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Engines of Change

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Engines of Change

Subtitle: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars

Information from this book is available via The Crittenden Automotive Library's Reference Desk.
Reference Desk

Author:  Paul Ingrassia
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Year:  2012
Pages:  395

Chapter List

1. When Henry Met Sallie: Car Wars and Culture Clashes at the Dawn of America's Automotive Age
2. Zora, Zora, Zora: A Bolshevik Boy Escapes the Nazis and Saves the Great American Sports Car
3. The 1959 Cadillacs: Style, Status, and the Race for the Biggest Tail Fins Ever
4. Volkswagen's Beetle and Microbus: The Long and Winding Road from Hitler to the Hippies
5. The Chevy Corvair Makes Ralph Nader Famous, Lawyers Ubiquitous, and (Eventually) George W. Bush President of the United States
6. Turning a "Librarian" into a "Sexpot": The Youth Boom, the Sixties, and the Making of the Mustang
7. The Brief but Glorious Reign of John Z. DeLorean and the Pontiac GTO
8. Ohio Gozaimasu: Godzilla, Mr. Thunder, and How a Little Japanese Car Became America's Big Ichiban
9. The Chrysler Minivans: Baby Boomers Become Soccer Moms and a, um, Driving Force in American Politics
10. The BMW 3 Series: The Rise of the Yuppies and the Road to Arugula
11. The Jeep: From War to Suburbia, or How to Look Like You're Going Rock Climbing When You're Really Going to Nordstrom
12. The Ford F-Series: Cowboys, Country Music, and Red-Meat Wheels for Red-State Americans
13. An Innovative Car (the Prius), Its Insufferable Drivers (the Pious), and the Advent of a New Era

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