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Why and How to fit a Race Car Subaru 3 Port Oil Catch Tank - obp Tech Session

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Why and How to fit a Race Car Subaru 3 Port Oil Catch Tank - obp Tech Session

Grant Loc
March 10, 2011

Grant Loc


The point of a catch can is to minimize the amount of oil vapor that's fed into an engine's air intake and to stop oil dripping on to the race track.

Normally a 2 port Oil Catch Tank is fine and catches oil vapor from the rocker cover.

On a Subaru WRX you will require 3 ports.

Subaru 3 Port Fitting:

1) From the Rocker Cover Breather

2) Crankcase Vent Tube / PCV Valve

3) Turbo Air Intake

The oil catch tank is plumbed into a vehicle's PCV system to capture the excess crankcase vapors and the residual oil mist from reentering the intake track. Vehicles from the factory vent these excess crankcase vapors and residual oil right back into the intake manifold which could cause detonation and oil deposits to form in the intake track including the valves.

The oil catch tank will allow your engine to run more efficiently due to the separation of oil from the intake system.

When there is oil in your system, the result is:

1) Reduced fuel octane

2) Higher chance of engine knocks (detonation)

3) Worse emissions

4) Higher oil consumption.

The Subaru Air/Oil Separator will solve all of these problems.

As the induction system operates at full efficiency on oxygenated air, fitting an oil catch tank can enable the engine to gain horsepower, as well as prevent carbon & sludge build up in the induction system.

Simply removing the emissions & breather system will tend to result in a very grimy engine bay, as well as being detrimental to the environment, not being allowed on any race tracks and an MOT fail.

For race use cars showing any indications of oil fumes from their breather system will be required to fit a catch tank by the scrutineers.

The Oil Catch Tank basically filters the fumes and oil away from the top of your engine and allows the oil to collect in a Catch Tank. From here it is easily possible to drain this captured oil and dispose of it.

The best Oil Catch Tanks are made out of Aluminium, this offers you a light weight unit that is very strong and durable.

Most race tracks require the use of an Oil Catch Tank for safety reasons.

You can use a Baffled Oil Catch Tanks and Non-Baffled Oil Catch Tanks.

I trust you have found this interesting.

Thank you for your time.

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