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Hemmings Motor News

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Hemmings Motor News

The magazine featuring a large amount of car and parts classifieds.

June 2005

Cover Car:  Chevrolet Cameo Pages:  632

Feature Page Letters

Hemmings Magazine

  • Collectible Vintage Automotive Care Books by Mark J. McCourt
  • Collectible Pickups by Daniel Strohl
  • 1955-58 Chevrolet Cameo by Daniel Strohl
  • Automania:  Coming This July:  3 New Sections by Richard Lentinello
  • Would've Could've Should've by Mark J. McCourt (about the 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS)
  • Howe-To by Jim Howe
  • Hauling Heritage by Jim Donnelly
  • B My, B My Babies by Jim Donnelly (about the Mack B-model)
  • G. Potter King Atlantic City Auctions by George Mattar
  • Adventure on The High Seas by Richard Lentinello (about the Hemmings' Carnival Cruise)
  • Back Home Again... by Jim Donnelly (about vintage Indianapolis 500 racing)
  • Parts Locator:  Vintage Chrysler Suppliers by Jim O'Clair
  • Two Billies, One Chevy by Daniel Strohl

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