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Race Car Stuff: Why Use a Dry Sump System - obp Tech Session

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Race Car Stuff: Why Use a Dry Sump System - obp Tech Session

Grant Loc
March 9, 2011

Grant Loc

Hello Racers.

I have had a conversation with a customer about the benefits of a dry sump system.

I thought you may be interested in this information, so here you go.

Why Use A Dry Sump System?

In a wet sump, the oil pump sucks oil from the bottom of the oil pan through a tube, and then pumps it to the rest of the engine.

In a dry sump, extra oil is stored in a tank outside the engine rather than in the engine sump.

There are at least two oil pumps in a dry sump -- one pulls oil from the sump and sends it to the tank, and the other takes oil from the tank and sends it to lubricate the engine.

Dry sump systems have several important advantages over wet sumps:

Because a dry sump does not need to have an engine oil sump big enough to hold the oil under the engine, the main mass of the engine can be placed lower in the vehicle. This helps lower the center of gravity and can also help aerodynamics. The oil capacity of a dry sump can be as big as you want, this Will allow more heat displacement. The tank holding the oil can be placed anywhere on the vehicle, allowing you to dictate where the weight is placed.

In a wet sump, turning, braking and acceleration can cause the oil to pool on­ one side of the engine. This sloshing can dip the crankshaft into the oil as it turns or uncover the pump's pick-up tube.This will create oil starvation deadly to a performance engine. Excess oil around the crankshaft in a wet sump can slap against the crankshaft, this will cut horsepower.

Some people claim improvements of as much as 15 horsepower by switching to a dry sump.

The disadvantage of the dry sump is the increased weight, complexity and cost from the extra pump and the tank -- but that's a small price to pay for such big benefits!

5 Dry Oil Sump Benefits:

1: More Engine Oil Giving More Heat Displacement

2: Increase In HP

3: Stops Oil Starvation

4: Oil Weight Can Be Placed Where You Want It

5: Engine Mass Can Be Lowered

Thank you for your time.

Grant Loc has been involved with Motorsports for over 15 years and the Director of obp Ltd. obp Ltd is a major player in Manufacture and Supply of Quality Race Car Products and provides most of the leading Motorsport distributors all over the World. obp manufacture Race Pedal Boxes, Hyd Handbrakes, Alloy Fuel Swirl Pots, Alloy Fuel Tanks, Alloy Dry Oil Tanks, Alloy Header Tanks, Alloy Oil Catch Tanks, Seat Brackets etc. http://www.obpltd.com

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