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Lewis Hamilton

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Lewis Hamilton

His accomplishments include:

  • 2008 Formula 1 Champion

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    Formula 1 Race History
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    Formula 1 Race History

    DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
    March 18, 2007AustralianMcLaren-Mercedes436
    April 8, 2007MalaysianMcLaren-Mercedes428
    April 15, 2007BahrainMcLaren-Mercedes228
    May 13, 2007SpanishMcLaren-Mercedes428
    May 27, 2007MonacoMcLaren-Mercedes228
    June 10, 2007CanadianMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    June 17, 2007United StatesMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    July 1, 2007FrenchMcLaren-Mercedes236
    July 8, 2007BritishMcLaren-Mercedes136
    July 22, 2007EuropeanMcLaren-Mercedes1090
    August 5, 2007HungarianMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    August 26, 2007TurkishMcLaren-Mercedes254
    September 9, 2007ItalianMcLaren-Mercedes228
    September 16, 2007BelgianMcLaren-Mercedes445
    September 30, 2007JapaneseMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    October 7, 2007ChineseMcLaren-Mercedes1Retired0
    October 21, 2007BrazilianMcLaren-Mercedes272
    March 16, 2008AustralianMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    March 23, 2008MalaysianMcLaren-Mercedes954
    April 6, 2008BahrainMcLaren-Mercedes3130
    April 27, 2008SpanishMcLaren-Mercedes536
    May 11, 2008TurkishMcLaren-Mercedes328
    May 25, 2008MonacoMcLaren-Mercedes3WIN10
    June 8, 2008CanadianMcLaren-Mercedes1Retired0
    June 22, 2008FrenchMcLaren-Mercedes13100
    July 6, 2008BritishMcLaren-Mercedes4WIN10
    July 20, 2008GermanMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    August 3, 2008HungarianMcLaren-Mercedes154
    August 24, 2008EuropeanMcLaren-Mercedes228
    September 7, 2008BelgianMcLaren-Mercedes236
    September 14, 2008ItalianMcLaren-Mercedes1572
    September 28, 2008SingaporeMcLaren-Mercedes236
    October 12, 2008JapaneseMcLaren-Mercedes1120
    October 19, 2008ChineseMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    November 2, 2008BrazilianMcLaren-Mercedes454
    March 29, 2009AustralianMcLaren-Mercedes18Disqualified0
    April 5, 2009MalaysianMcLaren-Mercedes1271
    April 19, 2009ChineseMcLaren-Mercedes963
    April 26, 2009BahrainMcLaren-Mercedes545
    May 10, 2009SpanishMcLaren-Mercedes1490
    May 24, 2009MonacoMcLaren-Mercedes20120
    June 27, 2009TurkishMcLaren-Mercedes16130
    June 21, 2009BritishMcLaren-Mercedes18160
    July 12, 2009GermanMcLaren-Mercedes5180
    July 26, 2009HungarianMcLaren-Mercedes4WIN10
    August 23, 2009EuropeanMcLaren-Mercedes128
    August 30, 2009BelgianMcLaren-Mercedes12Retired0
    September 13, 2009ItalianMcLaren-Mercedes1120
    September 27, 2009SingaporeMcLaren-Mercedes1110
    October 4, 2009JapaneseMcLaren-Mercedes336
    October 18, 2009BrazilianMcLaren-Mercedes1736
    November 1, 2009Abu DhabiMcLaren-Mercedes1Retired0

    Article Index

    May 21, 2007Hamilton Tops Second Day of TestsAnthony Fontanelle
    May 21, 2007Rookie Hamilton Sets Fastest Lap TimeAnthony Fontanelle
    May 26, 2007Hamilton to appear at GoodwoodWikinews
    May 27, 2007Hamilton Unhurt In Valencia MishapAnthony Fontanelle
    June 6, 2007Formula One Rookie To Show Mettle At Canadian Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
    June 9, 2007Lewis Hamilton on his first pole for McLarenWikinews
    June 10, 2007Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
    June 12, 2007Hamilton Victorious In MontrealAnthony Fontanelle
    June 13, 2007Lewis HamiltonMarvyn H.
    June 14, 2007Hamilton Eyes World Title, Alonso Cries UnfairAnthony Fontanelle
    June 17, 2007Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 United States Grand PrixWikinews
    June 18, 2007Hamilton says no fears in Canada Grand PrixAudrey Nolan
    June 19, 2007Spotless Win For Hamilton At U.S. Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
    June 21, 2007Alonso Issues Warning for HamiltonAnthony Fontanelle
    June 21, 2007Hamilton A Threat To AlonsoAnthony Fontanelle
    June 21, 2007Hamilton Claims Pole At Indy RaceAnthony Fontanelle
    June 26, 2007Flying Scot Lauds HamiltonAnthony Fontanelle
    June 30, 2007Hamilton Looking For Third Straight VictoryAnthony Fontanelle
    July 5, 2007Hamilton Urge British F1 Fans To Enjoy The WeekendAnthony Fontanelle
    July 7, 2007Lewis Hamilton on top for 2007 British Grand PrixWikinews
    July 12, 2007Lewis Hamilton Vows To Step UpAnthony Fontanelle
    July 14, 2007Spa Day 1: Hamilton Sets The Pace At Spa-FrancorchampsAnthony Fontanelle
    July 21, 2007F1, Germania: paura per HamiltonWikinotizie
    August 5, 2007Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 Hungarian Grand PrixWikinews
    August 10, 2007McLaren: Hamilton Did Not Use ‘F' WordAnthony Fontanelle
    August 15, 2007Hamilton Sees Unending Feud With AlonsoAnthony Fontanelle
    August 19, 2007Hamilton admits problems with AlonsoAudrey Nolan
    August 24, 2007McLaren Duo: Have They Buried The Hatchet?Anthony Fontanelle
    September 4, 2007Hamilton Preparing to win the titleAudrey Nolan
    September 30, 2007Hamilton Wins Japanese Grand PrixVOA Sports
    September 30, 2007Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 Japanese Grand PrixWikinews
    October 7, 2007Formula 1, Gran Premio di Cina 2007: Hamilton fuori, vince Räikkönen e il mondiale si riapreWikinotizie
    January 18, 2008Hamilton Inks New Deal With McLarenVOA Sports
    March 16, 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 Australian Grand PrixWikinews
    May 25, 2008Gran Premio di Monaco 2008: pioggia e vittoria di HamiltonWikinotizie
    May 28, 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 Monaco Grand PrixWikinews
    July 6, 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 British Grand PrixWikinews
    July 20, 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 German Grand PrixWikinews
    September 25, 2008Formel-1-Saison 2008: Der Protest von McLaren-Mercedes wurde abgewiesenWikinews
    October 19, 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 Chinese Grand PrixWikinews
    November 3, 2008Formula 1: Massa primo, Hamilton meglioWikinotizie
    November 3, 2008Hamilton, campeón del mundo de Fórmula 1Wikinoticias
    July 26, 2009Lewis Hamilton wins 2009 Hungarian Grand PrixWikinews
    September 28, 2009Lewis Hamilton wins 2009 Singapore Grand PrixWikinews
    May 30, 2010Льюис Хэмилтон побеждает на Гран-при ТурцииВикиновости
    June 14, 2010Льюис Хэмилтон побеждает на Гран-при КанадыВикиновости
    July 27, 2012Lewis goes a bit bonkers (and sets the fastest Friday lap)Matt Hubbard
    July 28, 2012F1 - Hungary - Qualifying - Lewis storms itMatt Hubbard
    July 29, 2012F1 - Hungary - Lewis wins in styleMatt Hubbard
    September 5, 2012Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes F1 in 2013?Matt Hubbard
    September 12, 2012Will Lewis Hamilton move to Mercedes for 2013?Matt Hubbard
    September 28, 2012Confirmed: Lewis Hamilton is leaving McLaren. Perez signs with McLaren for 2013Matt Hubbard
    September 28, 2012Lewis Hamilton does a Villeneuve - joins Mercedes F1 on 3 year dealMatt Hubbard
    October 8, 2012Lewis Hamilton accuses Jenson Button of 'disrespecting' himMatt Hubbard
    March 15, 2013Things Lewis Hamilton has bought in the off seasonMatt Hubbard
    May 23, 2013Lewis Hamilton's Monaco helmet has Roscoe and Nicole on itMatt Hubbard
    July 28, 2013Луис Хамилтон победио у трци у БудимпештиВикивести
    October 12, 2013Lewis Hamilton Scoops His Nuts Then Shakes Vettel's HandMatt Hubbard
    March 15, 20142014 Australian Grand Prix: Hamilton takes poleWikinews
    April 9, 2014Hamilton wins 'incredible' Bahrain race, F1's 900th Grand PrixWikinews

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