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A New Way To Enjoy Your Motorhome

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A New Way To Enjoy Your Motorhome

Sara Leadbetter (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 21, 2011

Are you a motorhome owner? Have you ever been on a motorhome club trip? Are you a club member?

If you haven't heard of a motor home club in the past, but you're interested in taking yourself and your new vehicle on a motor home club trip in the future, start your journey here. Dismiss the image of campers bopping to a disco beat. Motorhome clubs are for those that enjoy being around likeminded holiday makers, a little company for a spot of lunch or perhaps a few playmates for the children in the evening!

This type of group started out when keen motorhome owners got together for their outings in order to both enjoy the social aspect and reduce their costs. Financially, a group of motor home owners were able to reduce their individual overnighting camp fees by booking together and receiving a group discount subsequently shared between the club members. The clubs had a great social scene and the members were able to interact with other keen motorhome owner/drivers, sharing camping DIY tips and ideas, with a group of equally equipped instant friends. Travelling with a group of keen and likeminded people meant lots of help if a vehicle or indeed a driver faltered.

These groups of keen owner/drivers are now formalised and registered motorhome social clubs. There are now even companies that offer planned and booked motor home travel itineraries. These clubs can be found all over Europe, where a stately procession of motor homes undulating up and around narrow and twisted roads is quite a sight for the Sunday driver. There are clubs that follow the endless highways of the Australian Outback and the USA; like carriage after carriage on a long motorhome 'train'. In fact there are numerous motor home clubs on every continent and in every country including New Zealand .

The established clubs in NZ offer various benefits to the motorhome owner. These days, the modern motor home club issues a monthly newsletter and not only organises multi day group trips and socials but also provides discounted overnight bookings for their members whether travelling in the club group or not. Indeed, the modern motor home club also offers a member specialised motorhome and motorhome travel insurance.

Domesic trravel adds to the local economy and NZ motorhome clubs are playing their part. Motor home trips are a delightful way to rediscover the nostalgic holiday hot spots of your youth and to explore all the new and exciting places in between. Motorhomes offer affordable holiday transport plus accommodation all rolled into one and if you join a motor home..on the spot and like minded motor home friends!

Sara Leadbetter is a Business Advisor based in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article was written about her work with http://www.life-style.co.nz who Build, Repair and have Motorhomes for Sale in New Zealand.

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