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Peter Collins

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Peter Collins

Born:  November 6, 1931
Died:  August 3, 1958
Nationality:  British

Former Formula 1 driver.  Died as a result of injuries sustained in the 1958 German Grand Prix.

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Formula 1 Race History

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
May 18, 1952SwissHWM-Alta6Retired0
June 22, 1952BelgianHWM-Alta11Retired0
July 6, 1952FrenchHWM-Alta860
July 19, 1952BritishHWM-Alta14Retired0
September 7, 1952ItalianHWM-Alta0DNQ0
June 7, 1953DutchHWM-Alta1680
June 21, 1953BelgianHWM-Alta16Retired0
July 5, 1953FrenchHWM-Alta17130
July 18, 1953BritishHWM-Alta23Retired0
July 17, 1954BritishVanwall11Retired0
September 5, 1954ItalianVanwall1670
July 16, 1955BritishMaserati24Retired0
September 11, 1955ItalianMaserati11Retired0
January 22, 1956ArgentineFerrari9Retired0
May 13, 1956MonacoFerrari9SHR3
June 3, 1956BelgianFerrari318
July 1, 1956FrenchFerrari318
July 14, 1956BritishFerrari4SHR3
August 5, 1956GermanFerrari2Retired0
September 2, 1956ItalianFerrari7SHR3
January 13, 1957ArgentineFerrari5Retired0
May 19, 1957MonacoFerrari2Retired0
July 7, 1957FrenchFerrari534
July 20, 1957BritishFerrari8Retired0
August 4, 1957GermanFerrari434
September 2, 1957ItalianFerrari7120
January 19, 195ArgentineFerrari3Retired
May 18, 1958MonacoFerrari934
May 26, 1958DutchFerrari10Retired0
June 15, 1958BelgianFerrari4Retired0
July 6, 1958FrenchFerrari452
July 19, 1958BritishFerrari618
August 3, 1958GermanFerrari4Retired0

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