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British Government

British Government

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Members of Parliament
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Members of Parliament

Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon (Lords Conservative)
Baron Michael Bates of Langbaurgh (Lords Conservative)

Baron John Gardiner of Kimble (Lords Conservative)
Andrew Jones (Commons Conservative)


DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
17 May 1979Cars at No. 10
To: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
From: Colin Peterson, Secretary for Appointments

- 3.6MB - 3 pages
23 May 1979The Prime Minister's enquiry about No. 10 transport
To: Unknown
From: Prime Minister's Office

- 3.6MB - 1 page
United Kingdom House of Commons
Text - 1 page

Article Index

17 November 1896THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL AND MOTORS.The Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
17 November 1896The New Motor-Car RegulationsThe Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal
5 July 1908King Edward's New Automobile.The New York Times
24 June 2005England and Wales see 60% increase in public injured by police vehiclesWikinews
31 August 2006Hard shoulder gets the soft treatment on British motorwaysWikinews
8 June 2007British police officer banned from drivingWikinews
31 October 2007Britain's top traffic cop faces driving banWikinews
5 December 2007Court finds South Yorkshire Chief Constable guilty of speedingWikinews
17 December 2007Data for 3 million UK driving candidates lostWikinews
13 June 2008UK drivers urged not to panic buy during delivery strikesWikinews
8 January 2009Princess Beatrice's unlocked BMW stolenWikinews
6 February 2009Clarkson calls British Prime Minister Gordon a 'one-eyed Scottish idiot'Wikinews
27 August 2009Police remove valuables from unlocked carsWikinews
24 November 2009UK policeman convicted of murdering WPC fiancée who died after staged car crashWikinews
3 December 2009UK Government to look again at drink-drive limitWikinews
1 July 2010English court jails policeman over insurance fraudWikinews
3 December 2011'Have them all shot': BBC gets 21,000+ complaints over Jeremy Clarkson's public sector striker commentsWikinews
19 October 2012Churchill's Land Rover for saleMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
17 December 2012M25 - the world's longest racetrackMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
9 April 2013Mrs Thatcher - We have a problem about replacing our carsMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
9 July 2013Jaguar Land Rover, Horse Guards Parade and the Queen's Coronation FestivalMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
1 August 2013Hell On Wheels 2 - Everything’s FineGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
11 August 2013Comment - The Spare Pound In Your PocketGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
2 September 2013Come Back Papa Tango CharlieGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
12 September 2013Win a classic motor for a weekendMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
22 September 2013ZenGrab And The Art Of Money MakingGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
4 October 2013Why this mobile speed camera is nothing but a cash generatorMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
7 October 2013Swindon - Motoring Centre Of The UniverseGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
8 October 2013Controlled Environment On The RoadsGeoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
21 October 2013Isn’t It About Time For European Time?Geoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
23 October 2013Car Insurance Costs to Fall Say Government.Geoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
29 October 2013Will We Have Our Say On Roads?Geoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
10 November 2013Negative Reaction To The UK Driving AgeChloe Richards
11 November 2013Middle Lane Hoggers Actually Stopped And Reported By Police - Rejoice!Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
25 November 2013Lotus Cars Gets £10million Grant From UK GovernmentMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
2 December 2013Will Britain Become A Parking Utopia?Geoff Maxted, DriveWrite Automotive
24 August 2014The MRAP vs. the ARVBill Crittenden
10 November 2014£15 Billion To Be Spent On New Roads In The UKMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
1 July 2015A46: AccidentsHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
1 July 2015A46: Repairs and MaintenanceHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
1 July 2015Ambulance Services: CheshireJane Ellison
1 July 2015Arrowe Park Hospital: Ambulance ServicesJane Ellison
1 July 2015Bus Services: FinanceHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
1 July 2015Countess of Chester Hospital: Ambulance ServicesJane Ellison
1 July 2015Driving: Young PeopleHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
1 July 2015M56: AccidentsHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
1 July 2015Roads: AccidentsHouse of Commons Hansard: Andrew Jones
6 July 2015Air PollutionLord Gardiner of Kimble
6 July 2015Cycling: SafetyLord Ahmad of Wimbledon
6 July 2015Roads: DamageLord Ahmad of Wimbledon
7 July 2015Avon Ring Road (M4 Link)UK House of Commons
7 July 2015Motor Vehicles: Locks and KeysLord Bates
13 July 2015Car Insurance CostsUK House of Commons

Subject Images

RVs Original British Government Subject Image featuring David Cameron, used June 2014 to July 2014
Based on a Russian government photograph under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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