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Federal Fleet Report

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American Government

Federal Fleet Report

An annual document published by the United States General Services Administration since 2000.  The document reports activities of the fleet of road vehicles owned and operated by the federal government of the United States.

  • Fiscal Year 2000 in Microsoft Word format - 2,330KB
  • Fiscal Year 2000 in PDF format - 460KB
  • Fiscal Year 2001 in Microsoft Word format - 1,561KB
  • Fiscal Year 2001 in PDF format - 450KB
  • Fiscal Year 2002 in Microsoft Word format - 1,709KB
  • Fiscal Year 2002 in PDF format - 449KB
  • Fiscal Year 2003 in Microsoft Word format - 481KB
  • Fiscal Year 2003 in PDF format - 6,874KB
  • Fiscal Year 2004 in Microsoft Word format - 853KB
  • Fiscal Year 2004 in PDF format - 5,142KB
  • Fiscal Year 2005 in Microsoft Word format - 800KB
  • Fiscal Year 2005 in PDF format - 622KB
  • Fiscal Year 2006 in PDF format - 1,750KB
  • Fiscal Year 2007 in PDF format - 713KB
  • Fiscal Year 2008 in PDF format - 739KB
  • Fiscal Year 2009 in PDF format - 973KB

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