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Johnny Chapman

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Johnny Chapman

Hometown:  Hickory, North Carolina, USA

A race car driver.

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Johnny Chapman 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Johnny Chapman at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 4,466KB
Johnny Chapman 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden
View photo of Johnny Chapman at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 - 3,901KB

Article Index

October 28, 2006Man of His Word: Chapman Wins ISCARS 150 at Florence Motor SpeedwayTony Stevens/ISCARS

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Busch Grand National/Nationwide Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Craftsman Truck Series/Camping World Truck Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

ARCA RE/MAX Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 13, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesNextEra Energy Resources 250Daytona International SpeedwayToyota06wyler.com2332Out (Overheating)67/0$13,430
February 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World 300Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
February 21, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesSan Bernardino County 200Auto Club SpeedwayToyota06wyler.com2833Out (Vibration)64/0$10,980
February 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesStater Bros. 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3939Out (Ignition)46/0$28,808
February 28, 2009Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports4042Out (Rear End)37/0$28,093
March 7, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesAmerican Commercial Lines 200Atlanta Motor SpeedwayDodge21GunBroker.com2735Out (Rear End)58/0$8,025
March 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2541Out (Brakes)40/0$21,005
April 4, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly 300Texas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3443Out (Vibration)34/0$19,718
April 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesNashville 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2543Out (Brakes)34/0$13,727
April 25, 2009Nationwide SeriesAaron's 312Talladega SuperspeedwayChevrolet90MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
May 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesLipton Tea 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports4343Out (Brakes)34/0$14,428
May 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesDiamond Hill Plywood 200Darlington RacewayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports4242Out (Ignition)37/0$14,240
May 15, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesNorth Carolina Education Lottery 200Lowe's Motor SpeedwayChevrolet08SS Green Light Racing2933Out (Overheating)64/0$8,280
May 23, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarquest Auto Parts 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3442Out (Handling)37/0$15,790
May 30, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesAAA Insurance 200Dover International SpeedwayDodge21Stock Car Steel2831Out (Overheating)70/0$10,705
May 30, 2009Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2640Out (Vibration)43/0$14,920
June 6, 2009Nationwide SeriesFederated Auto Parts 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2338Out (Vibration)49/0$16,040
June 13, 2009Nationwide SeriesMeijer 300 presented by RitzKentucky SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3139Out (Overheating)46/0$17,795
June 20, 2009Nationwide SeriesNorthernTool.com 250The Milwaukee MileChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2343Out (Ignition)34/0$14,105
June 27, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World RV Sales 200 presented by Turtle WaxNew Hampshire Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports1743Out (Brakes)34/0$15,599
July 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesSubway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2543Out (Drive Shaft)34/0$19,887
July 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 powered by Coca-ColaChicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
July 18, 2009Nationwide SeriesMissouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250 presented by VentriloGateway International RacewayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2039Out (Brakes)46/0$22,015
July 25, 2009Nationwide SeriesKroger 200 benefitting Riley Hospital for ChildrenO'Reilly Raceway ParkChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports1941Out (Brakes)40/0$12,870
August 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesU.S. Cellular 250 presented by Northland Oil and TMC TruckingIowa SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports1442Out (Overheating)37/0$17,475
August 15, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarfax 250Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3239Out (Electrical)46/0$16,490
August 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFood City 250Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3543Out (Ignition)34/0$20,314
August 28, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesEnjoyIllinois.com 225Chicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet08ASI Limited3233Out (Ignition)64/0$10,730
September 5, 2009Nationwide SeriesDegree V12 300Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2742Out (Rear End)37/0$13,545
September 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesVirginia 529 College Savings 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2142Out (Overheating)37/0$14,725
September 26, 2009Nationwide SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports1940Out (Handling)43/0$14,920
October 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2442Out (Transmission)37/0$19,340
October 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesCopart 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports3342Out (Transmission)37/0$20,990
October 16, 2009Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2443Out (Overheating)34/0$14,902
October 24, 2009Nationwide SeriesKroger on Track for the Cure 250Memphis Motorsports ParkChevrolet90MSRP MotorsportsDNQ
November 6, 2009Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 350Texas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet08Tiwi / Valvoline2134Out (Electrical)61/0$7,805
November 7, 2009Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports1240Out (Overheating)43/0$14,805
November 14, 2009Nationwide SeriesAble Body Labor 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2340Out (Brakes)43/0$19,855
November 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayChevrolet90MSRP Motorsports2342Out (Rear End)37/0$19,345
February 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesStater Bros. 300Auto Club SpeedwayDodge92K-Automotive MotorsportsDNQ
February 27, 2010Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayDodge92K-Automotive MotorsportsDNQ
March 20, 2010Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge92K-Automotive Motorsports3343Out (Rear End)34/0$21,021
April 30, 2010Nationwide SeriesBubba Burger 250Richmond International RacewayDodge26American Legion Post45.org3833Running64/0$22,468
May 7, 2010Nationwide SeriesRoyal Purple 200 presented by O'Reilly Auto PartsDarlington RacewayDodge96K-Automotive MotorsportsDNQ
May 14, 2010Camping World Truck SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayDodge21ASI Limited3130Out (Overheating)73/0$9,975
May 15, 2010Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayDodge73Charter/CourtesyRX.com3539Out (Brakes)46/0$15,075
June 4, 2010Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 400kTexas Motor SpeedwayDodge21ASI Limited2027Out (Overheating)82/0$9,100
June 26, 2010Nationwide SeriesNew England 200New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayChevrolet75Racing With Jesus3940Out (Brakes)43/0$12,615
July 2, 2010Nationwide SeriesSubway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayChevrolet43Baker Curb Racing4042Out (Accident)37/0$24,168
July 9, 2010Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 powered by Coca-ColaChicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In Jesus2742Out (Rear End)37/0$17,365
July 17, 2010Camping World Truck SeriesCampingWorld.com 200Gateway International RacewayChevrolet72MyTireMonkey.com/James Carter Attorney2836Out (Engine)55/0$9,039
July 17, 2010Nationwide SeriesMissouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250Gateway International RacewayChevrolet89Victory In Jesus3540Out (Oil Pressure)43/0$20,380
July 24, 2010Nationwide SeriesKroger 200 benefiting Riley Hospital for ChildrenO'Reilly Raceway ParkChevrolet89Victory In Jesus3942Out (Transmission)37/0$11,715
July 31, 2010Nationwide SeriesU.S. Cellular 250 presented by Northland Oil & John DeereIowa SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In JesusDNQ
August 7, 2010Nationwide SeriesZippo 200 at the GlenWatkins Glen InternationalChevrolet89Victory In Jesus4140Out (Overheating)43/0$12,135
August 14, 2010Nationwide SeriesCarfax 250Michigan International SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In JesusDNQ
August 27, 2010Camping World Truck SeriesEnjoyIllinois.com 225Chicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet72James Carter Attorney/SponsorTheTruck.comDNQ
September 4, 2010Nationwide SeriesGreat Clips 300Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In Jesus4339Out (Suspension)46/0$12,345
September 25, 2010Nationwide SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In Jesus3140Out (Brakes)43/0$15,020
October 2, 2010Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In JesusDNQ
October 9, 2010Nationwide SeriesCampingWorld.com 300Auto Club SpeedwayChevrolet89Victory In JesusDNQ
October 23, 2010Nationwide Series5-Hour Energy 250Gateway International RacewayChevrolet89Victory In Jesus3637Out (Ignition)52/0$14,745
April 22, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesBully Hill Vineyards 200Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet07SS Green Light Racing3335Out (Vibration)0$6,675
April 23, 2011Nationwide SeriesNashville 300Nashville SuperspeedwayFord75Rick Ware Racing3843Out (Vibration)1/0$9,921
April 29, 2011Nationwide SeriesBubba Burger 250Richmond International RacewayFord75Rick Ware Racing3539Out (Vibration)5/0$12,420
May 6, 2011Nationwide SeriesRoyal Purple 200Darlington RacewayFord75Rick Ware Racing3837Out (Clutch)7/0$10,425
May 13, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Oil 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet07SS Green Light Racing3331Out (Transmission)0$9,400
May 14, 2011Nationwide Series5-Hour Energy 200Dover International SpeedwayFord75Rick Ware RacingDNQ
May 22, 2011Nationwide SeriesJohn Deere Dealers 250 presented by PioneerIowa SpeedwayFord75Rick Ware Racing3936Out (Brakes)8/0$12,050
June 4, 2011Nationwide SeriesSTP 300Chicagoland SpeedwayFord75Rick Ware Racing4238Out (Overheating)6/0$12,110
June 10, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 400kTexas Motor SpeedwayToyota07SS Green Light Racing3033Out (Transmission)0$8,170
July 7, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesUNOH 225Kentucky SpeedwayChevrolet07Wear Your Gear / www.Bobber .info3423Running0$8,550
July 8, 2011Nationwide SeriesFeed the Children 300Kentucky SpeedwayChevrolet75Rick Ware Racing3739Out (Ignition)5/0$10,295
July 16, 2011Nationwide SeriesNew England 200New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayChevrolet75Rick Ware Racing3838Out (Brakes)6/0$10,210
July 22, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesLucas Deep Clean 200Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet07Wear Your Gear / www.Bobber .info2732Out (Clutch)0$6,010
July 23, 2011Nationwide SeriesFederated Auto Parts 300Nashville SuperspeedwayChevrolet75FW1 / FastWax.com3136Out (Suspension)8/0$10,380
July 30, 2011Nationwide Series30th Annual Kroger 200Lucas Oil RacewayFord75Lilly Trucking of Virginia3837Out (Overheating)7/0$9,600
August 6, 2011Nationwide SeriesU.S. Cellular 250 presented by the Enlist Weed Control SystemIowa SpeedwayFord75FW1 / FastWax.com4038Out (Overheating)6/0$11,860
August 26, 2011Nationwide SeriesFood City 250Bristol Motor SpeedwayChevrolet41Lilly Trucking of VirginiaDNQ
September 2, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesGood Sam Club 200Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet07Bobber.info3434Out (Transmission)0$7,785
September 3, 2011Nationwide SeriesGreat Clips 300Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing2543Out (Overheating)1/0$9,286
September 9, 2011Nationwide SeriesVirginia 529 College Savings 250Richmond International RacewayChevrolet41Lilly Trucking of Virginia2534Out (Brakes)10/0$12,915
September 17, 2011Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300Chicagoland SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing2738Out (Overheating)6/0$14,090
October 1, 2011Nationwide SeriesOneMain Financial 200Dover International SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing3535Out (Rear Gear)9/0$12,210
October 8, 2011Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing3438Out (Vibration)6/0$14,090
October 14, 2011Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 Miles of CourageCharlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing3040Out (Overheating)4/0$9,190
November 4, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesWinStar World Casino 350kTexas Motor SpeedwayToyota07Bobber.info / ASI Limited2229Out (Transmission)0$7,825
November 5, 2011Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet41Rick Ware RacingDNQ
November 12, 2011Nationwide SeriesWypall 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet41Rick Ware Racing3340Out (Accident)4/0$14,830
November 18, 2011Camping World Truck SeriesFord 200Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota07Bobber.info / ASI Limited3336Out (Clutch)0$8,239
November 19, 2011Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayFord75Rick Ware RacingDNQ

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