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Terry Cook

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Terry Cook

A NASCAR driver.

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Terry Cook 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Terry Cook at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 3,649KB
Terry Cook 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Terry Cook at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 4,299KB
Terry Cook 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Terry Cook at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 4,500KB

Article Index

February 13, 2009NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: NextEra Energy Resources 250Terry Cook
J.R. Fitzpatrick

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Craftsman Truck Series/Camping World Truck Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Nationwide Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Sprint Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Win List

August 8, 1998Craftsman Truck SeriesStevens Bell/Genuine Car Parts 200Flemington Speedway
May 5, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesMissouri Illinois Dodge Dealers Ram Tough 200Gateway International Raceway
June 29, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesGNC Live Well 200The Milwaukee Mile
July 20, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesNew England 200New Hampshire International Speedway
August 2, 2002Craftsman Truck SeriesPower Stroke Diesel 200O'Reilly Raceway Park
July 1, 2006Craftsman Truck SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts 250Kansas Speedway

Race-by-Race Record

February 13, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesNextEra Energy Resources 250Daytona International SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries73Running165/0$38,490
February 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World 300Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
February 21, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesSan Bernardino County 200Auto Club SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries1525Running88/0$11,180
February 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesStater Bros. 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1637Out (Ignition)52/0$28,973
February 28, 2009Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports2241Out (Electrical)40/0$28,138
March 7, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesAmerican Commercial Lines 200Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking175Running160/5$16,980
March 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91Cajun Industries3140Out (Rear End)43/0$21,030
March 30, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesKroger 250Martinsville SpeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking1316Running115/0$9,880
April 4, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly 300Texas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports742Out (Vibration)37/0$19,765
April 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesNashville 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1142Out (Brakes)37/0$13,805
April 17, 2009Nationwide SeriesBashas' Supermarkets 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1342Out (Susp.)37/0$14,525
April 27, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts 250Kansas SpeedwayToyota25Autism Speaks.org / HT Motorsports / TDS1620Out (Accident)103/0$13,780
May 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesLipton Tea 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports2941Out (Susp.)40/0$14,540
May 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesDiamond Hill Plywood 200Darlington RacewayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports4141Out (Vibration)40/0$14,265
May 15, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesNorth Carolina Education Lottery 200Lowe's Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / HT Motorsports95Running155/0$19,955
May 23, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarquest Auto Parts 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1840Out (Overheating)43/0$15,840
May 30, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesAAA Insurance 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking610Running134/0$16,730
May 30, 2009Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1541Out (Overheating)40/0$14,895
June 5, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 400Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries2220Running103/0$13,255
June 13, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesMichigan 200Michigan International SpeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking / Cajun Industries2110Running134/0$14,980
June 20, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesCopart 200The Milwaukee MileToyota25Harris Trucking / Cajun Industries810Running134/0$13,530
June 20, 2009Nationwide SeriesNorthernTool.com 250The Milwaukee MileChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1239Out (Over Heating)46/0$14,325
June 27, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesMemphisTravel.com 200 presented by O'Reilly Auto PartsMemphis Motorsports ParkToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking213Running124/0$11,980
July 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesSubway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
July 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 powered by Coca-ColaChicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1941Out (Vibration)40/0$19,520
July 18, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesBuilt Ford Tough 225 presented by the Greater Cincinnati Ford DealersKentucky SpeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking / Cajun Industries1115Running118/0$16,455
July 24, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesAAA Insurance 200 presented by JD ByriderO'Reilly Raceway ParkToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking813Running124/0$11,830
July 25, 2009Nationwide SeriesKroger 200 benefitting Riley Hospital for ChildrenO'Reilly Raceway ParkChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports540Out (Vibration)43/0$12,915
August 1, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesToyota Tundra 200Nashville SuperspeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking519Running106/0$8,630
August 15, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarfax 250Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports2638Out (Overheating)49/0$23,003
August 19, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesO'Reilly 200 presented by ValvolineBristol Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking2115Running118/0$12,205
August 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFood City 250Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports3442Out (Brakes)37/0$20,355
August 28, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesEnjoyIllinois.com 225Chicagoland SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking2210Running134/0$15,355
September 5, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Oil 200Iowa SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking1011Running130/0$11,705
September 12, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesCopart 200Gateway International RacewayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking1221Running100/0$11,755
September 19, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesHeluva Good! 200New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking1116Running115/0$10,980
September 26, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesLas Vegas 350Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking1926Running85/0$8,305
October 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports3041Out (Handling)40/0$19,470
October 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesCopart 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports3541Out (Rear End)40/0$21,030
October 16, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
October 24, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesKroger 200Martinsville SpeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking / Cajun Industries1410Running134/0$13,330
October 31, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesMountain Dew 250 fueled by Fred'sTalladega SuperspeedwayToyota25Harris Trucking / Cajun Industries24Running165/5$24,680
November 6, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 350Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota25Cajun Industries / Harris Trucking2524Running91/0$9,530
November 7, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1341Out (Vibration)40/0$14,740
November 13, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Oil 150Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet02Koma Unwind / CorrieStottRacing.com3136Out (Brakes)55/0$7,584
November 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesAble Body Labor 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet91MSRP Motorsports1339Out (Brakes)46/0$19,890
November 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayChevrolet91Dukes Sweet Tea Vodka1740Out (Overheating)43/0$19,460
February 11, 2010Sprint CupGatorade Duel 2Daytona International SpeedwayDodge46Whitney Motorsports2520Running0
February 21, 2010Sprint CupAuto Club 500Auto Club SpeedwayDodge46Whitney MotorsportsDNQ
February 28, 2010Sprint CupShelby AmericanLas Vegas Motor SpeedwayDodge46Whitney MotorsportsDNQ
March 7, 2010Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayDodge46Whitney MotorsportsDNQ
March 21, 2010Sprint CupFood City 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge46Whitney Motorsports4037Out (Brakes)52/0$80,750
March 29, 2010Sprint CupGoody's Fast Pain Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayDodge46Whitney MotorsportsDNQ
April 10, 2010Sprint CupSubway Fresh Fit 600Phoenix International RacewayDodge46Whitney Motorsports4334Running66/5$71,725
April 19, 2010Sprint CupSamsung Mobile 500Texas Motor SpeedwayDodge46Whitney Motorsports/AutismSpeaks.orgDNQ
April 25, 2010Sprint CupAaron's 499Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge46Whitney Motorsports/Autism Speaks.orgDNQ
May 1, 2010Sprint CupCrown Royal Presents The Heath Calhoun 400Richmond International RacewayDodge46The Atlantic Company of America4139Out (Rear Gear)46/0$65,550
June 6, 2010Sprint CupGillette Fusion ProGlide 500 presented by TargetPocono RacewayChevrolet09Phoenix RacingDNQ
October 24, 2010Sprint CupTums Fast Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayToyota55Prism MotorsportsDNQ

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