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Porsche 356: The Poster Car of Automobile History

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Porsche 356: The Poster Car of Automobile History

William Jason
March 23, 2011

The Porsche 356 is a model that every Porsche enthusiast must see and have. The top-rated German auto brand released the 356 in the 1950s. Although it wasn't the first Porsche sports car, it was the brand's first production automobile. Porsche designed 3 cars in 1939 for a race from Berlin to Rome but it was cancelled. A prototype of the 356 was completed though in 1948. Still, the official first production model of Porsche was completed in 1950. Prior to the relocation of Porsche's factory from Gmnd, Austria to Zuffenhausen, Germany, the 356 units were made of aluminum. When it moved to Zuffenhausen in 1950, they changed the aluminum to steel.

The Porsche 356 is a 2-door sports car with a rear-wheel drive and a rear engine. It's lightweight and has an agile handling. Porsche 356 always remained true to its standard of beauty simple yet elegant. It's easy to remember the Porsche 356 because of its iconic design. Porsche 356 is known for its build quality and design. If you see a little resemblance between the Porsche 356 and the Volkswagen, don't be surprised. Porsche 356 was modeled after the VW Beetle, also designed by Ferdinand Porsche. It could be a convertible or a hardtop.

What makes Porsche 356 one of the best cars in history is its perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. Porsche's first production automobile is known for its aerodynamics, aside from its design. Its light steel body can manage to run at a speed of 139 to 209 km/hour. The power is also impressive, at 40-155 bhp.

The Porsche 356 is truly a classic. It's well-rallied by car racers but it's also a good car to drive around on a normal day. It made big waves in the automobile industry and stole the spotlight in every race, on every street. With every improvement made with the Porsche 356, the demand just seemed to grow bigger and bigger. Before its successor, the 911, was created, the Porsche 356 was upgraded with disc brakes all around and equipped with a 95 hp SC engine. The latter was the most powerful engine of Porsche back then.

The Porsche 911 was not meant to replace the 356. Rather, the 911 was created to satisfy the car-enthusiasts with a lower budget. Despite that, the 356 has never gone out of style. The Porsche 356 carries a rich legacy, regardless if it's a Carrera, Speedster, or Super 90.

William loves to write and talk about muscle cars and loves to share this passion with others around the world.

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