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Goodyear 200

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Stock Car Racing

Goodyear 200

A NASCAR Corona Series race at Nuevo Autódromo de Querétaro.

DateWinnerWinner's Car
June 14, 2009Hugo OliverasToyota2009 Race Results


June 14, 2009
Nuevo Autódromo de Querétaro


FinishStartDriverMakeCar #SponsorLaps
1Hugo OliverasToyota11Monster-MM6842:47.3
2Ruben Pardo12Mikels-Motorcraft6842:47.7
3Jorge Arteaga49Red Baron-La Huerta6842:48.0
4Rafael Martinez18Canel´s-Scotiabank-Xtreme6842:48.5
5Antonio Perez1Telmex-Red Bull6842:48.7
6Homero RichardsToyota20Nextel-Advil-Mapfre-SW6842:50.6
7Luis F. Montano87Seman Baker6842:51.6
8Irwin Vences22Multi Pack-Motorcraft6842:52.7
9Germán Quiroga2Telcel-FedEx6842:53.7
10Rogelio López3Telcel6842:54.2
11Carlos Contreras4Spartac RT6843:06.3
12Abraham Calderón77Marcatel-2b Racing6742:54.3
13Oscar Peralta10Intrateja-2b Racing6742:54.7
14José Luis Ramírez08Rayere6742:56.4
15Rubén Rovelo5Telmex-Red Bull6742:56.9
16Freddy Tame19Canel´s-Scotiabank6742:57.1
17Fernando Plata17Plata Motorsport6743:06.5
18Ricardo Pérez de Lara32Junker6642:54.5
19Alejandro Capin35MT Sports Marketing6642:57.7
20Elliot VanRankin83Seman Baker6642:59.8
21Israel Jaitovich71Plata Motorsports6643:00.3
22Carlos Anaya97La Costeña6643:01.0
23Jorge Seman38Seman Baker6643:03.2
24Juan C. Herrero24Impuestum6643:05.0
25Jorge Goeters31Canel´s-Scotiabank-Xtreme6643:28.9
26Carlos Peralta7Intrateja-2b Racing6541:12.3
27Víctor Barrales30Gel Gomina-Mann Filter6543:00.5
28Pepe Montaño36Tempo-Goodyear-Glade6133:30.3
29Patrick Goeters15Citizen-MM6142:58.7
30Rafael Vallina0TAB5528:58.5
31Julian Islas65Big Cola Racing415:49.9

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