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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Vehicle Fuel

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7 July 2004California Banking on 'Hydrogen Highway' to Boost Fuel Cell Auto Research
Jason Margolis for Voice of America News

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February 7, 2003Bush Promotes Hydrogen Fuel Cell ResearchScott Stearns
November 5, 2003Iceland Envisions a Future Fueled by HydrogenBrent Hurd
July 7, 2004California Banking on 'Hydrogen Highway' to Boost Fuel Cell Auto ResearchJason Margolis
July 25, 2005Congress Told Hydrogen Fuel Decades from Being PracticalMichael Bowman
February 25, 2006Energy Department Kicks in $119 Million for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle ResearchRick Chapo
July 8, 2006Hydrogen cars. No petrol!! No diesel!! (Hydregen cars)Bhupinder Kohli
June 13, 2007Fuel Cells: Out Of The Hype But Still ComingAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007GM Readies Fuel Cell TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
November 19, 2007Toyota Making Headway In Fuel Cell TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
June 2, 2009Hydrogen fuel cell cars promoted in various states, but U.S. federal funding cutWikinews
October 2, 2013Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee (HTAC)LaTanya R. Butler

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