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Earle Canavan

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Earle Canavan

Hometown:  Fort Johnson, New York

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 23, 1975Winston CupRichmond 500Richmond International RacewayPlymouth01Kava Coffee1513Running124/0$810
March 2, 1975Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee3031Out (Broken Valve)70/0$570
March 16, 1975Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee2223Out (Broken Distributor Shaft)94/0$445
April 6, 1975Winston CupGwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayPlymouth01Kava Coffee2425Out (Blown Gasket)88/0$370
April 13, 1975Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayPlymouth01Kava Coffee2917Running112/0$1,370
May 4, 1975Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee4917Running112/0$1,825
May 10, 1975Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee2217Out (Burned Piston)112/0$480
May 19, 1975Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee3334Out (Engine Failure)61/0$510
August 3, 1975Winston CupPurolator 500Pocono RacewayDodge01Kava Coffee2529Out (Rocker Arm Shaft)76/0$705
August 24, 1975Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee3232Out (Blown Engine)67/0$740
September 1, 1975Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDodge01Kava Coffee2735Out (Burned Piston)58/0$1,200
September 14, 1975Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge01Kava Coffee2225Out (Broken Valve)88/0$700
March 7, 1976Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayDodge1Canavan Racing2718Running109/0$625
March 14, 1976Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge1Canavan Racing2917Running112/0$620
April 11, 1976Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayDodge1Canavan Racing3419Running106/0$1,470
June 20, 1976Winston CupCAM2 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge1Benihana3534Out (Transmission)61/0$660
August 1, 1976Winston CupPurolator 500Pocono RacewayDodge1Benihana3436Out (Oil Leak)55/0$555
September 6, 1976Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDodge1Byrd3829Out (Engine Failure)76/0$1,370
September 19, 1976Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge1Benihana2924Running91/0$735
April 3, 1977Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayDodge1Canavan Racing3136Out (Cracked Cylinder Wall)55/0$775
May 15, 1977Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge1Canavan Racing2823Out (Transmission)94/0$1,200
July 31, 1977Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayDodge01Canavan Racing2735Out (Burned Piston)58/0$540
August 22, 1977Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge1Benihana3436Out (Engine Failure)PE$600
September 5, 1977Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDodge01Canavan Racing2123Running94/0$1,750
February 26, 1978Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayDodge1Canavan Racing2724Running91/0$435
March 5, 1978Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDodge1Canavan Racing3324Out (Broken Valve)91/0$700
April 9, 1978Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayDodge1Florence3022Running97/0$1,325
May 21, 1978Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge1Canavan Racing2220Running103/0$900
June 18, 1978Winston CupGabriel 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge01Canavan Racing3532Out (Accident)64/0$890
August 6, 1978Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge01Pepsi3931RunningPE$1,280
August 20, 1978Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge1Pepsi3232Out (Transmission)67/0$685
September 4, 1978Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDodge01Addy2739Out (Overheating)46/0$1,325
September 17, 1978Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge01Canavan Racing2616RunningPE$1,200
April 8, 1979Winston CupCRC Rebel 500Darlington RacewayDodge01Global Heat Exchange3135Out (Overheating)58/0$905
June 3, 1979Winston CupTexas 400Texas World SpeedwayDodge01Irish Spring Soap2918Running109/0$1,700
July 30, 1979Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayDodge01Green's Auto Parts3227Out (Engine Failure)82/0$1,030
August 19, 1979Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge1Scope Mount3634Out (Broken Piston)PE$720
September 3, 1979Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDodge01Canavan Racing3739Out (Oil Leak)46/0$1,225
September 9, 1979Winston CupCapital City 400Richmond International RacewayDodge01Canavan Racing2122Out (Rear End)97/0$575
September 16, 1979Winston CupCRC Chemicals 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge01Python2833Out (Oil Leak)64/0$520
August 22, 1982Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayOldsmobile13Job / Wyandotte Vapocure / Wynns3437Out (Engine Failure)52/0$850
September 6, 1982Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayBuick13J&B3339Out (Engine Failure)PE$1,530

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