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The Motorhome Holiday

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The Motorhome Holiday

Sara Leadbetter (SubmitYOURArticle.com)
May 17, 2011


I've recently found myself surrounded by motorhomes for sale: Brand new motorhomes in camping magazines, pre loved homes on wheels in the local paper and DIY or pre converted buses available for purchase online!

What does a motor home have to do with us? Why would he want to buy one? Does one need a motor home when one has a perfectly adequate brick built dwelling? Do I want a great big campervan in my driveway? I'd never previously dreamed that we'd consider buying such a vehicle or even imagined us on a motorhome holiday. Why would I investigate 'camping' when I rather like hotels? Yet, this past week I have found myself miles from home, at the wheel of my very own motor home (or perhaps that should be OUR very own motor home?) So why do I find myself tickled pink by it?

To cut a long story short, motorhome travel is fantastic! Why didn't we buy a one before? There are so many reasons to buy a motor home, but here are a couple of my favourite things. Firstly, I've discovered that buying your own allows you to combine the best of travel, change and new experiences with the ability to relax in the comforting presence of your own belongings. A motor home certainly allows for more of those than a suitcase! Hotel stays are certainly luxurious, but how many supply your own brand of shampoo and conditioner or your preferred scented toilet paper? My motor home does! Whilst motels are getting better and better, do any of them offer a cupboard full of your favourite treats? My motor home can! Backpackers are pretty relaxing, but how many of them let you bring your own lump/stain/odour free duvet? My motor home does ...and carries it around for me! A tent provides a night shelter anywhere you can find a flat patch of ground, but can it also guarantee that you will still be sheltered, dry and comfortably snug by morning? My motor home can! Needless to say, I love my, sorry OUR new motor home.

The other huge plus I've discovered as we pootle around in our new campervan is the freedom to meet our own travel needs. Admittedly, I've never had a problem with sticking to an itinerary in the past, but now I'm 'driving the bus' myself I wonder if I was simply blinkered by the fact that I had no choice. Freedom is the name of the game when it comes to motorhome travel. What is more, you can change your travel plans on demand. Holidaying in your own motorhome means the independence to explore wherever you desire: Yes madam, this motor home can go down that pretty little gravel road; yes, you can take a half day detour just to see if the Mt. Cook lily is flowering; no, you don't have to leave the vehicle while the driver has his lunch! What is more, motor home holidays give you the freedom to travel when you wish: If you over sample the local wines, simply stay another night - no need to move to find a bed; If you watch the weather forecast and its better on the West Coast....whizz west to take advantage of such an unusual occurrence; Noisy neighbours? Rev up your motor and move your camper down the road! I'll never be an inglorious freedom camper, but I simply can't overstate how much I love the glorious freedom of my, sorry OUR motor home.

However you would like to do it there is a motor home for sale for you. There are spacious vehicles for sale that will sleep the whole family. There are cosy campers for sale for couples. There are retired coaches just waiting for DIY enthusiasts to convert them to campers. Whatever your preference, as someone who rather likes hotels I cannot recommend buying your own motor home enough. I love my..OUR new motor home!

A Business Advisor specialising in Internet Marketing, Sara Leadbetter is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article was based on her work with http://www.life-style.co.nz Christchurch based motor home builders offering New Motor Homes, Bus Conversions and Repairs.

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