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Masten Gregory

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Masten Gregory

Former Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History
Die Cast Cars

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
May 19, 1957MonacoMaserati1034
August 4, 1957GermanMaserati1080
August 18, 1957PescaraMaserati743
September 2, 1957ItalianMaserati1143
May 26, 1958DutchMaserati14Retired0
June 15, 1958BelgianMaserati3Retired0
September 7, 1958ItalianMaserati1143
October 19, 1958MoroccoMaserati1360
May 10, 1959MonacoCooper-Climax11Retired0
May 31, 1959DutchCooper-Climax734
July 5, 1959FrenchCooper-Climax7Retired0
July 18, 1959BritishCooper-Climax570
August 2, 1959GermanCooper-Climax5Retired0
August 23, 1959PortugueseCooper-Climax326
February 7, 1960ArgentineBehra-Porsche=Porsche16120
May 29, 1960MonacoCooper-MaseratiDNQ0
June 6, 1960DutchCooper-MaseratiDNS0
July 3, 1960FrenchCooper-Maserati1790
July 16, 1960BritishCooper-Maserati14140
August 14, 1960PortugueseCooper-Maserati11Retired0
May 14, 1961MonacoCooper-ClimaxDNQ0
June 18, 1961BelgianCooper-Climax12100
July 2, 1961FrenchCooper-Climax16120
July 15, 1961BritishCooper-Climax16110
September 10, 1961Italian-Climax17Retired0
October 8, 1961United States-Climax11Retired0
May 20, 1962Dutch-Climax16Retired0
June 3, 1962Monaco-BRMDNQ0
June 17, 1962Belgian-BRM8WD0
July 8, 1962French-BRM7Retired0
July 21, 1962British-Climax1470
September 16, 1962Italian-BRM6120
October 7, 1962United States-BRM761
June 30, 1963French-BRM19Retired0
July 20, 1963British-BRM22110
September 8, 1963Italian-BRM12Retired0
October 6, 1963United States-Climax8Retired0
October 27, 1963Mexican-Climax14Retired0
June 13, 1965BelgianBRM20Retired0
July 10, 1965BritishBRM19120
August 1, 1965GermanBRM1980
September 12, 1965ItalianBRM23Retired0

Die Cast Cars

BrandItem #SeriesNameScalePaintNotes
Hot WheelsK6155-0917H D1 G12007 New ModelsFerrari 250 LMSmallRed #211965 24 Hours of Le Mans Winner driven by Masten Gregory & Jochen Rindt

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