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American Nostalgia Racing Association 2006 Season Opening Race

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American Nostalgia Racing Association 2006 Season Opening Race

Jason Spence
April 25, 2006

Author: Jason Spence
ANRA Season Opener Results

NE-1 Winner: Jim Scott
NE-2 Winner: Mitch Maciel
NE-3 Winner: Ron Anzalone
A/G Winner: Phil Herrera
B/G Winner: Jess Tyree
C/G Winner: Jim Stewart
D/G Winner: Jody George
Open Wheel Winner: Larry Glor
Hot Rod Winner: Tom Fidger
Sportsman Winner: Greg Dreher

Saturday April 1st was Mother Nature's April fools joke.

As we were driving through the rain, with the windshield wipers on the fastest speed, we called both the Palmdale information line and Butch Hedrick's cell phone to make sure that the race was "really" going to happen. Butch assured us that it was only misting a little at the track so we kept on driving.

Got to the track and after the clouds moved on it turned out to be a beautiful day!!! Too bad that a lot of racers and spectators didn't brave the weather.

Managed to get both the dragster and the Fiat on the track, and had apretty good day with both. Skip ran the quickest run yet with the dragster @ Palmdale (9.15) which equates to an 8.87 @ sea level. Not where we need to be for NE2, but getting closer. Jason got the Fiat down track 2 times after an aborted 1st run fuel leak. Jason managed to card a 9.23 high gear only run and a 8.80 160 mph run after a soft launch in 1st gear and short shifting second gear. Not bad! Since his is our first car with a blown motor I'm sure it's going to take us a while to work our way up the learning curve. Mark even managed to get another license pass with the dragster after Skip was eliminated in the 1st round of NE2.

Special thanks to Larry VanOsten, Dick Mosley, Ed Silberman, Ken Gillispie, and others who have been patiently helping us understand what needs to be done with the blown motor.

Next race will be the Goodguys race @ Pomona May 5, 6 & 7 and then the May 20th ANRA race @ Palmdale.

Jason Spence
Spence Family Racing
Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_47071_31.html
Occupation: Web Designer
My family and I are heavily involved in Nostalgia Drag Racing. We have two race cars that we campaign in the Nostalgia Drag Racing scene. I also love to surf when we're not racing. There's nothing like hanging out in the ocean waiting to catch a wave and seeing a dolphin swim by you. Serenity!

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