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Giancarlo Baghetti

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Giancarlo Baghetti

Race car driver.  First driver in Formula 1 history to win his first Grand Prix (with the exception of Nino Farina, who won the first Formula 1 Grand Prix, and was a first-race winner only by default).

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Formula 1 Race History

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
July 2, 1961FrenchFerrari1219
July 15, 1961BritishFerrari19Retired0
September 10, 1961ItalianFerrari6Retired0
May 20, 1962DutchFerrari1243
June 17, 1962BelgianFerrari14Retired0
August 5, 1962GermanFerrari13100
September 16, 1962ItalianFerrari1850
June 9, 1963BelgianATS20Retired0
June 23, 1963DutchATS15Retired0
September 8, 1963ItalianATS25150
October 6, 1963United StatesATS20Retired0
October 27, 1963MexicanATS21Retired0
May 24, 1964DutchBRM16100
June 14, 1964BelgianBRM1780
July 11, 1964BritishBRM21120
August 2, 1964GermanBRM21Retired0
August 23, 1964AustrianBRM1570
September 6, 1964ItalianBRM1580
September 12, 1965ItalianBrabham-Climax19Retired0
September 4, 1966ItalianFerrari16Not classified0
September 10, 1967ItalianLotus-Ford17Retired0

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