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Charles Essmeier

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Charles Essmeier

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Article Index

February 9, 2006Lemon Law Myths and MisconceptionsCharles Essmeier
February 16, 2006Car Title Loans Offer Risky CashCharles Essmeier
February 24, 2006Certified Used Car Still a Risk to BuyCharles Essmeier
March 1, 2006Online Car Auctions Can Take You for a RideCharles Essmeier
March 6, 2006Buying a Car? Check Your Credit Score FirstCharles Essmeier
May 26, 2006Leasing a Car Has Advantages and DisadvantagesCharles Essmeier
June 19, 2006Cut Your Gas Consumption and Save MoneyCharles Essmeier
July 13, 2006Lemon Laws May Not Cover Recreational VehiclesCharles Essmeier
July 17, 2006Leasing a Car the Smart WayCharles Essmeier
July 20, 2006Drive a lot? Consider buying roadside assistanceCharles Essmeier
July 28, 2006Buying a Car Can Turn You Upside DownCharles Essmeier
August 1, 2006Lemon Laws and Car Dealers Who Won't Pay UpCharles Essmeier
August 8, 2006Gasoline Saving Devices Don't Work, So Save Your MoneyCharles Essmeier
August 12, 2006Buy a Car By Using Your Home for FinancingCharles Essmeier
August 23, 2006Used Car Buyers Get Relief from California Bill of RightsCharles Essmeier

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