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Bill Gazaway

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Stock Car Racing

Bill Gazaway

Died:  June 29, 2006

Former NASCAR executive.

Bill Gazaway served in the Marine Corps from 1947 to 1951.  He taught motor maintenance.

He followed that up building engines for Delta Airlines.  He later opened a garage in Atlanta.

His NASCAR career began in 1960 as a car owner.  His team made 7 races.

For one of those races Bill Gazaway was driver.  Starting 44th in an Oldsmobile, he made one lap at Atlanta Motor Speedway before a rear end failure put him out of the race.

He began working for NASCAR in 1963, a career that would ultimately lead to the organization's highest levels before his retirement in 1987.

His NASCAR Career:

  • 1963-1967:  Technical Inspector
  • 1967-1968:  Assistant Technical Director
  • 1968-1979:  Competition Director
  • 1979-1984:  Director of Racing Operations
  • 1984-1987:  Vice President of Competition

    Bill Gazaway died at the age of 76 in Atlanta on June 29, 2006.

    Quotes about Bill Gazaway:

  • "Bill Gazaway was one of those NASCAR pioneers who did a lot of good things during his time with NASCAR" -Bill France, Jr.

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