (Race Car Driver)
McIndoe, Paul (Author)
McIntyre, John (Race Car Driver)
McKee, Deborah (Motorsports Public Relations)
McKeehan, Chris (Race Car Driver)
McKelvey Campbell, Aindrea (Engineer)
McKenney, Tracey (FHWA)
McKenzie, Donald (Engineer)
McKenzie, Graham (Author)
McKinley, Kenneth (Author)
McKnight, Sumner (Race Car Driver)
McLane, Jenny (Author)
McLaren, Bruce (Race Car Driver-F1)
McLaughlin, Brian (U.S. Government)
McLaughlin, Johnny (Motorcycle Racer)
McLaughlin, Mike (Race Car Driver)
McLaughlin, Robert "Sam" Samuel (Auto Industry Executive)
McLaughlin, Scott (Race Car Driver)
McLeod, B.J. (Race Car Driver)
McLeod, Clyde (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1950-____)
McLerran, Dennis J. (U.S. Government)
McMahan, Paul (Race Car Driver)
McMahon, Sam III (Racing Team Owner, 1958-____)
McManamon, Patrick (Vehicle Dealer)
McMillan, Therese (FTA)
McMillen, Terry (Drag Racer)
McMillion, Worth (Race Car Driver)
McMinn, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
McMurray, Jamie (Race Car Driver)
McMurray, Rose A. (U.S. DOT/NHTSA)
McNamara, Ray (Columnist)
McNish, Allan (Race Car Driver-F1)
McQuagg, Sam (Race Car Driver)
McQuary, Mike (Auto Industry Executive)
McQueen, John (Car Club Officer)
McQuivey, William Frederick (Engineer)
McRae, Barney (Race Car Driver)
McRae, Colin (Race Car Driver, ____-2007)
McRae, Graham (Race Car Driver-F1)
McReynolds, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
McReynolds, Larry (Racing Team Crew Chief & Broadcaster, 1959-____)
McTeer Toney, Heather (U.S. Government)
McWilliams, Matt (Author)
Meacham, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Meade, Rebecca Sophia (Author)
Meadors, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Meagher, Chris (Author)
Means, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Means, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Mears, Casey (Race Car Driver)
Mears, Clint (Race Car Driver)
Mears, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Mears, Roger (Race Car Driver)
Meazel, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Medeiros, Thiago (Race Car Driver)
Medford, Ron (NHTSA)
Medlen, John (Drag Racer)
Meehan, Marty (Race Car Driver)
Meeke, Kris (Race Car Driver)
Meeks, Ralph (New Mexico Government)
Meiburg, A. Stanley (U.S. Government)
Meira, Vitor (Race Car Driver)
Meisel, David (Engineer)
Melling, Harry (Auto Parts Manufacturing Company Executive & Racing Team Owner, 1944-____)
Mello-Breyner, Manuel (Race Car Driver)
Melvin, John (Medical)
Melvin, Rodney (Race Car Driver)
Menard, John (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Menard, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Mendelowitz, Allan I. (U.S. Government)
Mendenhall, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Mendez, Victor (FHWA)
Menditeguy, Carlos (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mennen, G.J. (Race Car Driver)
Menzie, Christopher (U.S. Government)
Meoni, Fabrizio (Motorcycle Racer)
Mercer, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Meredith, Mickey (Race Car Driver)
Merino, Aitor Agell (Engineer)
Merrell, Matt (Race Car Driver)
Merz, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Merzario, Arturo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Messe, Nick (Author)
Messer, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Mester, Ben (Author)
Metz, Charles H. (Designer)
Meyer, Kimberly (Author)
Meyer, Louis (Race Car Driver)
Meyer, Wendall (FHWA)
Meyers, Amos (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Meyers, Elena (Motorcycle Racer)
Meyers, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Meyer, Zeke (Race Car Driver)
Miaskiewicz, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Michael, Jeffrey P. (NHTSA)
Michael, Sam (Racing Team Employee)
Michaelian, Jim (Race Promoter)
Michaels, David (U.S. Government)
Michaels, Joey (Race Car Driver)
Michaels, Thomas (Author)
Michek, Martin (Motocross Rider)
Michelin, Édouard (Tire manufacturer, 1963-2006)
Michner, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Michon, Jean-Pierre (Engineer)
Mickel, John (Race Car Driver)
Mickie, Alder (Author)
Micklewright, Neil (Race Team Employee)
Middlebrook, John (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Middleton, Jay (Race Car Driver)
Middleton, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Miedecke, George (Race Car Driver)
Mieres, Roberto (Race Car Driver-F1)
Migault, Francois (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mihalic, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Mikkelson, Marti (Journalist)
Mikula, Dominik (Author)
Miles, Chris (Race Team Owner)
Miles, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Miles, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Miles, Mark (Race Track Executive)
Miles, Tyler (Race Car Driver)
Milhoux, Andre (Race Car Driver-F1)
Millan, Juan (U.S. Government)
Miller, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Bryce (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Butch (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Chase (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Cooper (Author)
Miller, David C. (FHWA)
Miller, Don (Racing Team Owner, 1939-____)
Miller, Drino (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Harold (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Henry J. (Automobile Pioneer)
Miller, James Martin (Author)
Miller, Jason (Author)
Miller, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Joel (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Joey (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Junior (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Kevin (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Miller, L.W. (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Norm (Racing Team Employee)
Miller, Paul (Journalist)
Miller, Reil (Author)
Miller, Robert W. (U.S. Government)
Miller, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Miller, Seth (Author)
Miller, Travis (Author)
Miller, Wendy (Author)
Millican, Clay (Drag Racer)
Millikan, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Millman, Rosalyn G. (NHTSA)
Mills, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Milton, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Miltoun, Francis, O.N.I. (Author)
Mims - Myers

Mims, Donna Mae (Journalist)
Miner, Larry
Mineta, Norman (USDOT)
Minghenelli, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Mingus, Mason (Race Car Driver)
Mink, Ron (Race Car Driver)
Minor, Larry W. (FMCSA)
Minor, Ted (Race Car Driver)
Minshall, Debra A. (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Minter, Clyde (Race Car Driver)
Mintey, Pat (Race Car Driver)
Mintun, Jaime (Author)
Miquel, Jean (Engineer)
Miranda, Jose M. (U.S. Government)
Miscal, Mike (Author)
Mitchel, Carol (Author)
Mitchell, Grover I., B.S. (Author)
Mitchell, Jason (Author)
Mitchell, Marc (Race Car Driver)
Mitchell, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Mitchell, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Mitchley, Luke (Author)
Mitkos, Anthony John (Engineer)
Mitsuishi, Shunichi (Engineer)
Mitten, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Mitter, Gerhard (Race Car Driver-F1)
Miura, Hiroaki (Engineer)
Miyakuni, Sadayoshi (Author)
Miyasaka, Atsushi (Engineer)
Mock, Butch (Race Car Driver)
Modena, Stefano (Race Car Driver-F1)
Moffitt, Brett (Race Car Driver)
Mohr, Jeff (Author)
Mohrenweiser, August F. (Engineer)
Moise, Patty (Race Car Driver)
Mok, Joseph (Journalist)
Molitoris, Jolene M. (U.S. Government)
Moltz, Dillon (Race Car Driver)
Momo, Alfred (Race Car Engineer)
Momota, Kenji (Race Car Driver)
Moncher, Nic (Motorsports Public Relations)
Monnin, Thad A. (Engineer)
Monoleos, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Monroe, Ed (Author)
Monroe, Jasmine (Author)
Monroe, Penny (Author)
Montagny, Franck (Race Car Driver-F1)
Montaño, Luis F. (Race Car Driver)
Montaño, Pepe (Race Car Driver)
Montavon, Jodi Anne (Vehicle Dealer)
Monteiro, Tiago (Race Car Driver-F1)
Monteith, Nate (Race Car Driver)
Montermini, Andrea (Race Car Driver-F1)
Montez, Carlos (FHWA)
Montgomerie-Charrington, Robin (Race Car Driver-F1)
Montgomery, Chase (Race Car Driver)
Montoya, Juan Pablo
Moody, Bobby (Racing Team Employee)
Moody, Ralph (Race Car Driver)
Mooi, Ray (Race Car Driver)
Moomy, Joseph G. (Engineer)
Moon, Myoung Woon (Engineer)
Moon, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Moon, Ron (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Brent (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Bud (Racing Team Owner, 1925-____)
Moore, Charlie (Author)
Moore, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Moore, George S. (FMCSA)
Moore, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Jason (Author)
Moore, Kelly (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Lloyd (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Newt (Race Team Crew Chief)
Moore, Pete (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Roger (Automobile Salvage Operator)
Moore, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Moore, Tim (Author)
Moraes, Mario (Race Car Driver)
Morales, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Moran, Darryl W. (Photographer)
Moran, Jim (Dealership Owner)
Moran, Pat (Author)
Moran, Rocky (Race Car Driver)
Moran, Rocky Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Morbidelli, Gianni (Race Car Driver-F1)
Morelock, Donny (Race Car Driver)
Moreno, Roberto
Moreton, David Penn (Author)
Morgan, Charles (Race Car Driver)
Morgan, Charlie (Broadcaster)
Morgan, Dave (Race Car Driver-F1)
Morgan, Elizabeth (Author)
Morgan, Gene (Race Car Driver)
Morgan, K.C. (Author)
Morgan, Larry (Drag Racer)
Morgan, Nick (Author)
Morgan, Patrick B. (Engineer)
Morgan, Rob (Race Car Driver)
Morgan, Tim (Racing Team Owner, 1954-____)
Morgan, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Morgay, Shane (Author)
Mori, Kensaku (Engineer)
Mori, Yusuke (Engineer)
Morin, Timothy (Author)
Morita, Masahiro (Engineer)
Morito, Takumi (Designer)
Morley, Jon (Race Car Driver)
Moroso, Dick (Racing Team Owner, 1939-____)
Moroso, Rob (Race Car Driver)
Morris, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Morris, Eric (Author)
Morris, Fred (Author)
Morris, Philip (Race Car Driver)
Morris, Ralph (Race Car Driver)
Morrow, Buddy (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Morse, B. Eric (U.S. Government)
Morse, Kenny ("Mr. Traffic")
Morter, Molly (Race Car Driver)
Morva, Thomas (Author)
Moseel, Leon E. (Author)
Moser, Roger (Race Car Driver)
Moser, Silvio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Moses, John (U.S. Government)
Mosley, Jamie (Race Car Driver)
Mosley, Max (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Mosley, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Moss, Bill (Race Car Driver-F1)
Moss, Joe (Racing Team Owner)
Moss, Stirling (Race Car Driver-F1)
Motoyama, Satoshi (Race Car Driver)
Mott, C.S. (Auto Industry Executive)
Mountanos, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Moxley, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Mower, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Moye, Elnora (U.S. Government)
Moyer, Kyle (Race Team Employee)
Moyer, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Moyer, Wendy (Author)
Mr. Norm (Drag Racer)
Mraz, Louis Jr. (FHWA)
Muallem, Basem (FHWA)
Mudd, Brandon W. (Public Relations)
Mueller, Alex (Race Car Driver)
Mueller, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Müller, Erik (Motorcycle Racer)
Mueller, Hendrik (Artist)
Mueller, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Müller, Jörg (Race Car Driver)
Muhoho, Robert (Author)
Mukaide, Hiroki (Engineer)
Mulally, Alan (Auto Industry Executive)
Mulford, Ralph (Race Car Driver)
Mulhearn, Andrew (Race Car Driver)
Muller, Victor (Auto Industry Executive)
Mulligan, Jeff (Author)
Mullins, Matt (Race Car Driver)
Mullins, Willie (Race Car Driver)
Munari, David (Racing Team Employee)
Munaron, Gino (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mundy, Frank (Race Car Driver)
Muniz, Frankie (Race Car Driver)
Muñoz, Carlos (Race Car Driver)
Munter, Leilani (Race Car Driver)
Murdock, Edwin F. (Engineer)
Muresan, David (U.S. Government)
Murphy, George (Author)
Murphy, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Murphy, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Murphy, Sean (Race Car Driver)
Murphy, Tom (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Murphy, Thos. D. (Author)
Murray, David (Race Car Driver-F1)
Murray, Gordon (Race Car Designer)
Murrill, Gregory (U.S. Government)
Murry, David (Race Car Driver)
Murt, Keith (Race Car Driver)
Muscatel, Charles (Race Car Driver)
Musgrave, Donna (Racing Fan)
Musgrave, Richard (Racing Fan)
Musgrave, Ted (Race Car Driver)
Musso, Luigi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Mutalieva, Marika (Author)
Mutoh, Hideki (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Andrew (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Burt (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Conan (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Danny (Racing Team Employee)
Myers, Frederick (Engineer)
Myers, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Myers, Rebecca (Author)
Nacewicz - Nelson

Nacewicz, Bill (Race Team Crew Chief)
Nacke, Bernd (Race Car Driver-F1)
Naddaf, Fadi Maroun (Engineer)
Nadeau, Greg (FHWA)
Nadeau, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Nader, Ralph (Safety Advocate, Author)
Nagai, Hiroki (Engineer)
Nagai, Seiji (Engineer)
Nagai, Syu (Engineer)
Nagano, Takaaki (Engineer)
Nagashima, Shinyu (Engineer)
Nagel, Robert I. (Designer)
Naik, Sanjeev M. (Engineer)
Nair, Raj (Auto Industry Executive)
Naito, Tetsuro (Engineer)
Naj, Muhammed (Author)
Nakada, Isamu (Engineer)
Nakagawa, Noriaki (Engineer)
Nakahara, Masahiro (Engineer)
Nakai, Takanori (Engineer)
Nakajima, Gikou (Parts Industry Executive)
Nakajima, Hiroshi (Race Promoter)
Nakajima, Kazuki (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nakajima, Satoru (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nakamura, Makoto (Engineer)
Nakamura, Masanori (Engineer)
Nakamura, Norihiko (Engineer)
Nakamura, Noriyuki (Engineer)
Nakamura, Takashi (Engineer)
Nakamura, Toshiyuki (Engineer)
Nakamura, Yoichi (Engineer)
Nakanishi, Haruyuki (Engineer)
Nakano, Shinji (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nakawatase, Akira (Engineer)
Nam, Kyung Jong (Engineer)
Nanaumi, Masaaki (Engineer)
Nancy, Tony (Drag Racer)
Nannini, Alessandro (Race Car Driver-F1)
Narayan, Kavya H. (Engineer)
Nashid-Tucker, Khadijah (Engineer)
Nason, Nicole (NHTSA)
Naspetti, Emanuele (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nasr, Felipe (Race Car Driver)
Natili, Massimo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Naylor, Brian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Neal, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Neal, Matt (Race Car Driver)
Nealy, Mike (Race Promoter)
Nears, Casey S. (Author)
Neary, Bernard E. (Organization Executive)
Nedachi, Yoshiaki (Engineer)
Needell, Tiff (Race Car Driver-F1, Television Host)
Neelakantan, Vijay A. (Engineer)
Neer, Alonzo W. (Engineer)
Neff, Mike (Drag Racer)
Negre, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Negri, Ozz (Race Car Driver)
Neice, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Neilan, Jeff (Author)
Neiman, Seth (Race Car Driver)
Nelms, Josh (Race Car Driver)
Nelson, Alan (Author)
Nelson, Gary (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Nelson, Norm (Race Car Driver)
Nelson, Paul (Author)
Nelson, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Nelson, Russell (Author)
Nelson, Stehpen (Author)
Nemechek - Nissen

Nemechek, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Nemechek, John (Race Car Driver)
Neptun, D.A. (U.S. government)
Nesbitt, Mart (Race Car Driver)
Neshati, Macy (Bus Industry Executive)
Ness, Sam (Author)
Nestler, Enrico (Author)
Neuenberger, Donnie (Race Car Driver)
Neumann, Anatoli (Engineer)
Neumann, Donald L. (FHWA)
Nève, Patrick (Race Car Driver-F1)
Newberry, Brennan (Race Car Driver)
Newey, Adrian (Race Car Designer)
Newey, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Newey, Steve (Race Team Owner)
Newgarden, Josef (Race Car Driver)
Newman, Paul (Actor/Race Car Driver)
Newman, Ronnie (Race Car Driver)
Newman, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Newman, Tim (Tourism Association Executive)
Newmark, Jacob Harmon (Author)
Newmark, Steve (Racing Team Executive)
Newsom, Diane (Author)
Newsom, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Newson, Warren (Author)
Newton, Georgina (Author)
Newton-John, Emerson (Race Car Driver)
Nichels, Ray (Race Team Mechanic)
Nichols, Fred (Author)
Nichols, James (NHTSA)
Nichols, Mary D. (U.S. Government)
Nicholson, Don (Drag Racer)
Nicholson, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nicholson, Susan (Public Relations)
Nicholson, William (Author)
Nickel, Robert (Author)
Nickell, Hunter (Broadcaster)
Nickerson, Kris (Author)
Nicklin, Parker (Race Car Driver)
Nicolopoulos, Con (Race Car Driver)
Nicosia, Philip (Author)
Niedecken, Junior (Race Car Driver)
Niedermayr, Helmut (Race Car Driver-F1)
Niedzwiedz, Klaus (Race Car Driver)
Niem, Andrea (Journalist)
Niemann, Brausch (Race Car Driver-F1)
Niemayer, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Nifosi, Dana C. (U.S. Government)
Nilsson, Gunnar (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nimmergut, Edgar (Engineer)
Nisbet, Peter (Author)
Nisha, Devi (Author)
Nishimura, Yasuhiko (Engineer)
Nissen, Bubba (Race Car Driver)
Nixon, Richard (U.S. President)
Nobis - Nyquist

Nobis, Guenter (Engineer)
Noda, Hideki (Race Car Driver-F1)
Nodalo, Karen (Author)
Noel, Don (Race Car Driver)
Noffsinger, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Nolan, Audrey (Author)
Nooner, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Norfleet, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Norgard, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Norick, Lance (Race Car Driver)
Norris, Eric (Race Car Driver)
Norris, JR (Race Car Driver)
Norris, Ty (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Norton, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Norton, Daniel George (Engineer)
Noton, Adriana (Author)
Nott, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Nottingham, Charles D. (FHWA)
Nowaczyk, Kenneth L. (Engineer)
Nowak, Lyle (Race Car Driver)
Nowell, Jimmie (Race Car Driver)
Nowik, Steve J. (Engineer)
Nuckey, Rodney (Race Car Driver-F1)
Null, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Nunan, Patricia (Journalist)
Nunez, Tristan (Race Car Driver)
Nunn, Kathryn (Race Car Driver)
Nunn, Morris (Race Car Engineer)
Nurnberger, Lisa (Journalist)
Nunzio, Ben (Author)
Nuss, Carl Ralph (Vehicle Dealer)
Nuvolari, Tazio (Race Car Driver)
Nyquist, Eric (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Brien - O'Sullivan

O'Brien, Robert (Race Car Driver-F1)
O'Connell, Jay (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Connell, Jim (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Connell, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
O'Connell, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
O'Conner, Pat (Race Car Driver, ____-1958)
O'Connor, Adam (Author)
O'Connor, James (Auto Industry Executive)
O'Connor, Michelle (Author)
O'Connor, Vicki (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Dell, Rick (Race Car Driver)
O'Dell, Wes (Race Car Driver)
O'Donnell, CJ (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Donnell, Steve (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Gara, Andy (Racing Team Employee)
O'Gara, John (Race Team Owner)
O'Hara, Ed (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
O'Leary, Tommy IV (Race Car Driver)
O'Neal, John (Race Car Driver)
O'Neil, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
O'Neil, Morrie (Author)
O'Neill, Charles J. (FHWA)
O'Quinn, Danny Jr. (Race Car Driver)
O'Rourke, Nathan (Race car driver)
O'Sullivan, Mike (Journalist)
Oakley - Olzaga

Oakley, Brett (Race Car Driver)
Oakley, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Oba, Shuji (Engineer)
Obama, Barack (U.S. Government)
Obrist, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Odell, David (Race Car Driver)
Ogata, Akinori (Race Car Driver)
Oge, Margo Tsirigotis (U.S. Government)
Ogden, J.E. (U.S. Government)
Ogden, Michael (Author)
Ogden, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Ogier, Sébastien (Race Car Driver)
Ogle, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Ogle, Clarence (Race Car Driver)
Ogle, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Ohmori, Makoto (Engineer)
Ohta, Yuji (Engineer)
Okamoto, Atsuto (Engineer)
Oke, Andrew (Author)
Okuda, Hiroshi (Auto Industry Executive)
Okugi, Tomokazu (Engineer)
Oldfield, Barney (Race Car Driver)
Olds, Ransom Eli (Auto Industry Executive)
Oliver, Dillon (Race Car Driver)
Oliver, Jackie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Oliver, Lisa (Author)
Oliver, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Oliver, Shawn E. (FHWA)
Oliveras, Hugo (Race Car Driver)
Olivier, Sandra (Author)
Olney, Ross R. (Author)
Olow, Nathan (Race Car Driver)
Olsen, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Olson, John (Race Car Driver)
Olson, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Olsson, Magnus (Engineer)
Olswfski, Ted (Race Car Driver)
Olvey, Dr. Steve (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Olzaga, David (Author)
Ongais - Oztalay

Ongais, Danny (Race Car Driver-F1)
Opel, Wilhelm (Auto Industry Executive)
Orgas, David (Film Producer)
Orr, Kevin (Drag Racer)
Osako, Toshiyuki (Engineer)
Osborn, Mark (Racing Team Employee)
Osborne, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Osborne, Bob (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Osborne, Mike (Journalist)
Ossenfort, Jacob (Race Car Driver)
Ostensen, A. George (U.S. Government)
Ostiguy, David (Author)
Oswald, Nelson (Race Car Driver)
Otaki, Kazuyuki (Engineer)
Otanez, Paul G. (Engineer)
Otaru, Adewale (Journalist)
Ottaway, Luke (Journalist)
Otting, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Ottinger, L.D. (Race Car Driver)
Ousley, Jerry (Author)
Outhouse, Jennifer (U.S. Government)
Outlaw, William N. (FHWA)
Overhead, Will (Fictional Race Car Driver)
Owejan, Jon P. (Engineer)
Owen, Arthur (Race Car Driver-F1)
Owens, Alli (Race Car Driver)
Owens, Bob (Oil Company Executive)
Owens, Cotton (Race Car Driver)
Owens, Kyle (Race Car Driver's Family)
Owens, Trent (Race Car Driver)
Owings, Raymond P. (NHTSA)
Ozeki, Takashi (Engineer)
Oztalay, Melih (Author)
Pabst - Pegram

Pabst, Augie (Race Car Driver)
Pace, Carlos (Race Car Driver-F1)
Padaco, Alex (Author)
Padden, Brian (Journalist)
Paffet, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Pagan, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Pagani, Nello (Race Car Driver-F1)
Page, Steve (Race Track Executive)
Pagé, Victor W., M.E. (Author)
Pagenaud, Simon (Race Car Driver)
Paglia, Ralph (Auto Dealership Marketer)
Pagot, Alexandre (Engineer)
Paige, Steve (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Palacio, Zulima (Journalist)
Palat, Scott (Author)
Paletti, Riccardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Palm, Torsten (Race Car Driver-F1)
Palmer, Jonathan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Palmer, Norm (Race Car Driver)
Palmroth, Tero (Race Car Driver)
Paludo, Miguel (Race Car Driver)
Palumbo, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Palus, Nancy (Journalist)
Panch, Marvin (Race Car Driver)
Panch, Richie (Race Car Driver)
Panciatici, Nelson (Race Car Driver)
Paniati, Jeffrey (FHWA)
Panis, Olivier (Race Car Driver-F1)
Panke, Helmut (Auto Industry Executive)
Panomphoum, Jaturong (Author)
Panoz, Don (Auto Industry Executive)
Pantano, Giorgio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Panure, Matt (Public Relations)
Paolillo, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Papis, Max (Race Car Driver-F1)
Paques, Jon (Race Car Driver)
Pardington, A.R. (Highway Association Executive)
Pardo, Carlos (Race Car Driver)
Pardo, Ruben (Race Car Driver)
Pardue, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Pardue, Kip (Actor)
Pardus, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Park, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Park, Bong Hyun (Engineer)
Park, Crystal (Journalist)
Park, Jie Won (Engineer)
Park, Michael (Rally Co-Driver)
Park, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Park, Sun Soon (Engineer)
Parker, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Parker, George L. (U.S. Government)
Parker, Hank Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Parker, Jack (Author)
Parker, Kelly W. (Author)
Parker, Rob (Author)
Parkes, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Parks, Fred B. (Designer)
Parks, Wally (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Parlett, Ashley (Race Car Driver)
Parnell, Reg (Race Car Driver-F1)
Parnell, Tim (Race Car Driver-F1)
Parrish, James (Author)
Parrott, Brad (Race Team Crew Chief)
Parrott, Buddy (Racing Team Owner, 1939-____)
Parrott, Peter (Race Team Employee)
Parrott, Todd (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Parsons, Benny (Race Car Driver, Broadcaster)
Parsons, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Parsons, David (Engineer)
Parsons, Johnnie (Race Car Driver)
Parsons, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Parsons, Phil (Race Car Driver)
Partlow, James C. (U.S. Government)
Partyka, Susan C. (NHTSA)
Paschal, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Pasricha, Anjana (Journalist)
Passmore, Christi (Race Car Driver)
Passow, Louis (Engineer)
Passwater, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Pastorelli, Nicky (Race Car Driver)
Pastrana, Travis (Motocross Rider/Race Car Driver)
Pate, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Patel, Chirag (Engineer)
Paternoster, G. Sidney (Author)
Paton, Todd (Drag Racer)
Patrese, Riccardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Patrick, Danica (Race Car Driver)
Patrick, Pat (Race Team Owner)
Patten, Dana (Race Car Driver)
Patterson, Dean (Race Car Driver)
Patterson, Scott (Author)
Patterson, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Pattie, Brian (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Patton, J.R. (Race Car Driver)
Patton, Samuel J. (Engineer)
Pauch, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Pauch, Billy Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Paul, Donny (Race Car Driver)
Paul, John Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Paur, Jason (Journalist)
Pavone, Marco Antonio (Designer)
Payne, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Payne, Roy (Race Car Driver)
Peach, J. Dexter (U.S. Government)
Peacher, Rodney (Race Car Driver)
Peacock, Darryl (Author)
Peacock, Tony (Autoworker)
Peapples, George A. (Auto Industry Executive)
Pearce, Ellis (Race Car Driver)
Pearce, Rickey (Author)
Pearson, David (Race Car Driver)
Pearson, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Pearson, Hugh (Race Car Driver)
Pearson, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Pearson, Ricky (Racing Team Crew Chief 1957-____)
Pease, Al (Race Car Driver-F1)
Peck, Raymond A. Jr. (NHTSA)
Peck, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Peck, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Pecorari, Robbie (Race Car Driver)
Pedersen, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Pedigo, Gary (Racing Team Member)
Pedregon, Cruz (Drag Racer)
Pedregon, Tony (Drag Racer)
Pedrosa, Dani (Motorcycle Racer)
Pegram, Sammy (Race Car Driver)
Pelata - Pizzonia

Pelata, Patrick (Auto Industry Executive)
Pelcovits, Pamela M. (FMCSA)
Peles, Nestor (Race Car Driver)
Peles, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Pemberton, Robin (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Pemberton, Ryan (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Pemmitt, George W. (Auto Industry Worker)
Peña, Federico (U.S. Secretary of Transportation)
Penaruiz, Julien (Race Car Driver)
Pence, Mike (U.S. Government)
Penn, F.R. (Author)
Pennell, Joseph (Author)
Penney, Timothy R. (FHWA)
Pennington, Free (Race Car Driver)
Pennington, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Pennington, Rebecca (NHTSA)
Penrod, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Penske, Jay (Racing Team Owner)
Penske, Roger (Auto Dealer/Racing Team Owner)
Pepper, David (Racing Team Executive)
Peralta, Carlos (Race Car Driver)
Peralta, Oscar (Race Car Driver)
Perciasepe, Bob (U.S. Government)
Perdisa, Cesare (Race Car Driver-F1)
Perera, Franck (Race Car Driver)
Perez, Antonio (Race Car Driver)
Perez, Cesar E. (U.S. Government)
Perez, Pablo (Race Car Driver)
Pérez, Sergio (Race Car Driver)
Pérez de Lara, Ricardo (Race Car Driver)
Pérez-Sala, Luis (Race Car Driver-F1)
Perkins, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Perkins, Larry (Race Car Driver-F1)
Perkins, Susan (U.S. Government)
Perree, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Perry, Chris (Auto Industry Executive)
Perry, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Perry, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Perry-Jones, Richard (Auto Industry Executive)
Pescarolo, Henri (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pesenti-Rossi, Alessandro (Race Car Driver-F1)
Peskin, Sam (Journalist)
Peter, Phillip (Race Car Driver)
Peterhansel, Stephane (Race Car Driver)
Peters, Josef (Race Car Driver-F1)
Peters, Mary (FHWA)
Peters, Natz (Race Car Driver)
Peters, Timothy (Race Car Driver)
Peterson, Cindy (Race Car Driver)
Peterson, Donovan (Race Car Driver)
Peterson, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Peterson, Marcus (Author)
Peterson, Ric (Racing Team Owner)
Peterson, Ronnie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Peterson, Tyler (Race Car Driver)
Peterson, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Petillo, Kelly (Race Car Driver)
Petree, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Petrick, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Petris, Terry (Race Car Driver)
Petrov, Vitaly (Race Car Driver)
Petrucelli, Steven (Designer)
Petrus, Louis H. (Engineer)
Pettit, Dan (Race Team Owner)
Pettitt, Debbie (Author)
Petty, Adam (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Dr. Jerry (Medical Doctor)
Petty, Kyle (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Jeremy (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Karla S. (U.S. Government)
Petty, Lee (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Maurice (Race Car Driver's Family)
Petty, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Ritchie (Race Car Driver)
Petty, Tim (Race Car Driver's Family)
Pew, John (Race Car Driver)
Pezza, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Pfeifer, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Phelps, Harry (Drag Racer)
Phelps, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Phelps, Steve (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Phifer, Bernard Jr. (Author)
Philippaerts, David (Motorcycle Racer)
Philippe, Nelson (Race Car Driver)
Philippe, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Phillips, Doc (Author)
Phillips, Eric (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Phillips, Jack (Author)
Phillips, Jim (Broadcast)
Phillips, Kade (Author)
Phillips, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Phillips, Staggerlee (Author)
Phillips, Steve (Author)
Phillips, Will (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Philpott, Gus (Blogger)
Phinney, Wallace S. Sr. (Author)
Picard, Francois (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pidduck, Suzanne (Author)
Pierce, Aaron (Race Car Driver)
Pierce, Erik (Race Car Driver)
Pierce, Keith (Race Car Driver)
Pierce, Steven (Author)
Pierro, Louis (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Pieters, Ernie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pietsch, Paul (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pileri, Paolo (Motorcycle Racer)
Pilet, Patrick (Race Car Driver)
Pilette, Andre (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pilette, Teddy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pilgrim, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Pilgrim, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Pimm, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Pinderski, Chris (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Pininfarina, Andrea (Automotive Designer)
Pinkerton, Kent (Author)
Pinney, Ryan (Author)
Pinoski, Paul (Author)
Pinto, Lilly (U.S. Government)
Piotti, Luigi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Piper, David (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pippig, Jürgen (Race Car Driver)
Piquado, Paul (U.S. Government)
Piquet, Nelson (Race Car Driver-F1)
Piquet, Nelson Jr. (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pirelli, Leopoldo (Tire Manufacturer, ____-2007)
Pirocchi, Renato (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pironi, Didier (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pirro, Emanuele (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pischetsrieder, Dr. Bernd (Auto Industry Executive)
Pistone, Chase (Race Car Driver)
Pistone, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Pistone, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Pitarresi, Dane (Race Car Driver)
Pitkat, Woody (Race Car Driver)
Pittinger, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Pitton, Dan (U.S. Government)
Pizzonia, Antônio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Plache - Pyne

Plache, Lacey (Journalist)
Plankl, Christian (Engineer)
Plata, Fernando (Race Car Driver)
Platania, Vincent (Author)
Plemmons, John (Race Car Driver)
Pletcher, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Plowman, Martin (Race Car Driver)
Plumley, Albert C. (Engineer)
Podesta, Tami (U.S. Government)
Podratz, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Pogacnik, Thomas (U.S. Government)
Poirier, George R. (FHWA)
Poirier, Leo (Race Car Driver)
Polich, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Pollard, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Pollard, Bubba (Race Car Driver)
Pollard, Colette (U.S. Government)
Pollard, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Pollet, Jacques (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pollmann, Gert (Designer)
Pollock, Craig (Race Team Owner)
Polodna, Ron (Race Car Driver)
Pomeroy, Don (Motorcycle Shop Owner)
Pomeroy, Jim (Motorcycle Racer, 1952-2006)
Pompa, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Pon, Ben (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pond, Lennie (Race Car Driver)
Ponstein, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Pook, Chris (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Poole, Brennan (Race Car Driver)
Poore, Dennis (Race Car Driver-F1)
Poovey, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Popow, Alex (Race Car Driver)
Popplewell, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Porcari, John (USDOT)
Porsche, Ferdinand (Automotive Designer, Auto Industry Executive)
Portenga, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Porter, James (Race Car Driver)
Porter, Marvin (Race Car Driver)
Porter, Melissa L. (U.S. Government)
Porter, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Porter, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Porter, Toby (Race Car Driver)
Ports, James F. Jr. (NHTSA)
Posey, Sam (Race Car Driver-F1, Broadcaster)
Posten, R. Ryan (U.S. Government)
Poston, Ramsey (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Poston, Slick (Racing Team Employee)
Potashnick, Sammy (Race Car Driver)
Potekhen, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Potgieter, Chris (Auto Industry Executive)
Pott, Ekkehard (Engineer)
Potter, Cody (Race Car Driver)
Potter, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Potter, John (Race Car Driver)
Potter, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Potter, Stan (Author)
Poulter, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Powell, Allan (Race Car Driver)
Powell, Chris (Race Track Executive)
Powell, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Powell, Tom (Racing Series Official)
Powell, Travis (Race Car Driver)
Power, Will (Race Car Driver)
Powers, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Powers, Troy (Author)
Powers, Tyler (Author)
Pozzi, Charles (Race Car Driver-F1)
Praino, Anthony (Auto Industry Employee)
Prasad, Dr. Priyaranjan (Auto Industry Employee)
Preece, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Premat, Alexandre (Race Car Driver)
Prendeville, Andrew (Race Car Driver)
Prescott, Andre (Race Car Driver)
Prescott, Landon (Author)
Prescott, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Press, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Press, Jim (Auto Industry Executive)
Pressley, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Pressley, Charley (Racing Team Employee)
Pressley, Coleman (Race Car Driver)
Pressley, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Presto, Suzanne (Journalist)
Preston, John (Race Car Driver)
Preston, Mark (Racing Team Employee)
Prestwood, Max (Race Car Driver)
Pretorius, Jackie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Price, Baxter (Race Car Driver)
Price, Bill (Journalist)
Price, Bob (Author)
Price, David A. (FHWA)
Price, Jonathon (Race Car Driver)
Price, Shane (Race Car Driver)
Priestley, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Prietzel, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Priewe, Craig (Race Car Driver)
Prince Bira (Race Car Driver-F1)
Prince, Jeriod (Race Car Driver)
Prince, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Prince, Ricky (Vehicle Dealer)
Pring, Henry William B. (Engineer)
Prinoth, Ernesto (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pritchett, Leah (Drag Racer)
Probst, Robert J. (U.S. Government)
Propeck, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Prophet, David (Race Car Driver-F1)
Prost, Alain (Race Car Driver-F1)
Prudhomme, Don (Drag Racer)
Pruett, Bryan (Race Car Driver)
Pruett, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Pryce, Tom (Race Car Driver-F1)
Puccia, Matt (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Puccinelli, Dennis (U.S. Government)
Pumpelly, Spencer (Race Car Driver)
Punch, Dr. Jerry (Broadcaster)
Pund, Daniel (Journalist)
Punske, Gregory S. (FHWA)
Purchia, Brian (Journalist)
Purley, David (Race Car Driver-F1)
Purnell, Tony (Racing Sanctioning Body Advisor)
Pursley, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Purtle, Albert D. (Engineer)
Purvis, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Puryear, Stacy (Race Car Driver)
Puskarich, Don (Race Car Driver)
Puzey, Clive (Race Car Driver-F1)
Pyburn, Steve (FHWA)
Pyle, Robbie (Race Car Driver)
Pyne, George (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Quade - Quarles

Quade, William A. (FMCSA)
Quarles, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Quarterley - Query

Quarterley, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Quarterman, Cynthia (U.S. Government)
Queen, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Query, Freddie (Race Car Driver)
Quester - Quiroga

Quester, Dieter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Quinn, Levi (Author)
Quinney, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Quinones, Manuel (U.S. Government)
Quiroga, German (Race Car Driver)
Rabenold - Reithmeyer

Rabenold, Kory (Race Car Driver)
Raby, Ian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Radford, C.E. III (U.S. Government)
Radford, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Radulescu, Aurel (Author)
Raeder, Richard (Racing Team Employee)
Raffaele, David (U.S. Government)
Raffauf, Mark (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Rafter, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Ragan, David (Race Car Driver)
Ragan, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Ragan, Sammy (Race Car Driver)
Ragle, Gary (Automotive Designer)
Rahal, Bobby (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rahal, Graham (Race Car Driver)
Rahilly, Bob (Racing Team Owner, 1953-____)
Räikkönen, Kimi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Raines, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Rall, Patrick (Author)
Ralston, Zachary (Race Car Driver)
Ramirez, Jose Luis (Race Car Driver)
Ramirez, Luis (Journalist)
Ramirez, Richard (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Ramos, Hermano da Silva (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ramos, Pedro (U.S. Government)
Ramsberger, Tim (Race Promoter)
Ramsell, Kevin (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Ramseur, Stewart (Race Car Driver)
Randall, Andy (Race Track Executive)
Randall, Maurice (Race Car Driver)
Randle, Jim (Journalist)
Ranger Doug (Musician)
Ranger, Andrew (Race Car Driver)
Raper, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Raphanel, Pierre-Henri (Race Car Driver-F1)
Raptis, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Rask, Mark (Author)
Rast, René (Race Car Driver)
Ratcliff, Jason (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Rathbone, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Rathbun, James B. (Engineer)
Rathmann, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Ratzenberger, Roland (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ratzkin, Joe (Author)
Raudman, Craig (Race Car Driver)
Raulston, Brent (Race Car Driver)
Rawlings-Blake, Stephanie (Politician)
Ray, Greg (Racing Car Driver)
Ray, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Ray, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Ray, Michael (Drag Racer)
Raymer, Brent (Race Car Driver)
Raymond, Eric (Author)
Raymond, Lee (Race Car Driver)
Razo, Xavi (Race Car Driver)
Read, Lloyd (Race Car Driver)
Reary, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Reaves, Lawrence (Author)
Reavis, Ronnie (Racing Team Employee)
Rebaque, Héctor (Race Car Driver-F1)
Recht, Philip R. (NHTSA)
Redman, Brian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Redmon, Tamara (FHWA)
Reed, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Reed, Kevin (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Reed, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Reed, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Reed, Ras (Author)
Ryan, Reed (Race Car Driver)
Reedy, Orvil (Race Car Driver)
Reep, Jon (Comedian)
Rees, Alan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rees, Chris (Author)
Reese, Tom (Author)
Reeves, Aldred (Journalist)
Reeves, Alfred (Industry Organization Executive)
Reeves, Stevie (Race Car Driver)
Reffner, Bryan (Race Car Driver)
Regan, Andrew (Author)
Regazzoni, Clay (Race Car Driver-F1)
Register, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Rehfield, Roland (Race Car Driver)
Reich, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Reid, Boston (Race Car Driver)
Reid, Doug III (Race Car Driver)
Reid, Marty (Broadcaster)
Reid, Randy (U.S. Government)
Reign, Glady (Author)
Reimann, Gregor (Engineer)
Reimer, Johnnie (Race Car Driver)
Reinbold, Dennis (Race Team Owner)
Reinhart, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Reis, Jorge (Author)
Reiser, Robbie (Race Car Driver/Crew Chief)
Reisman, George (Economist)
Reithmeyer, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Remmington - Rolt

Remmington, Katrina (Author)
Ren, Rick (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Renegar, Ronnie W. (Racing Series Official)
Renfrow, R. Todd (Auto Industry Executive)
Renfrow, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Renna, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Renner, Charlotte (Journalist)
Reno, A.J. (Race Car Driver)
Reno, Marc (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Renshaw, Deborah (Race Car Driver)
Resinger, Monica (Author)
Resta, Dario (Race Car Driver)
Retsinas, Nicolas (U.S. Government)
Rettenmeier, Louis (Race Car Driver)
Rettig, Austin (Race Car Driver)
Reutimann, Buzzie (Race Car Driver)
Reutemann, Carlos (Race Car Driver-F1)
Reutimann, David (Race Car Driver)
Reventlow, Lance (Race Car Driver-F1)
Revis, Melvin (Race Car Driver)
Revson, Peter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rexford, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Reyes, Mara (Race Car Driver)
Reynold, Justin (Author)
Reynolds, Burt (Actor)
Reynolds, Don (Race Car Driver)
Reynolds, Jon Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Rezek, John (Race Car Driver)
Rezendes, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Rhea, Barbara (NHTSA)
Rhodes, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rhodes, B. Neal (Engineer)
Rhodes, Stephen (Race Car Driver)
Ribbs, Willy T. (Race Car Driver)
Ribeiro, Alex (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ribeiro, Andre (Race Car Driver)
Rice, Albert (Race Car Driver)
Rice, Buddy (Race Car Driver)
Rice, Jerrill
Rice, Richie (Race Car Driver)
Rice, Sam (Race Car Driver)
Richard, Lester J. (Automobile Club Officer)
Richards, Chloe (Author)
Richards, Dave (Car Modification Company Executive, Racing Team Owner)
Richards, Dustin (Race Car Driver)
Richards, Homero (Race Car Driver)
Richards, Josh (Race Car Driver)
Richardson, Bill (U.S. Government)
Richardson, D.J. (Race Car Driver)
Richardson, Ken (Race Car Driver-F1)
Richardson, Loni (Race Car Driver)
Richardson, Nelson (Race Car Driver)
Richardson, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Richert, Doug (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Richeson, Donnie (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1960-____)
Richeson, Joshua (Race Car Driver)
Richman, Mike (Journalist)
Richmond, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Richmond, Woody (Race Car Driver)
Richter, Les (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Richter, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Rickenbacker, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Ridenour, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Rider, Chuck (Racing Team Owner, 1940-____)
Ridgeway, Gregory K. (U.S. Government)
Ridgwell, Henry (Journalist)
Ridley, Jody (Race Car Driver)
Riess, Fritz (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rietbergen, Bart (Race Promoter)
Riethmeyer, Bradley (Race Car Driver)
Riggins, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Riggs, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Righter, Peter (Author)
Riley, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Riley, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Rindt, Jochen (Race Car Driver-F1)
Riniker, Gene (Race Car Driver)
Rintelmann, William E. (Designer)
Rioux, Laurent (Race Car Driver)
Ripps, Alma (U.S. Government)
Rise, Adam (Author)
Riseley-Prichard, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ritch, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Ritter, Randal (Race Car Driver)
Rivard, Dan (Auto Industry Motorsports Representative)
Rivas, Chris (Drag Racer)
Rivera, Gordie (Drag Racer)
Rivera, Pepe (Race Car Driver)
Rivers, Tom (Journalist)
Riverside, Josh (Author)
Rivkin, Robert S. (U.S. Government)
Rix, Louis (Author)
Rizzo, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Roark, Caleb (Race Car Driver)
Robarts, Richard (Race Car Driver-F1)
Robbins, Kenny (Race Car Driver)
Robbins, Marty (Race Car Driver)
Robbs, J.R. (Race Car Driver)
Robe, Marc (Race Car Driver)
Roberson, Nathan (Author)
Roberts, Alan I. (U.S. Government)
Roberts, Bronwen Elisabeth (Author)
Roberts, Fireball (Race Car Driver)
Roberts, Floyd (Race Car Driver)
Roberts, Gene (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1959-____)
Roberts, John (Broadcaster)
Roberts, Nahshon (Author)
Roberts, William B. (Engineer)
Robertson, Delia (Journalist)
Robertson, George (Race Car Driver)
Robertson, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Robertson, John B. (Vehicle Dealer)
Robertson, Shannon (Race Car Driver)
Robertson, Susan (Motorcycle Racer)
Robichaud, Michael (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Robie, Jarod (Race Car Driver)
Robinette, Scott (Racing Team Crew Member)
Robinson, Chip (Race Car Driver)
Robinson, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Robinson, Lewis (Public Relations)
Robinson, Shawna (Race Car Driver)
Robinson, Terrance (Race Car Driver)
Robitaille, Duane(FHWA Award Recipient)
Rocca, Cesar (Author)
Roche, B.W. (U.S. Government)
Roche, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Rock, Jeffrey A. (Engineer)
Rockenfeller, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Rocznik, Marko (Engineer)
Rodenbeck, Paddy (Race Car Driver)
Roderick, Casey (Race Car Driver)
Rodewald, Travis (Race Car Driver)
Rodrigues, Gary (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Rodrigues, Isabella (Author)
Rodriguez, Felix (Petroleum Company Executive)
Rodriguez, Pedro (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rodriguez, Ricardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rodriguez, Roberto (Vehicle Dealer)
Rodriguez, Thomas (Author)
Roe, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Roe, Tony (Author)
Roembke, Scott (Race Team Executive)
Roffler, Travis (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Bradley (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Clay (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Dave (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Rogers, David (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Jackie (Race Car Driver)
Rogers, Robert (Author)
Rogoff, Peter (FTA)
Rohrbach, Jennifer (U.S. Government)
Rohrbaugh, Codie (Race Car Driver)
Rojas, Memo (Race Car Driver)
Rol, Franco (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rollins, Shorty (Race Car Driver)
Rollinson, Alan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rolt, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Romancini - Rzesnowiecky

Romancini, Mario (Race Car Driver)
Romando, Richard (Author)
Romberg, Felix B. (Engineer)
Romensya, Maureen (Author)
Romeo, Chuck (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Romero, Olivia (Author)
Romine, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Romney, Mitt (Political Figure)
Ronda, Gas (Drag Racer)
Rondeau, Pete (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Roney, Bruce (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Rooney, Greg (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Roos, Bertil (Race Car Driver-F1)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (U.S. President)
Roper, Dean (Race Car Driver)
Roper, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Roper, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Rosati, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Rosberg, Keke (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rosberg, Nico (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rose, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Rose, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Rose, D.J. (U.S. Government)
Rose, Howard (Race Car Driver)
Rose, Michael (Charitable Organization Executive)
Rose, Mauri (Race Car Driver)
Rosebault, Charles B. (Author)
Rosenboom, Jody (Race Car Driver)
Rosendale, Don (Journalist)
Rosewood, Rina (Author)
Rosier, Louis (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ross, Andrew (Car Club Officer)
Ross, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Ross, Don (Automobile Dealership Owner)
Ross, Dorothy M. (Automobile Club Executive)
Ross, Earl (Race Car Driver)
Ross, Jean (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Ross, Justin (Author)
Ross, Tammy (Broadcaster)
Rosset, Ricardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rossi, Valentino (Motorcycle Racer)
Rossignol, Ken (Internet Site Operator)
Rostek, John (Race Car Driver)
Roth, Alexander (Engineer)
Roth, Gil (Race Car Driver)
Roth, Gilson W. (Engineer)
Roth, Marty (Race Car Driver)
Rothengatter, Huub (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rothstein, Gary (Author)
Rotsell, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Roush, Jack (Race Team Owner)
Roush, Jack Jr. (Race Team Executive)
Routsis, Tim (Racing Engine Manufacturer Executive)
Rovelo, Rubén (Race Car Driver)
Rowe, Brett (Race Car Driver)
Rowe, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Rowland, James A. (FHWA)
Rowley, Frank L. (U.S. Government)
Royce, Henry (Automobile Industry Executive)
Royle, Adam (Race Car Driver)
Rubeck, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Ruby, Lloyd (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ruby, Robert E. (U.S. Government)
Rudd, Al Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Rudd, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Rudd, Ricky (Race Car Driver)
Rudi, Ivar (Author)
Rudolph, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Ruffin, Logan (Race Car Driver)
Ruggiero, Reggie (Race Car Driver)
Ruiz, Jaime (Author)
Ruìz, Oscar (Race Car Driver)
Rumley, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Runge, Dr. Jeffrey W. (NHTSA)
Runyon, Marvin T. (Auto Industry Executive)
Rupli, Robin (Journalist)
Rupp, Frederick (Engineer)
Rusere, Patience (Journalist)
Rush, Lonnie Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Rush, Michael (Author)
Rushmore, Samuel W. (Engineer)
Russell, Alan (Race Car Driver)
Russell, Austin (Race Car Driver)
Russell, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Russell, Kimberly (Journalist)
Russell, Michael (NHTSA)
Russell, Thomas H. (Author)
Russell, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Russell, Thomas H. (Author)
Russell, Wes (Race Car Driver)
Russell, Will (Author)
Russo, Carl (Race Team Owner)
Russo, Giacomo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Rust, Craig (Race Track Executive)
Rust, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Ruston, Kenzie (Race Car Driver)
Rutherford, Dick (Race Event Executive)
Rutherford, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Ruttman, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Ruttman, Troy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ryan, Gary (U.S. Government)
Ryan, Peter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ryan, Terry (Race Car Driver)
Ryu, Alisha (Journalist)
Ryu, Seong Pil (Engineer)
Ryu, Takashi (Engineer)
Rzesnowiecky, Stefan (Race Car Driver)
Saal - Scrip

Saal, Adam (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Saavedra, Sebastian (Race Car Driver)
Sabates, Felix (Racing Team Owner, 1942-____)
Sachs, Coleman (U.S. Government)
Sackett, Jay L. (Engineer)
Sacks, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Sadinsky, John (Race Car Driver)
Sadler, Elliott (Race Car Driver)
Sadler, Hermie (Race Car Driver)
Saevels, Peter (Engineer)
Safiulla, Imran (Racing Team Owner)
Sage, Darryl (Race Car Driver)
Said, Bob (Race Car Driver-F1)
Said, Boris (Race Car Driver)
Sainz, Carlos (Race Car Driver)
Sairyo, Yuki (Engineer)
Saito, Koji (Engineer)
Saito, Toshiyuki (Engineer)
Sakagami, Singo (Engineer)
Salazar, Eliseo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Salazar, Ken (U.S. Government)
Saldana, Joey (Race Car Driver)
Saleen, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Sales, Leon (Race Car Driver)
Salles, Gualter (Race Car Driver)
Salmeron, Miguel (Designer)
Salmons, Ron Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Salo, Mika (Race Car Driver-F1)
Salvadori, Roy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Salyer, Ralph (Race Car Driver)
Salzburg, Joe (Artist, Car Club President)
Samaha, Elie (Film Producer)
Sammons, Danny (Race Car Driver)
Sampey, Angelle (Drag Racer)
Samples, Jesse Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Samson, Jayson R. (Author)
Sanchez A., Hector (Race Car Driver)
Sánchez, Manuel E. (FHWA)
Sánchez, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Sandberg, Annette M. (NHTSA)
Sanders, Ricky (Race Car Driver)
Sanders, Ronnie (Race Car Driver)
Sanders, Rusty (Race Car Driver)
Sanders, Ryck (Race Car Driver)
Sanders, Sammy (Race Car Driver)
Sanders, William H. II (U.S. Government)
Sandholm, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Sands, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Sands, Scotty (Race Car Driver)
Saner, Mary (Journalist)
Sanesi, Consalvo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sanger, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Sankaran, Venkateswa Anand (Engineer)
Santerre, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Santos, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Sarff, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Sargent, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Sargent, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Sarles, Roscoe (Race Car Driver)
Sarmiento, Charlene (Journalist)
Sarrazin, Stéphane (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sasaki, Hironori (Engineer)
Sasaki, Takanori (Engineer)
Sasser, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Sato, Nobuaki (Engineer)
Sato, Takayuki (Engineer)
Sato, Takuma(Race Car Driver-F1)
Sato, Yoshikazu (Engineer)
Satterfield, Don (Race Car Driver)
Satullo, Sandy (Race Car Driver)
Satyapal, Sunita (U.S. Government)
Saunders, Donald (Author)
Sauter, Jay (Race Car Driver)
Sauter, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Sauter, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Sauter, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Savage, Clifton (Race Car Driver)
Savage, Swede (Race Car Driver)
Saverance, Rounder (Race Car Driver)
Saville, Michael (Author)
Savoree, Kevin (Race Promoter)
Sawai, Momoyo (Engineer)
Sawyer, Elton (Race Car Driver)
Sawyer, Roger (Race Car Driver)
Sawyer, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Sawyers, Rodney (Race Car Driver)
Saylor, Connie (Race Car Driver)
Scalzo, Joe (Editor)
Scarallo, Joey (Race Car Driver)
Scarborough, Carl (Race Car Driver)
Scarborough, Craig (Race Car Engineer/Journalist)
Scarfiotti, Ludovico (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scarlatti, Giorgio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scarrett, Winthrop E. (Organization Executive)
Scelzi, Gary (Drag Racer)
Schacht, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Schaefer, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Schaeppi, Hans-Peter (Race Car Driver)
Schattling, Wolfgang (Race Car Driver)
Schatz, Donny (Race Car Driver)
Scheckter, Ian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scheckter, Jody (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scheckter, Tomas (Race Car Driver)
Scheele, Nick (Auto industry executive)
Scheffler, Don (Race Car Driver)
Scheil, Anselm (Designer)
Scheiner, Stanley R. (NHTSA)
Schell, Harry (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schendel, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Schenkel, Kent (Race Car Driver)
Schenken, Tim (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scherer, Andrew (Author)
Scherrer, Albert (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schiattarella, Domenico (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schiavone, Vince (Race Car Driver)
Schiefele, Kevin (Designer)
Schildnecht, Robin (Race Car Driver)
Schill, Al (Race Car Driver)
Schiller, Heinz (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schimmoller, Vincent F. (FHWA)
Schippers, Ralph L. (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Schlein, Lisa (Journalist)
Schlender, Shelley (Journalist)
Schlesser, Jean-Louis (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schlesser, Jo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schmidt, Karen A. (U.S. Government)
Schmidt, Sam (Race Team Owner)
Schmidt, Michael Roland (Engineer)
Schmitt, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Schmitt, Bret (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Schmitz, Matthew (U.S. Government)
Schmoyer, Barry (Marketer)
Schneider, Bernd (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schneider, Frankie (Race Car Driver)
Schneider, Louis (Race Car Driver)
Schneider, Sebastian (Author)
Schnitz, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Schoeller, Rudolf (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scholer, Chris (Service Advisor)
Schooler, Larry (Journalist)
Schoonover, Terry (Race Car Driver)
Schott, Bart (Advocacy Organization Executive)
Schrader, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Schrempp, Jürgen (Auto Industry Executive)
Schroedel, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Schroeder, Bob (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schroeder, Dorsey (Race Car Driver)
Schüle, Mattias (Engineer)
Schuler, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Schuler, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Schultz, John (U.S. Government)
Schultz, John (Race Car Driver)
Schultz, Maxwell (Race Car Driver)
Schulz, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Schumacher, Don (Drag Racer)
Schumacher, Michael (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schumacher, Ralf (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schumacher, Tony (Drag Racer)
Schunk, Thomas (Actor)
Schuppan, Vern (Race Car Driver-F1)
Schuster, George (Race Car Driver)
Schwab, Charles F. (Engineer)
Schwantz, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Schwarte, Anselm (Engineer)
Schwarz, John E. (Designer)
Schwarzkopf, E.E. (Author)
Schweiger, Til (Actor)
Schweikart, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Schweitz, Jerry (Racing Team Employee)
Schy, Steve (Journalist)
Scites, Davin (Race Car Driver)
Scott, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Scott, Bizunesh (U.S. Government)
Scott, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Scott, Franklin (Race Car Driver's Family)
Scott, Harry Jr. (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Scott, Heidi (Author)
Scott, John L. (Engineer)
Scott, Joseph (Journalist)
Scott, Peter (Author)
Scott, Tighe (Race Car Driver)
Scott, Victoria (FHWA)
Scott, Wendell (Race Car Driver)
Scott, Wendell Jr. (Race Car Driver's Family)
Scott-Brown, Archie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scotti, Piero (Race Car Driver-F1)
Scraba, Wayne (Author)
Scribner, Eric (Race Car Driver)
Scribner, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Scrip, Dee (Author)
Seal - Snyder

Seal, Ken (Author)
Seales, Frank (NHTSA)
Seaman, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Sears, Glen (Race Car Driver)
Seay, Lloyd (Race Car Driver)
Sedgwick, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Seeck, Andre (EU Government)
Seeger, Art (Race Car Driver)
Seevers, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Segal, Barrie (Author)
Segal, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Sehr, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Seidel, Wolfgang (Race Car Driver-F1)
Seifert, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Seiffert, Gunther (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sejas, Martin (Author)
Selden, George B. (Engineer)
Seldin, Jeff (Journalist)
Seligman, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Sell, Amber (Author)
Sellars, Doug (Broadcaster)
Sellers, Bryan (Race Car Driver)
Sellers, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Sellers, Jeremy T. (Author)
Sellers, Peyton (Race Car Driver)
Seman, Jorge (Race Car Driver)
Semindinger, Mark (Race Track Executive)
Semuel, Samuel (Author)
Senerchia, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Senica, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Senna, Ayrton (Race Car Driver-F1)
Senneker, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Sennett, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Serafini, Dorino (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sergardi, Fabio B. (Designer)
Serio, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Serio, Pete J. (U.S. Government)
Serra, Chico (Race Car Driver-F1)
Serrano, Carlos (Race Car Driver)
Serrurier, Doug (Race Car Driver-F1)
Servia, Oriol (Race Car Driver)
Servoz-Gavin, Johnny (Race Car Driver-F1)
Settember, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Settlemyre, John (Race Car Driver)
Setzer, Dennis (Race Car Driver)
Sexton, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Shafer, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Shaff, July (Author)
Shaheen, Gerald L. (Auto Industry Executive)
Shambarger, Mark (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Shanaman, Rena (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Shank, Michael (Race Team Owner)
Shanine, Ghassan G. (FHWA)
Sharp, Eddie (Race Car Driver)
Sharp, Hap (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sharp, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Sharpe, Travis (Race Car Driver)
Shava, Taurai (Journalist)
Shaver, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, Bill (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Shaw, Caitlin (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, D.J. (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, Darren (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, Ernie (Race Car Driver)
Shaw, Jeremy (Charitable Organization Executive)
Shaw, Wilbur (Race Car Driver)
Shea, Carl (FHWA)
Shear, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Shear, Joe Jr. (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Shear, Kyle (Race Car Driver)
Shear, Troy Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Shearer, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Sheets, Tish (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Shelby, Carroll (Automobile Designer, Auto Industry Executive, Race Car Driver-F1)
Sheldon, Oliver (Author)
Sheldon, William (Author)
Shelly, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Shelkin, Ynette R. (U.S. Government)
Shelmerdine, Kirk (Race Car Driver, Race Team Crew Chief)
Shelton, Michael (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Shelton, Robert (NHTSA)
Shelton, Roy C. (U.S. Government)
Shelton, Terry (FMCSA)
Sheltra, Patrick (Race Car Driver)
Shenoy, Kavita (Author)
Shepard, Richard (Author)
Shephard, Ron (Race Car Driver)
Shepherd, Morgan
Shepherd, Pete (Race Car Driver)
Sheridan, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Sherman, Brent (Race Car Driver)
Sherman, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Sherston, Jay (Race Car Driver)
Sherwood, Donna J. (U.S. Government)
Sherwood, Robert E. (Author)
Shibata, Masahiro (Engineer)
Shibley, Gail R. (FHWA)
Shilleh, Abbas (Parking Garage Owner)
Shimasaki, Yusuke (Tire Company Executive)
Shimoi, Ryoichi (Engineer)
Shinozuka, Kenjiro (Race Car Driver)
Shiratori, Kazuyuki (Engineer)
Shoji, Masahiro (Engineer)
Shotko, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Shouji, Yoshizaku (Engineer)
Showalter, Gregory D. (U.S. Government)
Shreeves, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Shull, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Shultz, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Shuman, Buddy (Race Car Driver)
Shunck, Steve (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Shusman, Bernard (Journalist)
Sia, Zorric (Author)
Sides, Edward (Author)
Sides, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Sieg, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Sieg, Shane (Race Car Driver)
Siegel, Ben (Racing Team Employee)
Siegel, Scott (Author)
Sielsky, Matt (Race Car Driver)
Siffert, Jo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sigel, Renee (FHWA)
Sigmon, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Sikora, Doug (Drag Racer)
Sikora, Kenneth R. Jr. (FHWA)
Silas, Bryan (Race Car Driver)
Silbermann, George (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Silva, Pete (Race Car Driver)
Silva, Stan Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Silver, Ronnie (Race Car Driver)
Silverman, Alan (Journalist)
Silvester, Olivia Jane (Author)
Simkins, Chris (Journalist)
Simkins, John (FHWA)
Simko, David (Race Car Driver)
Simko, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Simmons, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Simmons, Russell B. Jr. (Vehicle Dealer)
Simmons, Sarah (Author)
Simms, Herman L. (NHTSA)
Simmons, Gene (Musician)
Simmons, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Simo, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Simo, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Simon, Andre (Race Car Driver-F1)
Simon, Emmanuel (Engineer)
Simón, Marisol (FTA)
Simon, Mike Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Simoncelli, Marco (Motorcycle Racer, ____-2011)
Simons, James F. (NHTSA)
Simons, Karl J. (Author)
Simons, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Simpson, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Simpson, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Simpson, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Simpson, John (Author)
Simpson, Mitchell C. (Vehicle Dealer)
Simpson, Sarah (Journalist)
Simpson, Stephen (Race Car Driver)
Simpson, Stuart (Author)
Sindlinger, Alicia (Magazine Editor)
Singh, Veerbhadra (Author)
Singh, Sunidhi (Author)
Singleton, Adam (Author)
Singleton, Bob (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Singleton, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Sisco, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Sisco, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Sisco, Paul (Journalist)
Skaggs, Mike (Author)
Skaife, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Skelton, Karen E. (FHWA)
Skillen, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Skinner, Fain (Race Car Driver)
Skims, Jessica (Author)
Skinner, Dustin (Race Car Driver)
Skinner, Fain (Race Car Driver)
Skinner, Jamie (Race Car Driver)
Skinner, Mike
Skipper, John (Broadcaster)
Skirble, Rosanne (Journalist)
Skul, David (Author)
Slade, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Slagh, Vern (Race Car Driver)
Slark, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Slater, Rodney E. (USDOT)
Slaughter, Robbin (Race Car Driver)
Slawinski, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Slim, Carlos (Racing Team Owner)
Sliver, Rob (Author)
Slivoski, John (Model Car Builder)
Slocumb, Beau (Race Car Driver)
Slunecka, Tom (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Small, Albion W. (Author)
Small, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Small, Jimmy (Race Track Executive)
Smith, Alfred E. (Trucking Company Executive)
Smith, Amanda (Author)
Smith, Angie (Drag Racer)
Smith, Anthony J. (Author)
Smith, Archie (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Ben (Author)
Smith, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Bruton (Race Track Owner)
Smith, C.W. (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Christopher (Author)
Smith, Chuck (Author)
Smith, Daniel C. (NHTSA)
Smith, David (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Eric (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Freddy (Race Car Driver)
Smith, G.R. (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Gary (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Smith, Greg (Auto Industry Executive)
Smith, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Jesse (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Jose (Author)
Smith, Julie (Author)
Smith, Kerry (Author)
Smith, Lowe (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Marcus (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Smith, Mark (Racing Team Owner, 1954-____)
Smith, Marvin (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Matt (Drag Racer)
Smith, Melinda (Journalist)
Smith, Pat (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Smith, Patricia K. (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Smith, Paul (Author)
Smith, R.D. (Race Car Driver)
Smith, R.K. (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Ray (NTSB)
Smith, Regan (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Rickie (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Roy (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Slick (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Stanley (Race Car Driver)
Smith, Steven (FHWA)
Smith, Thomas J. (U.S. Government)
Smith, Tony (Author)
Smith, Uriah (Designer)
Smith, Wesley (Author)
Smithston, Albert (Author)
Smokstad, Ted (Race Car Driver)
Smolensky, Nikolai (Auto Industry Executive)
Smolkin, Howard M. (NHTSA)
Smyth, Michel (U.S. government)
Sneva, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Snow, Gene (Drag Racer)
Snowden, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Snowe, Olympia (U.S. Government)
Snyder, Jack (Race Track Executive)
So - Szuba

So, Vantha (Mechanic)
Soares, John (Race Car Driver)
Soares, John Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Sobeck, Eileen (U.S. Government)
Sockwell, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Soh, June (Journalist)
Sohn, Youngmin (Engineer)
Solana, Moises (Race Car Driver-F1)
Solberg, Petter (Race Car Driver)
Soler-Roig, Alex (Race Car Driver-F1)
Solfrank, Peter (Engineer)
Solomon, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Solomon, Laura J. (Author)
Sommer, Raymond (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sommers, Jay (Race Car Driver)
Sommers, Sam (Race Car Driver)
Sonneveldt, J.J. (Race Car Driver)
Sonnon, Mike (Author)
Sonntag, Joey (Race Car Driver)
Sorensen, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Sorenson, Reed (Race Car Driver)
Sosebee, David (Race Car Driver)
Sosebee, Gober (Race Car Driver)
Sosebee, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Sospenzo, Peter (Race Car Driver, 1956-____)
Souders, George (Race Car Driver)
Souness, Scott (Author)
South, Justin (Race Car Driver)
South, Stephen (Race Car Driver-F1)
Southall, James Jr. (Author)
Southard, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Souza, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Sox, Ronnie (Drag Racer)
Spalding, H. Curtis (U.S. Government)
Spangler, Thomas (Race Car Driver)
Spanos, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Spanton, Cari (Race Car Driver's Family)
Sparken, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sparkman, Rachel (Race Car Driver)
Spaulding, Okey (Hobby Company Owner)
Speare, Lewis R. (Organization Executive)
Spears, Shannon (Author)
Speckmaier, André (Engineer)
Spector, Frank (U.S. Government)
Speed, Lake (Race Car Driver)
Speed, Scott (Race Car Driver-F1)
Speer, Tyler (Race Car Driver)
Spence, Jason (Author)
Spence, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Spencer, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Spencer, G.C. (Race Car Driver)
Spencer, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Spencer, Jim (Drag Racer)
Spencer, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Spencer, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Spencer, Steven J. (Engineer)
Spengler, Bruno (Race Car Driver)
Speral, Ronald A. (FHWA)
Sperling, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Spetman, Craig (Race Car Driver)
Spetrini, Joseph A. (Engineer)
Speyer, Al (Tire Company Executive)
Spinella, Russel (Author)
Spitzer, Dave (Racing Series Executive)
Spoonmore, Jeremy (Race Car Driver)
Sprague, Harvey (Race Car Driver)
Sprague, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Sprague, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Spraker, Jeff (Race Car Driver, Racing Team Owner)
Sprocq, Raynald (Engineer)
Sprouse, Don (Race Car Driver)
Squier, Ken (Broadcaster)
Stadler, Rupert (Auto Industry Executive)
Stallings, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
St. Amant, Gary (Race Car Driver)
St. Angelo, Ed (Race Car Driver)
St. Denis, Cathy (FHWA)
St. James, Lyn (Race Car Driver)
Staats, Elmer B. (U.S. Government)
Stacey, Alan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stacy, Nelson (Race Car Driver)
Stacy, W. David (Race Car Driver)
Stahl, Jere (Drag Racer)
Stahl, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Staley, Gwyn (Race Car Driver)
Stallone, Sylvester (Actor)
Stancil, Glenn (Vehicle Dealer)
Stancill, Ben (Race Car Driver)
Standridge, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Stanley, John (Drag Racer)
Stanley, Robbie (Race Car Driver)
Stanner, Bud (Race Promoter)
Starke, Angela (Public Relations)
Starner, Malinda (Author)
Staropoli, Patrick (Race Car Driver)
Starr, David (Race Car Driver)
Starrabba, Gaetano (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stasch, Julia M. (U.S. Government)
Staszko, Stephanie (Author)
Stauffer, Jeff (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Stauffer, Kent (Race Car Driver)
Stavola, Billy (Racing Team Owner, 1947-____)
Stearns, Scott (Journalist)
Steckly, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Steele, Charles R. (Engineer)
Steele, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Steele, Jeff S. (U.S. Government)
Steele, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Stefani, Oliver (Designer)
Stefanik, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Stefanyshyn, Gene (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Stehrenberger, Mark (Artist)
Stein, John (Author)
Steinglass, Matt (Journalist)
Steinke, Donald P. (FHWA)
Stempel, Robert (Auto Industry Executive)
Stenhouse, Ricky Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Stenzel, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Stephens, Dirk (Race Car Driver)
Stephens, Greg (Author)
Stephens, Jody (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Stephens, Ron (Author)
Stephenson, James (Race Car Driver)
Stephenson, Mark A. (Engineer)
Stephenson, Pamela S. (FHWA)
Stesney, Jason (Author)
Steurer, Glen (Race Car Driver)
Stevens, Adam (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Stevens, Anne (Auto Industry Executive)
Stevens, Connie (Journalist)
Stevens, Jay (Author)
Stevens, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Stevens, Joan (Author)
Stevens, Richie Jr. (Drag Racer)
Stevens, Tom (Auto Industry Executive)
Stevens, Tony (Public Relations)
Stevenson, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Stevenson, Jim (Journalist)
Stevenson, Johan (Author)
Stevenson, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Stevenson, Todd (U.S. Government)
Stewart, Annanya (Author)
Stewart, Brian (Race Team Owner)
Stewart, Ian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stewart, Jackie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stewart, James (Motorcycle Racer)
Stewart, Jay (Race Car Driver)
Stewart, Jimmy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stewart, Rick (Racing Sanctioning Body Official)
Stewart, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Stierly, Ernie (Race Car Driver)
Stig, The (Test Driver)
Stijkel, Peter (Motorcycle Racer)
Stimel, William E. (Engineer)
Stirk, Andrew (Drag Racer)
Stith, Kevin (Author)
Stobart, Eddie (Motor Carrier Executive)
Stockman, Danny (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Stoddart, Paul (Race Team Executive)
Stohr, Siegfried (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stolarcyk, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Stolarek, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Stommelen, Rolf (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stone, Ben (Author)
Stone, John (Author)
Stone, Ross (Racing Team Executive)
Stone, William S. (Author)
Stoneman, Jamie (Drag Racer)
Stoner, Casey (Motorcycle Racer)
Stoner, Norman R. (FHWA)
Story, Jesse A. (FHWA)
Stott, Corrie (Race Car Driver)
Stott, Harold (Racing Team Crew Member)
Stott, Lance (Race Car Driver)
Stott, Ramo (Race Car Driver)
Stout, J.C. (Race Car Driver)
Stoutenberg, Jerry (Drag Racer)
Stovall, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Stover, David (Race Car Driver)
Stowe, Joel (Race Car Driver)
Stowell, Gary (Drag Racer)
Stowers, David C. (Designer)
Strack, Ludger (Engineer)
Strader, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Strait, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Strampp, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Strane, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Strang, Lewis (Race Car Driver)
Strasfeld, Ivan (U.S. government)
Strashny, Alexander Ph.D. (NHTSA)
Strasser, Patricia (Author)
Strauss, Alexis (U.S. Government)
Strauss, David M. (U.S. Government)
Streeter, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Streiff, Philippe (Race Car Driver-F1)
Strelecki, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Stremme, David (Race Car Driver)
Strickland, David L. (FMCSA)
Strickland, Dennis (Race Car Driver)
Strickland, Sidney L. Jr. (U.S. Government)
Strickler, Bub (Race Car Driver)
Stricklin, Hut (Race Car Driver)
Stricklin, Taylor (Race Car Driver)
Strogish, Chuck (Author)
Strong, Jennifer (Author)
Strous, Junior (Race Car Driver)
Strout, D. Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Struve, Brooke (FHWA)
Stuart, Hiram L. (Engineer)
Stubbe, John H. (Engineer)
Stubbings, Tony (Author)
Stuck, Hans (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stuck, Hans-Joachim (Race Car Driver-F1)
Stucker, Greg (Tire Manufacturer Employee)
Studebaker, M.F. (Journalist)
Studer, Sean (Race Car Driver)
Stuppacher, Otto (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sturo, Jimmy (Author)
Styles, Kevin (Author)
Suarez, Daniel (Race Car Driver)
Suarez, Ricardo (U.S. Government)
Sudo, Toshio (Parts Industry Executive)
Suematsu, Keigo (Engineer)
Suga, Katsuo (Engineer)
Sugawara, Seiho (Engineer)
Suli, Yi (Journalist)
Sullivan, Danny (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sullivan, Glenn (Race Car Driver)
Sullivan, Joe Chris (Author)
Sullivan, John III (FHWA)
Sullivan, Michael (Vehicle Dealer)
Sullivan, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Sullivan, Robert (Author)
Sumi, Hiroshi (Engineer)
Summar, Donald J. (Historian)
Summers, Lori K. (NHTSA)
Summerton, Jonathan (Race Car Driver)
Sunada, Tomoaki (Engineer)
Sure, Warren (Author)
Surer, Marc (Race Car Driver-F1)
Surmatchewski, David (Drag Racer)
Surtees, Henry (Race Car Driver, ____-2009)
Surtees, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Surti, Iqbal M. (Engineer)
Suski, Uladzislau (Author)
Susor, Bob (Auto Parts Industry Executive)
Sussmann, William A. (FHWA)
Sutcliffe, Andy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sutil, Adrian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Sutton, Kelly (Race Car Driver)
Sutton, Walter (FHWA)
Suzuki, Aguri (Race Car Driver-F1)
Suzuki, Masahiro (Engineer)
Suzuki, Shigemitsu (Engineer)
Suzuki, Toshio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Svensson, Rune (Race Car Driver)
Swaim, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Swaim, Mike Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Swan, David (Journalist)
Swan, James (Race Car Driver)
Swann, Aurora (Author)
Swanepoel, Jessie (Author)
Swart, Jim L. (USDOT)
Swaters, Jacques (Race Car Driver-F1)
Swayne, Pete (Drag Racer)
Sweet, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Sweet, John (Engineer)
Sweeten, Gary (U.S. Government)
Swindall, Philip (Vehicle Dealer)
Swindell, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Swindell, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Swindell, Sammy (Race Car Driver)
Swisher, Melvin (Race Car Driver)
Symonds, Pat (Racing Team Executive)
Symons, Elmer (Motorcycle Racer, ____-2007)
Szabo, Joseph C. (U.S. Government)
Szegedy, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Szekeres, Kris (Race Car Driver)
Szuba, Joseph (Engineer)
Tabata - Tews

Tabata, Atsushi (Engineer)
Tackman, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Tadevic, Tyler (Race Team Executive)
Tagliani, Alex (Race Car Driver)
Tajima, Yasuhiro (Engineer)
Takagi, Toranosuke (Race Car Driver-F1)
Takahara, Noritake (Race Car Driver-F1)
Takahashi, Kunimitsu (Race Car Driver-F1)
Takahashi, Masaaki (Taxi Driver)
Takata, Keith (U.S. Government)
Takeda, Winston (Author)
Takeshima, Shinichi (Engineer)
Takeuchi, Hiromitsu (Engineer)
Talbert, Michael (Author)
Tallas, G.T. (Race Car Driver)
Tallas, George (Race Car Driver)
Talley, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Tally, Robert F. Jr. (FHWA)
Tambay, Patrick (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tame, Freddy (Race Car Driver)
Tamm, James R. (U.S. Government)
Tamura, Hiroshi (Engineer)
Tan Esse, Carol H. (FHWA)
Tanaka, Masaaki (Engineer)
Tanevski, Slavche (Designer)
Tanner, Ben (Author)
Tanner, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Tanner, Ronnie (Author)
Tanner, Tyler (Race Car Driver)
Tapia, Cecilia (U.S. Government)
Taramazzo, Luigi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tardiff, Alan (Race Car Driver)
Tarini, Steve (Author)
Tarquini, Gabriele (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tarr, Dr. Don (Race Car Driver)
Tartaglia, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Taruffi, Piero (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tasca, Bob (Drag Racer)
Tassin, Thierry (Race Car Driver)
Tate, Deborah (Journalist)
Tate, Monk (Race Car Driver)
Tatnell, Brooke (Race Car Driver)
Tavenner, Marilyn (U.S. Government)
Taylor, Brainard (U.S. Government)
Taylor, Brian Shawe (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, Dennis (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, Dennis (Drag Racer)
Taylor, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Graham (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Grant H. (Author)
Taylor, Henry (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, James A. (Engineer)
Taylor, Jerry (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, Jordan (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Kirk (Vehicle Delivery Company Owner)
Taylor, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, Niki (Model)
Taylor, Ricky (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, T.W. (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Todd (Race Car Driver)
Taylor, Trevor (Race Car Driver-F1)
Taylor, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Teague, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Teague, Kerry (Race Car Driver)
Teague, Marshall (Race Car Driver)
Teakell, Loyd (Race Car Driver)
Teasdale, Kat (Race Car Driver)
Teate, Dude (Race Car Driver)
Teel, Diane (Race Car Driver)
Teeter, Emily (Public Relations)
Tellman, Jeffrey (Racing Sponsor Company Representative)
Tendick, Rob (Author)
Termanas, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Terris, Kevin (Race Car Driver)
Tessarollo, Francesca (Author)
Tessmer, Joseph M. (NHTSA)
Testut, Andre (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tetzlaff, Teddy (Race Car Driver)
Tews, Erik H. (Engineer)
Tews, Hank (Race Car Driver)
Thackwell - Tiwari

Thackwell, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Thayer, Frank (Mechanic)
Theissen, Mario (Racing Team Executive)
Then, Joseph (Author)
Theobald, Jörg (Engineer)
Theriault, Michelle (Race Car Driver)
Theys, Didier (Race Car Driver)
Thiel, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Thiele, Alfonso (Race Car Driver-F1)
Thigpen, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Thirkettle, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Thom, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Curtis L. (FHWA)
Thomas, Donald (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Dwayne (Author)
Thomas, Edward L. (FTA)
Thomas, Guy (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Herb (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Jabe (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Joel (Race Car Driver's Family)
Thomas, Mike (Racing Team Crew Member)
Thomas, René (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Ronnie (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Ryan (Author)
Thomas, Seth (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Ted (Race Car Driver)
Thomas, Victor (Race Car Driver's Family)
Thomas, William (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Brett (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Bruce (Commentator)
Thompson, Don (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Eric (Race Car Driver-F1)
Thompson, Sir Henry (Author)
Thompson, Jeremy (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Joe (Author)
Thompson, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Robbie (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Ross (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Speedy (Race Car Driver)
Thompson, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Thomson, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Thomson, Don (Race Car Driver)
Thomson, Jim (Drag Racer)
Thonesen, Gene (Race Car Driver)
Thorne, Leslie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Thorne, Tim (Drag Racer)
Thornton, Cynthia (FHWA)
Thornycroft, Peta (Journalist)
Thorpe, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Threatt, James Wynn (Vehicle Dealer)
Thurman, Andy (Race Car Driver)
Thurman, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Thweatt, Richmond F. (Engineer)
Tieu, Thinh Viet (Vehicle Dealer)
Tiffany, Sandra (Author)
Tighe, Robert III (Race Car Driver)
Tighe, Thomas W. (Engineer)
Tiller, Travis (Race Car Driver)
Tillman, Kaitlyn (Author)
Timbers, William H. Jr. (U.S. Government)
Timian, Jennifer T. (U.S. Government)
Tingle, Sam (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tingley, Sherry (Author)
Tissot, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Titterington, Desmond (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tiwari, Gunjan (Author)
Tobias - Tyler

Tobias, Richard Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Todt, Jean (Racing Team Manager)
Toh, Alvin (Author)
Tohyama, Shinji (Engineer)
Toliver, Jerry (Drag Racer)
Tolsma, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Toma, Naoto (Engineer)
Tomaino, Jamie (Race Car Driver)
Tomatsu, Nobuyuki (Designer)
Tomida, Koji (Engineer)
Tomizawa, Shoya (Motorcycle Racer ____-2010)
Tomosada, Nabuhiro (Engineer)
Tone, Wolfe (Author)
Tonks, James (Engineer)
Tope, Warren (Race Car Driver)
Topham, Tam (Race Car Driver)
Tori, Curt (Race Car Driver)
Torrence, Steve (Drag Racer)
Torres, Pete (Race Car Driver)
Toste, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Toura, Junichi (Designer)
Tovella, Sal (Race Car Driver)
Tower, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Townley, John Wes (Race Car Driver)
Townsend, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Toya, Hiroyuki (Engineer)
Traber, Darryl (Race Car Driver)
Trabold, Thomas A. (Engineer)
Tracy, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Tracy, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Trager, Christian A. (Engineer)
Trammell, Greg (Race Car Driver)
Tran, Phuong (Journalist)
Tranger, Mike (Broadcast Company Executive)
Travers, Brad (Author)
Travis, John (Race Car Engineer)
Travis, Stuart (Author)
Traylor, Devin H. (Author)
Traylor, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Treichler, Merv (Race Car Driver)
Trejloar, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Treluyer, Benoit (Race Car Driver)
Tremayne, David J. (Racing Journalist)
Tremblay, Sylvain (Race Car Driver)
Trent, Richard (Author)
Trentacoste, Michael (FHWA)
Trickle, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Trickle, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Trimmer, Tony (Race Car Driver-F1)
Trintignant, Maurice (Race Car Driver-F1)
Triplett, David (Race Car Driver)
Tripp, Perry (Race Car Driver)
Tropeano, David (Author)
Trowbridge, John (Engineer)
Troxel, Melanie (Drag Racer)
Troyer, Maynard (Race Car Driver)
Truelove, Russ (Race Car Driver)
Truett, Charles & Susan (Authors)
Truex, Martin (Race Car Driver)
Truex, Martin Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Truex, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Trulli, Jarno (Race Car Driver-F1)
Truman, Harry S (United States President)
Truppi, Ralph (Race Car Driver)
Trusthold, Michael (Author)
Tryson, Pat (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Tsuchikawa, Yutaka (Engineer)
Tsukada, Yoshiaki (Engineer)
Tucker, Aaron (Engineer)
Tucker, Frank B. (Automobile Club Executive)
Tucker, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Tucker, Preston T. (Auto Industry Executive)
Tucker, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Tuero, Estaban (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tull, Aaron (Race Car Driver)
Tunmer, Guy (Race Car Driver-F1)
Tupper, Jamie (Drag Racer)
Turcanu, Codrut (Author)
Turco, Kathleen M. (U.S. government)
Turley, William (Author)
Turner, Alan (Race Car Driver)
Turner, Curtis (Race Car Driver)
Turner, Derrell (FHWA)
Turner, Frank (U.S. Government)
Turner, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Turner, Steve (Racing Team Owner)
Turner, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Turner, W.H. (Race Car Driver)
Turpen, Aaron (Journalist)
Tuscan, Kim (Author)
Tutt, Preston (Race Car Driver)
Tveter, Michael (Author)
Twemlow, Derek (Author)
Twinds, Jaromto (Author)
Tyler, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Tyler, Howard C. (Designer)
Uchihara - Ueda

Uchihara, Masafumi (Engineer)
Uchiumi, Satoru (Engineer)
Ueda, Masahiro (Engineer)
Uemara - Unser

Uemara, Takuro (Engineer)
Uematsu, Hideki (Engineer)
Ueno, Hideaki (Engineer)
Uffenkamp, Volker (Engineer)
Ulevog, Torval N. (Engineer)
Ullmann, Patrick (Engineer)
Ulmen, Toni (Race Car Driver-F1)
Ulrich, D.K. (Race Car Driver)
Ulrich, Julius M. (Engineer)
Uncapher, Joseph W. (Engineer)
Underwood, Frank M. (Engineer)
Ungar, Ken (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Unser - Utsman

Unser, Al (Race Car Driver)
Unser, Al Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Unser, Al III (Race Car Driver)
Unser, Bobby (Race Car Driver-F1)
Unzicker, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Urciuoli, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Uria, Alberto (Race Car Driver-F1)
Usry, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Utsman, John A. (Race Car Driver)
Utsman, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Vaccarella - Vanderlugt

Vaccarella, Nino (Race Car Driver-F1)
Vahsholtz, Clint (Race Car Driver)
Valadez, Jonny (Author)
Valentine, R.J. (Race Car Driver)
Valenzuela, Cecilia (Author)
Valiante, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Vallina, Rafael (Race Car Driver)
Van Baalen, Chris (Drag Racer)
Van Baalen, Peter (Drag Racer)
Van Baelen, David (Engineer)
van de Poele, Eric (Race Car Driver-F1)
van den Broek, Alex (Motorcycle Racer)
van der Lof, Dries (Race Car Driver-F1)
Van Der Merwe, Sarel (Race Car Driver)
van Gisbergen, Shane (Race Car Driver)
Van Horn, Carl (Race Car Driver)
van Lennep, Gijs (Race Car Driver-F1)
van Lingen, Sam (Auto Parts Company Executive)
Van Luchene, Bill (U.S. Government)
Van Petten, Ed (Kansas Government)
van Rooyen, Basil (Race Car Driver-F1)
Van Schoick, George R. (Engineer)
van Winsum, Wim (Author)
Vanadore, Ricky (Race Car Driver)
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Jr. (Publisher)
Vanderbilt, William Kissam II (Early Automotive Pioneer)
Vanek, Jiri (Automobile Club Officer)
Vandergriff, Bob Jr. (Drag Racer)
Vanderlugt, Frank (Author)
Vandevere - Viladoms

Vandevere, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Vandiver, Jim (Race Car Driver)
VanDoorn, Johnny (Race Car Driver)
Vanhouten, Keith (Race Car Driver)
VanRankin, Elliot (Race Car Driver)
Vantine, John (Author)
VanZant, Randy (Race Car Driver)
Vara, Dominic (Race Car Driver)
Varde, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Varner, Loren (Author)
Varsha, Bob (Broadcaster)
Vasser, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Vassilev, Nick (Author)
Vatanen, Ari (Race Car Driver)
Vaughan, Dorris (Race Car Driver)
Vaughan, Guy (Automobile Pioneer)
Vaughn, Clyde A. (U.S. Government)
Vaughn, Linda (Spokesmodel)
Vaughan, Will (Race Car Driver)
Vautier, Tristan (Race Car Driver)
Veach, Zach (Race Car Driver)
Vee, Jimmy (Author)
Vences, Irwin (Race Car Driver)
Venturini, Bill (Race Car Driver, Racing Team Owner)
Venturini, Billy (Race Car Driver, Race Team Crew Chief)
Vergne, Jean-Eric (Race Car Driver)
Vernay, J.K. (Race Car Driver)
Versace, Vincent (Author)
Versailles, Mary L. (NHTSA)
Verstappen, Jos (Race Car Driver-F1)
Vest, Charlie (Race Car Driver)
Vetre, Bruce (Dealership Manager)
Vettel, Sebastian (Race Car Driver-F1)
Vetterlein, Fred (Race Car Driver)
Vicencio, Kristine (Author)
Vickers, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Vidovich, Auggie (Race Car Driver)
Vieau, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Vieau, Michael A. II (Engineer)
Vieru, Sabina (Truck Manufacturer Employee)
Vigneau, Katherine (Commentator)
Vigue, Cindy (FHWA)
Viladoms, Jordi (Race Car Driver)
Villareal - Vukovich

Villareal, Alex (Journalist)
Villela, Dennis (Author)
Villeneuve, Gilles (Race Car Driver-F1)
Villeneuve, Jacques (Race Car Driver-F1)
Villeneuve, Jacques (Race Car Driver-F1)
Villoresi, Luigi (Race Car Driver-F1)
Vince, Janette (Author)
Vincent, O. Kevin (NHTSA)
Vinzant, Larry (U.S. Government)
Viso, E.J. (Race Car Driver)
Visser, Barney (Racing Team Owner)
Vitez, Jason (Drag Racer)
Vodges, Walter (Author)
Vogel, Dennis (Race Car Driver)
Vogelsinger, James (U.S. Government)
Vogler, Mark (Car Club Officer)
Vogler, Rich (Race Car Driver)
Voight, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Volk, Lou (Race Car Driver)
Volonterio, Ottorino (Race Car Driver-F1)
Volpe, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Von Moltke, Dion (Race Car Driver)
von Opel, Rikky (Race Car Driver-F1)
von Opel, Wilhelm (Auto Industry Executive)
von Trips, Count Wolfgang (Race Car Driver-F1, ____-1961)
Vonlanthen, Jo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Vorse, Sandra (Public Relations)
Vos, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Voss, Clifford C. (Designer)
Vostor, Terry S. (Author)
Vraalstad, Edward J. (Engineer)
Vukovich, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Vukovich, Bill Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Vukovich, Bill III (Race Car Driver, 1963-1990)
Wacker - Way

Wacker, Fred (Race Car Driver-F1)
Waclaw, Jacob (U.S. Government)
Wada, Akira (Auto Industry Executive)
Wade, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Wagener, Gorden (Designer)
Wagner, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Wagner, Brian (Journalist)
Wagner, Fred J. (Journalist)
Wagner, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Wagon, Bruce (Author)
Wagoner, Al (Race Car Driver)
Wagoner, Rick (Auto industry executive)
Wahl, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Wakamatsu, Hironori (Engineer)
Walczak, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Walczak, Heidi (Author/Photographer, 1980-____)
Walczak, John (Race Car Driver, Model Car Club President)
Walczak Kolhoff, Lenore (Engineer)
Walen, Melvin (Race Car Driver)
Walker, A.O. (Mechanic)
Walker, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Walker, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Walker, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Walker, Dave (Race Car Driver-F1)
Walker, Derrick (Racing Team Owner)
Walker, Jimmy (Race Car Driver)
Walker, John Brisben (Automobile Pioneer)
Walker, Larry (Race Car Driver)
Walker, Michael (Author)
Walker, Paul (Actor)
Walker, Peter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Walker, Tyler (Race Car Driver)
Walker, William T. (U.S. Government)
Wallace, Chrissy (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Darrell Jr. (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Eric (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Greg (Race Car Driver's Family)
Wallace, Jack (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Kenny (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Larry (Racing Team Employee)
Wallace, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Rusty (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Shane (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Steve (Race Car Driver)
Wallace, Walter (Race Car Driver)
Wallach, Robert (New Mexico Government)
Wallard, Lee (Race Car Driver)
Wallauer, Robert R. (Engineer)
Wallis, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Wallis-Tyler, A.J. (Author)
Walsh, Don Jr. (Drag Racer)
Walsh, Joel (Author)
Walsh, W.A. (U.S. government)
Walsh, William H. (NHTSA)
Walter, Dan (Race Car Driver)
Walter, Gregory A. (NHTSA)
Walter, Heini (Race Car Driver-F1)
Walter, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Walters, Scot (Race Car Driver)
Walther, Don (Race Car Driver)
Walther, Salt (Race Car Driver)
Walton, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Walton, H.E. (Author)
Waltrip, Darrell (Race Car Driver)
Waltrip, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Wamboldt, Bill (Drag Racer)
Wang, Chuanfu (Auto Industry Executive)
Wang, Xiaorong (Tire Industry Employee)
Wang, Yan (Engineer)
Wangerin, Blackie (Race Car Driver)
Wangerin, Troy (Race Car Driver)
Wangers, Jim (Auto Industry Executive)
Ward, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Ward, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Ward, Cory (Automotive Technician)
Ward, Glen (Race Car Driver)
Ward, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Ward, Kevin Jr. (Race Car Driver, ____-2014)
Ward, Richard (U.S. government)
Ward, Rodger (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wardner, Tim (Journalist)
Ware, Cody Shane (Race Car Driver)
Ware, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Warner, Hugh L. (Engineer)
Warner, James Elam (Engineer)
Warren, Frank (Race Car Driver)
Warren, Tony (Race Car Driver)
Warwick, Derek (Race Car Driver-F1)
Washington, Anne (Author)
Washer, Glenn A. (FHWA)
Wasill, Richard (U.S. Government)
Wasmund, Matt (Race Car Driver)
Wasson, Gus (Race Car Driver)
Watabe, Ryoichi (Engineer)
Watanabe, Katsuaki (Auto Industry Executive)
Watercutter, Wayne (Race Car Driver)
Waterman, Don (Race Car Driver)
Waters, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Watson, Dave (Race Car Driver)
Watson, Dennis (Author)
Watston, Don W. (Parts Industry Executive)
Watson, Edward E. Jr.
Watson, John (Race Car Driver-F1)
Watts, Art (Race Car Driver)
Watts, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Way, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Wease - Willys

Wease, Billy (Race Car Driver)
Weatherly, Joe (Race Car Driver)
Weaver, Bradley (Race Car Driver)
Weaver, Floyd (Race Car Driver)
Weaver, James (Race Car Driver)
Weaver, Jerry Edward (Vehicle Dealer)
Weaver, Ken (Race Car Driver)
Weaver, Kendall (Engineer)
Weaver, Robert (Charitable Organization Executive)
Weaver, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Weaver Hart, Ann (Author)
Webb, Oliver (Race Car Driver)
Webber, Mark (Race Car Driver-F1)
Weber, Chuck (Race Car Driver)
Weber, Brad (Actor)
Weber, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Weddle, E.H. (Race Car Driver)
Weeden, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Weeks, Eric (Author)
Weeks, Lyman Horace (Author)
Weel, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Weese, Danny (Race Car Driver)
Wehnert, Sylvain (Designer)
Weidler, Volker (Race Car Driver-F1)
Weinberg, Danny (Race Car Driver)
Weiner, Russ (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Weinrich, Josh (Public Relations)
Weinstein, Kenneth N. (NHTSA)
Weiss, Steve (Public Relations)
Weissinger, Herbert F. (Designer)
Welborn, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Welch, Charles Kingston (Designer)
Wellington, John (Author)
Wellman, Claude (Race Car Driver)
Wells, Cal III (Racing Team Owner)
Wells, Carolyn (Author)
Wells, Tony (Author)
Welsh, Mike (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Wendlinger, Karl (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wenker, Ron (U.S. Government)
Werning, Joseph A. (FHWA)
Wessels, John (U.S. Government)
West, Zack (Author)
Westbrook, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Westbury, Peter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wester, Don (Race Car Driver)
Westlund, Richard T. (U.S. Government)
Weston, Josh (Race Car Driver)
Wettlaufer, Ed (Race Car Driver)
Whalen, Dick (Race Car Driver)
Wharton, Ken (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wheeler, Darrell (Race Car Driver)
Wheeler, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Wheeler, Humpy (Race Track Manager)
Wheldon, Dan (Race Car Driver, 1978-2011)
Whincup, Jamie (Race Car Driver)
Whisman, James C. (Engineer)
Whitaker, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Whitbeck, Rodney G. (Engineer)
Whitcomb, Bob (Racing Team Owner, 1937-____)
White, Ally (Author)
White, Chevy (Race Car Driver)
White, Dana (Race Car Driver)
White, Derek (Race Car Driver)
White, Drew (Race Car Driver)
White, Jack (Race Car Driver)
White, Jason (Race Car Driver)
White, Jeremy (Journalist)
White, Joel (Race Car Driver)
White, Lee (Auto Manufacturer Motorsports Representative)
White, Michael (Race Car Driver)
White, Paul (Race Car Driver)
White, Renée (Promotional Model)
White, Rex (Race Car Driver)
White, Richard (Race Car Driver)
Whiteaway, Ted (Race Car Driver-F1)
Whiteford, Hal (Racing Sanctioning Body Executive)
Whitehead, Graham (Race Car Driver-F1)
Whitehead, Peter (Race Car Driver-F1)
Whitehouse, Bill (Race Car Driver-F1)
Whiteman, Elizabeth (U.S. Government)
Whitman, Alex (Race Car Driver)
Whitman, Christine Todd (U.S. Government)
Whitmire, Vince (Race Car Driver)
Whitney, Albert W. (Author)
Whitney, Nathan S. (Engineer)
Whitt, Brandon (Race Car Driver)
Whitt, Cole (Race Car Driver)
Whittemore, Jack (Racing Sanctioning Body Employee)
Whittington, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Whittington, Don (Race Car Driver)
Whitworth, Todd (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Wickel, Christian (Engineer)
Wickens, Robert (Race Car Driver)
Wicker, Henry (U.S. Government)
Wicks, Chuck (Musician)
Wicks, Phil (Driving School Owner)
Widdows, Robin (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wider, Molly (Author)
Widmar, Joseph H. (U.S. Government)
Wietzes, Eppie (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wigger, Sherri (Public Relations)
Wiggins, Keith (Racing Team Owner)
Wilberg, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Wilburn, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Wilcox, Howdy (Race Car Driver)
Wildhack, John (Broadcaster)
Wilds, Mike (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wiedeking, Wendelin (Auto Industry Executive)
Wieringa, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Wilkerson, Joe D. (U.S. Government)
Wilkerson, Tim (Drag Racer)
Wilkins, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Wilkinson, Trevor (Auto Industry Executive)
Will, Aaron (Race Car Driver)
Will, Hillary (Drag Racer)
Willebrand, Todd H. (U.S. Government)
William, Smith (Author)
Williams, Alan (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Anna (Author)
Williams, Archie A. (Virginia Government)
Williams, Beth (Author)
Williams, Dale (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Doug (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1951-____)
Williams, Frank (Racing Team Owner)
Williams, Gina (Author)
Williams, Hype (Author)
Williams, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Williams, John W. (Engineer)
Williams, Jonathan (Race Car Driver-F1)
Williams, Josh (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Marc (Racing Team Employee)
Williams, Maricon (Author)
Williams, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Ophadell (Bus Driver)
Williams, Ray (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Richard Jr. (Motorsports Public Relations)
Williams, Roger (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Williams, Vanester M. (USDOT)
Williams, Vernon A. (FMCSA)
Williams, William Erastus (Engineer)
Williamson, Alice Muriel (Author)
Williamson, Charles Norris (Author)
Williamson, Dicky (Race Car Driver)
Williamson, Irving (U.S. Government)
Williamson, Roger (Race Car Driver-F1)
Williamson, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Williford, Carl (Race Car Driver)
Willingham, Haskell (Race Car Driver)
Willingham, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Willis, Ian (Racing Team Owner)
Willys, John North (Auto industry executive)
Wilson - Wysong

Wilson, Angie (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, B.A. (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Bobby (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Denny (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Desiré (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wilson, Eric (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Frank (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Gale (Racing Team Employee)
Wilson, John A. (Organization Executive)
Wilson, John (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Justin(Race Car Driver-F1)
Wilson, Ken (Racing Team Owner, 1957-____)
Wilson, Linda (Missouri Government)
Wilson, Mark (Author)
Wilson, Paul (Author)
Wilson, Reid (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Richard (U.S. Government)
Wilson, Rick (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Rob (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Ryan (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Shane (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Wilson, Stacey (Author)
Wilson, Stefan (Race Car Driver)
Wilson, Vic (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wilson, Waddell (Racing Team Owner, 1936-____)
Wilson, Woodrow (U.S. Government)
Wilson, Woody (Race Car Driver)
Wiltjer, Shaun (Race Car Driver)
Wiltshire, George (Race Car Driver)
Wimmer, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Wimmer, Scott (Race Car Driver)
Windom, Chris (Race Car Driver)
Wingo, Donnie (Racing Team Crew Chief, 1960-____)
Winkelhock, Joachim (Race Car Driver-F1)
Winkelhock, Manfred (Race Car Driver-F1)
Winkelhock, Markus (Race Car Driver-F1)
Winkler, Benjamin Hale (Engineer)
Winner, James Jr. (Auto Accessory Inventor)
Winslow, Ernest (Race Car Driver)
Winterbottom, Mark (Race Car Driver)
Winterkorn, Martin (Auto industry executive)
Winters, Brian (Race Car Driver)
Winton, Alexander (Automobile Pioneer)
Wirdheim, Björn (Race Car Driver)
Wirken, Danny (Author)
Wirth, Andreas (Race Car Driver)
Wise, Josh (Race Car Driver)
Wise, Paul (Author)
Wisell, Reine (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wiser, Joseph E. (Designer)
Wishart, Spencer (Race Car Driver)
Wissinger, Gordon (U.S. Government)
Withers, Alison (Author)
Witherill, Cory (Race Car Driver)
Witherspoon, Tim (Author)
Withrow, Floyd G. (Engineer)
Wittich, Rainer (Repair Equipment Manufacturer)
Wittman, Wayman (Race Car Driver)
Witzenburg, Gary (Author)
Wlodyka, Roland (Race Car Driver)
Wolf, Terry D. (U.S. Government)
Wolfe, Lucas (Race Car Driver)
Wolfe, Paul (Race Car Driver)
Wolfgang, Doug (Race Car Driver)
Wolford, Orland (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Wolfson, Paula (Journalist)
Wollek, Bob (Race Car Driver)
Woloch, Patricia (Author)
Womack, Jeffrey (Racing Sponsor Company Executive)
Womack, John (NHTSA)
Wong, James (Author)
Wong, Rashme (Author)
Wood, Barry (Journalist)
Wood, Bruce (Racing Engine Manufacturer Executive)
Wood, Craig (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Eddie (Racing Team Owner, 1952-____)
Wood, Edward L. (Designer)
Wood, Glen (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Jamie D. (Parts Manager)
Wood, Jeff (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Jon (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Leonard (Racing Team Owner)
Wood, Keven (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Tom (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Tommy (Race Car Driver)
Wood, Vicki (Race Car Driver)
Woodall, Jimmy (Author)
Woodbrook, Harriet (Author)
Woodcock, Mark (Author)
Woods, Clinton Edgar (Author)
Woods, Greg Dean (Vehicle Dealer)
Woods, Lauren (Author)
Woods, Timothy III (Race Car Driver)
Woodward, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Woodland, Rich (Race Car Driver)
Woodside, Sean (Race Car Driver)
Wooldridge, Kelly (Trucking Company Executive)
Woolridge, Dennis (Race Car Driver)
Woolslayer, Homer (Race Car Driver)
Worden, Mack W. (Auto Industry Executive)
Worley, Satch (Race Car Driver)
Worman, Nick (Race Car Driver)
Worsham, Del (Drag Racer)
Wouts, Kevin (Motorcycle Racer)
Wright, Dwayne (Author)
Wright, Frederick G. Jr. (FHWA)
Wright, Gary (Race Car Driver)
Wright, John (Race Car Driver)
Wright, L.W. (Race Car Driver)
Wright, Sara (Author)
Wrighter, Stewart (Author)
Wu, Wen-Yung (Designer)
Wuesthoff, Bill (Race Car Driver)
Wulff, Nathan (Race Car Driver)
Wunderink, Roelof (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wurz, Alexander (Race Car Driver-F1)
Wykle, Kenneth R. (FHWA)
Wylde, Ludwig (Author)
Wynn, Ashley (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Wysong, Max (Engineer)

Xia, Houchun (Engineer)
Yacaman - Yang

Yacaman, Gustavo (Race Car Driver)
Yacapin, John Paul (Author)
Yahagi, Hideo (Engineer)
Yakagi, Keiji (Engineer)
Yamada, Masayuki (Engineer)
Yamada, Tomohide (Engineer)
Yamaguchi, Shinji (Engineer)
Yamakawa, Kazuyoshi (Engineer)
Yamakawa, Masahisa (Engineer)
Yamamoto, Sakon (Race Car Driver-F1)
Yamanaka, Akitoshi (Engineer)
Yamasaki, Katsuro (Engineer)
Yamashita, Tomoya (Engineer)
Yang, C. Y. David (FHWA)
Yaokawa - York

Yaokawa, Jun (Engineer)
Yarborough, Cale (Race Car Driver)
Yarbrough, LeeRoy (Race Car Driver)
Yasuda, Junji (Engineer)
Yasui, Yuji (Engineer)
Yasukawa, Roger (Race Car Driver)
Yasunaga, Toshizaku (Designer)
Yates, Jim (Drag Racer)
Yates, Lamont (Author)
Yates, Robert (Racing Team Owner, 1943-____)
Yee, Rosanna (Author)
Yeley, J.J. (Race Car Driver)
Yeomans, J.H. (Journalist)
Yi, Sunkee (Engineer)
Yian, Louis (Author)
Yin, Jijun (Engineer)
Yingling, Stan (Race Car Driver)
Yokoyama, Tatsuaki (Engineer)
Yonkee, Robert Jr. (Racing Team Owner)
Yontz, Alex (Race Car Driver)
Yoon, Sung Kyoun (Engineer)
Yoong, Alex (Race Car Driver-F1)
Yorita, Hiroshi (Engineer)
York, A.C. (Race Car Driver)
York, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Yoshida - Yunker

Yoshida, Takashi (Engineer)
Yoshida, Takeru (Engineer)
Yoshikawa, Kenji (Engineer)
Yoshimura, Masanobu (Engineer)
Yost, Stephanie (Vehicle Dealership Employee)
Young, A.B. Filson (Author)
Young, August (Engineer)
Young, Chris (Musician)
Young, Clay (Race Car Driver)
Young, Daniel (Vehicle Dealer)
Young, Herman A. (Engineer)
Young, Jason (Race Car Driver)
Young, Jeffrey (Journalist)
Young, John (Race Car Driver)
Young, Mike (Race Car Driver)
Young, Phillip (Race Car Driver)
Young, Ron (Race Car Driver)
Young, Sonny (Journalist)
Youster, Levi (Race Car Driver)
Yu, Xiang Dong (Auto Industry Employee)
Yun, Hanho (Engineer)
Yunick, Smokey (Race car builder)
Yunker, Brad (Race Car Driver)
Zaccardi - Zain

Zaccardi, Jean-Marc (Engineer)
Zacharias, B.J. (Race Car Driver)
Zack, Fred (Race Car Driver)
Zaimoo, Zarqoo (Author)
Zahn, Charles (Race Car Driver)
Zain, Andy (Author)
Zanardi - Zhang

Zanardi, Alex (Race Car Driver-F1)
Zapico, Emilio (Race Car Driver-F1)
Zazula, Michael (Race Car Driver)
Zdroik, Austin (Race Car Driver)
Zdroik, Jim (Race Car Driver)
Zeh, Siegbert (Auto industry executive)
Zeilinger, Martin (Truck Industry Executive)
Zervakis, Emanuel (Race Car Driver)
Zetsche, Dieter (Auto industry executive)
Zhang, Hong (Engineer)
Zhang, Wende (Engineer)
Ziegler - Zwolsman

Ziegler, Lisa (Author)
Zima, Mark James (Engineer)
Zimmerman, Clair (Race Car Driver)
Zimmerman, Theo (Engineer)
Zipadelli, Greg (Racing Team Crew Chief)
Zizzo, TJ (Drag Racer)
Zock, Tim (Race Car Driver)
Zogaib, Henri (Race Car Driver)
Zoltok, Harry (Designer)
Zonta, Ricardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Zorzi, Renzo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Zubair, Mohammad (Author)
Zucker, Gillian (Race Track Executive)
Zulu, Blessing (Journalist)
Zunino, Ricardo (Race Car Driver-F1)
Zwolsman, Charles (Race Car Driver)

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