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Green Motor Racing is Coming - What are your Thoughts? - obp Tech Session

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Green Motor Racing is Coming - What are your Thoughts? - obp Tech Session

Grant Loc
May 25, 2011


I am sure you have heard about the massive drive the World super powers and Governments have been instigating over the last 5 to 10 years regarding world pollution.

One area that has had a high level of input and World media coverage is the motor car industries.

We are now seeing many production cars that are hybrid and electric powered.

As normal the research and development for these type of cars are coming from race car design teams.

What is very exciting is a new race series that has just been launched this year.

The EV (Electric Vehicle) Cup is Zero emission electric car series.

This is the 1st 'GREEN' motor racing series and has some major plans to develop this into a World wide race series.

The EV Cup team has been working with vehicle manufactures to offer a wide range of electric cars that will be racing on the top race tracks all over Europe.

There will be three racing sectors to race in:


This class is limited to city focused, production vehicles that can be seen in use today. Consisting of single-make races, the CityEV class will feature THINK City vehicles that have been prepared to a race specification. In addition to the modified and lightened interior and exterior changes, the vehicle will be running on the latest THINK prepared motor and battery technologies.


This class is reserved for race drivers of all abilities experienced in open cockpit race competitions. Based on a bespoke race car developed for the EV Cup race series by Westfield Sportscars, the iRACER is a pure race bred vehicle made for sprint racing. Equipped with a boost button allowing for a surge of energy when executing overtaking maneuvers, race strategy will play a key role towards victory on the track.


The PrototypeEV class follows a time-trial format allowing for the demonstration of the latest non-production electric vehicles to set competitive lap-times on the most challenging circuits. With little design limitations and no weight or power limits, this class offers an exciting showcase for electric vehicles.

The EV Cup will be holding some promotional events in the UK at four of the top race circuits in the country.

This will be a great opportunity to see for your self what Electric Car racing will be like. I am really looking forward to the experience.


UK Silverstone 6th August

UK Snetterton 20th August

UK Rockingham 10th September

UK Brands Hatch 6th November

I am sure this has been of interest to you.

Please give any feed back on your thoughts regarding GREEN MOTOR RACING.

Thank you for your time.

Grant Loc has been involved with Motorsports for over 15 years and the Director of obp Ltd. obp Ltd is a major player in Manufacture and Supply of Quality Race Car Products and provides most of the leading Motorsport distributors all over the World. obp manufacture Race Pedal Boxes, Hyd Handbrakes, Alloy Fuel Swirl Pots, Alloy Fuel Tanks, Alloy Dry Oil Tanks, Alloy Header Tanks, Alloy Oil Catch Tanks, Seat Brackets etc. http://www.obpltd.com

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