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A motor vehicle fuel.

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11 September 2006Gasoline Distillation System Cuts Auto Emissions
Butler Cain for Voice of America News

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Eagle Gasoline Can Eagle Manufacturing Company (Wellsburg, West Virginia)
Photo ©2011 Bill Crittenden
Green Street Cruise Night: June 6, 2011
View photo of Eagle Gasoline Can - 3,682KB
Sebring Gasoline Can Sebring Fuel Dispenser (Sebring, Florida)
Photo ©2013 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Sebring Gasoline Can - 3.6MB

Article Index

April 16, 2003Massive Gas Price Hike in Zimbabwe Sparks Calls for General StrikePeta Thornycroft
March 23, 2004US Gasoline Prices at All-Time HighVoice of America
June 22, 2004Americans Watch Gasoline Prices RiseTed Landphair
April 30, 2005Pay-by-Plastic pumps up gas prices in U.S.Wikinews
August 17, 2005Canadian gasoline tops $1 a litre, politicians consider optionsWikinews
August 18, 2005Iraqi gasoline is the cheapest in the world at $.05 per gallonWikinews
December 27, 2005Leaded Fuel to be Phased Out in Sub-Saharan AfricaCathy Majtenyi
March 1, 2006GasKevin Stith
March 1, 2006Gas PricesKevin Stith
March 1, 2006Gas StationsKevin Stith
April 30, 2006Hawaii legislature reaches agreement to suspend gasoline price capWikinews
July 6, 2006Gasoline Shortages Frustrate IraqisMargaret Besheer
September 6, 2006Gas PainsBill Crittenden
September 11, 2006Gasoline Distillation System Cuts Auto EmissionsButler Cain
November 21, 2008Gas prices in the U.S. fall below $2 a gallonWikinews
October 13, 2010US Permits More Ethanol in Motor FuelVOA Breaking News
April 21, 2011US to Monitor Gas Prices for FraudVOA Breaking News
October 3, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Arizona; Update to Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Program; Change in the Definition of ``Gasoline'' To Exclude ``E85''Keith Takata
October 5, 2012$5.69/gal. for regular?Gus Philpott

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